If they’d stayed at home nothing would have happened to them

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators protest outside the Israel's embassy in Kensington
There’s only one thing more sickening than the Israeli attack on the supply ships bringing relief to Gaza, and that’s the response of some respectable journalists and commentators in the West.  I was listening to  Radio 4’s  Thought for the Day (hugely better than Radio Ulster’s [sic]  effort, as a rule) the other day and Bishop Tom Butler came on. He’s the Anglican bishop who, you’ll remember, got tired and emotional after attending a pre-Christmas party at the Irish embassy in London, and was later seen throwing soft toys from the back of his chauffeur-driven car shouting ‘I’m the Bishop of Southwark – it’s what I do!’ Anyway, Bishop Tom’s line on the Gaza relief ships being attacked by the Israelis and nine of their number being killed was that there was much to be said on both sides. He concluded that the people sailing in the relief ships might be as wise as serpents but they weren’t as innocent as doves. Sound familiar? It should do – it’s the Blaming The Victim game,  one that’s been played here for decades. It even featured prominently in the reporting of Bloody Sunday originally.  The fact is that Israel is visiting collective punishment on well over a million people because it doesn’t like the people they have elected, but they do so in the name of peace. In a way I don’t blame Israel – they’re a hard-line lot and they’re going to dictate things on their terms if they can get away with it. I blame the Western press who pussy-foot in their response to naked aggression such as the Israelis’ attack on the ships, and I particularly blame the US, who arm and support Israel and who have found ways to water down the UN resolution condemning the attack on the ships.  If  Western countries had  an ounce of integrity, they’d keep the pressure on Israel until it abandoned its blockade of Gaza.  And if Western commentators had an ounce of integrity, they’d stop trying to occupy a place in the middle of the road.  In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s a place that’s ultimately self-destructive.

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  1. Dickens June 2, 2010 at 11:38 am #

    Where does Israel learn its tools of trade?
    In the book, “Pirates and Emperors, Old and New”, Noam Chomsky describes, “ how Reagan planners warned Europe that if they did not join the “war on terror” with proper enthusiasm, “the crazy Americans” might “take matters into their own hands.” Clinton’s Stratcom advised that “ part of the national persona we project” should be as an “irrational and vindictive” power with some elements “potentially out of control.”(P.16. Para 1.)
    Israel copies its master and Europe says, “Go on, do that just one more time and that’s it.”

    History teaches us that, at both local and global levels, if the lunatic is not stopped then everyone is a potential target.
    Ireland appears to be the easiest pushover for Israel going by the passport forging and now, Irish citizens in Israeli gunsights. It appears Ireland is not going to expel the Israeli ambassador, but rather, some cleaner in the embassy!
    End the Blockade! Boycott Israel/Egypt!