Cat and Gorilla 2

A columnist from the Sun was on the Andrew Marr Show on BBC TV this morning. Her name is Jane Moore and she was leafing through the Sunday papers for Marr and noting the acres of space being devoted to the MPs’ expenses scandal. Ms Moore was in strong moral mode: ‘They’re all at it, she informed Marr and everyone else. There should be a general election. This appalling corruption must stop, public representatives, morally repugnant…You did notice who Ms Moore works for? The Sun. That’s the paper that introduced the moral uplift of Page 3 girls. That printed lies about Liverpool fans at the Hillsborough disaster, claiming they urinated on and picked the pockets of the dead. And of course that’s the paper that reported on the sinking of the Belgrano during the Malvinas conflict. When the Argentine submarine was sailing away from the scene of battle and no threat to anyone, the British (with Thatcher’s sanction) fired on her and sank her, killing over three hundred Argentine sailors. The Sun showed its sense of moral outrage on the front page with a one-word headline: ‘GOTCHA!’ Happy to see hundreds of men die unnecessarily, white with indignation that MPs are fiddling expenses.

The Sun is to morality what Stevie Wonder is to embroidery.

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