QE2’s visit to Ireland – a huge tourism boost, right? Um, wrong.

George Orwell was very good on memory and politics. In both Animal Farm  and 1984, he shows how those ruling had a way of saying something and then, when events turned out otherwise, saying something different and/or denying they’d said the original thing. They did it so convincingly, the animals/people ended up wondering if they’d imagined  that the original thing had been said at all. 

Oh George, thou should’st be living at this hour! Remember when the visit of QE2 to the south had been announced, one of  the BIG reasons given for having her come calling was that it would help tourism? “A visit like this gives us media promotion that money just couldn’t buy!” we were told. People would see the royal person visiting various places and they’d be so excited by the lovely – and peaceful, don’t forget peaceful – background, they’d be online booking their holidays before you could say “House of Windsor”. Well now.  Today’s Irish Times  tells a different story.  It seems there was no upsurge in British visitor numbers, according to Fáilte Ireland CEO Shaun Quinn.  In fact,  some half a million fewer  Brits made their way to Ireland compared to last year.  This despite the fact that “Fáilte Ireland has made attracting back British visitors a key part of their strategy to return the tourism industry to growth”.  
Two thoughts perhaps. One, let’s not be quite so trusting with the world of officialdom/the media. If I heard once I heard ten times that QE2’s coming would do wonders for tourism figures. Because people keep saying something doesn’t make it true. Two, let’s hope Fáilte Ireland’s campaign for next year goes with the slogan “Ireland – a monarchy-free zone”.  With a bit of luck it should add around half a million visitors from the neighbouring island. 

6 Responses to QE2’s visit to Ireland – a huge tourism boost, right? Um, wrong.

  1. PJDorrian August 20, 2011 at 8:58 pm #

    Reminds of a visit to Muckross House in Killarney. The guide made much of the visit of Queen Victoria to the house in the 19th century and how priviledged the family felt to be entertaining her royalness. The unfortunate aspect was, that such were the forward demands for her and her retinue’s accommodation that the family were left bankrupt. So confirming the old Chinese proverb be careful what you wish for, the British royals might descend and eat you out of house and home

  2. giordanobruno August 21, 2011 at 12:18 am #

    There is no logic applied here, mere bias. It is very likely that the unfavourable rate for the euro against the pound has discouraged UK visitors. A decrease in numbers would be expected. For all you know the figures would be worse were it not for the Queens visit.
    But we all see things through our own prism eh?

  3. Anonymous August 21, 2011 at 12:55 am #

    Yeah, RVH,RDS,RNLI,etc, they must have been expecting her for 90 years. Strange that, a republic bowing to Monarchy. Maybe they are confused, what country would allow soldiers of an aggresser to reside in thier territory totally unregulated.? Also , how come Frank,mc clorey,Mitchel, lover of seamorehill sectarian bonfires or whatever,can be so accurate with the weather?. I was headin for Dundalk the other day because the rain stopped at the border, but the wife stopped me ,pointing out that there was no atmophere and i might croak.

  4. Jim Lynch August 21, 2011 at 3:22 pm #

    Weather maps/reports here in the US and Canada plus southern states and Mexico show the whole North American continent and the related weather.
    So how small minded and bigoted is the unionist state of the six counties ?
    Every time I’ve been to the six counties I’m always amazed at the pettiness of the BBC and UTV. They show only the six counties on their weather maps and total space beyond, as if the rest of Ireland just evaporated into that space. Incredible !
    I’m sure people visiting Ireland for the first time are left scratching their collective heads wondering if when they drive south, their rental cars will fall off the flat earth, created by the Ulster bigots.
    The illusion of inclusion is alive and well in the Orange state.
    Addendum; Glad to see the Queen managed a visit to ‘outer space’ before she leaves this earth for good.

  5. PJD August 21, 2011 at 4:24 pm #

    If you really want to see how bigoted the broadcasters are just look at the annual coverage of the hate fest on 12 july each year. There is a pretence that this is just the cultural celebration of the “majority” population instead of what it is the celebration of the slaughter of their catholic neighbours.