United Nations Press Conference On The Situation In Chile
Two things have cheered my weekend so far. One was the glorious weather: once I feel the sun on my back, I begin to get positively disposed towards life, fellow-humans, animals,  and nearly every life form providing it doesn’t fly  up my nose or get stuck in my eye. The second was the item topping the news on several channels: that sting video of HRH Fergie  swallowing wine at a sharpish rate while assuring the unseen conversation partner that half a million would be a reasonable price for the sale of her ex-hubby – OK,  not actually selling HIM, but selling access TO him. Cue lots of shocked people, several from the News of the World who organized the sting, saying she had let down her husband, the monarchy and sales of NotW… Well no, not that last one, but the others for sure.  The most side-splitting was that the sale would maybe damage HRH  Andy’s role as a UK ambassador for, well for sort of you know selling UKplc and that sort of thing. Not to be confused with being funded for poncing all over the world visiting interesting places and having people who should know better fawn on him.
They say the British people like having the monarchy because it provides them with a real-life soap opera. The line between soap and farce  is getting thinner every day, I’m happy to say.  
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