Hold out your hand, you naughty Minister

I note that fair-minded organ The Irish News is gunning for Caitriona Ruane, the Education Minister. The timing of the attack is of course totally coincidental and nothing to do with the fact that there’s a European election coming up in a couple of weeks’ time. Caitriona has made the mistake of taking her daughter with her on a three-day trip overseas. The republican-loving IN can’t quite make up its mind whether it should focus on the sin of taking the child out of school (against official policy, dontcha know) or the sin of Ms Ruane having stayed with her in a five-star hotel (ties into the MPs’ expenses scandal nicely). At the present rate, north and south, we’re likely to be represented by a group of exceedingly honest, saint-like incompetents who show all the political skills of St Francis of Assisi. As to taking her daughter out of school for three days: is it possible her trip was more educational than anything she might have learnt in school during the same period? Answers to The Editor, The Irish News, Belfast.

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