Reflex venom

Pope Visits The Evangelic Lutheran Church Of Rome
I don’t even know the proper name for them – those websites where people put their comments on an article or an issue of the day. I probably should, since this site provides that facility (even though so few seem moved to write something, be that good or bad). But looking at other examples of it can make you feel …low. Sometimes it’s the atrocious spelling, sometimes the highly-individual notions of what punctuation is, sometimes the way the argument wanders about like a diseased rabbit. But over the last couple of days I’ve been shocked – and I’m not easily shocked – by the way the clerical abuses scandal has been addressed. There’s a tone of seething hatred – that’s the only apt word – of the Catholic Church and particularly the Catholic clergy. The comments on the Pope – ‘that old German fucker’ – were crude and sometimes racist, the slights resurrected from childhood were many, meanness of the tone of postings throughout was, um, degrading. Not of the Catholic priests attacked but of the people doing the posting. I risk sounding like an old fogey but it is sort of sad to see relatively young people carrying such simmering viciousness with them through life. If the same tone was adopted with any other race or any other religious grouping, I suspect the posters would be filled with indignation. But because it’s the Catholic Church, liberalism goes out the window and hatred assumes centre-stage where it squats, suffocating complexity and reason.

2 Responses to Reflex venom

  1. Jim Lynch March 19, 2010 at 11:47 am #

    Years ago before I emigrated to the US a friend of mine described the attitude of unionists this way; “They’re not true Protestants, they’re ‘anti-Catholics.’
    I always remember that when I see the Catholic church being attacked by those who troll for any little bit of negative news regarding the Catholic church.
    The same people and those in the media never cover to any great extent anything positive by the Catholic church.

  2. Jude Collins March 19, 2010 at 3:21 pm #

    You said it all, Jim – or nearly all. The extra bit is that some of the most blinkered attackers of EVERYTHING about the Catholic Church are themselves Catholics, or were before they figured it was much more 20th/21st century to be dismissive of such primitive superstitions…