Change comes dropping slow.Oh so slow.

One minute you’re up, next you’re down. Peter Robinson was just hitting that expansive unionism-is-safe-with-us-and-Catholics-are-lining-up-at-our-door note when boom!  Mein gott, donner und blitzen!  What kind of democracy is this, that votes to not have a 365-day flag at City Hall?  This is a crisis, a political tsunami!…Except. Don’t the Chinese have the same word for crisis as for opportunity?  So let’s send out 40,000 flyers and blame the whole thing on Naomi Long!  Perfect. We impress on the Shinners and their fellow-travellers that we’re not going to have Our Flag tampered with and  we fatally undermine your woman Long’s Westminster seat! Great stuff. Get cracking, lads.
So the lads got cracking,  the back of City Hall became a bear-pit of sectarianism and mob rule, and a wee woman stuck her face up to a broken window and made  herself part of a hilarious video that has gone round the world. There will be a cost, of course, and not just for a damaged gate and a broken window.  Foreign firms will turn decidedly frosty at the notion they might want to invest in a place with such obvious nutters in it 
Oh dear. How can someone as shrewd as Robinson hatch a plan with  such self-destruct potential? If he’d thought the thing through he’d have known that as soon as you say ‘Demo – back gate of City Hall,’ the rest of the script is already written. Remember when they came baying for Niall O Donnaighle’s blood? Remember the protests against the Anglo-Irish Agreement, with the late George Seawright trying to scramble up the side of the back gate and the air thick with curses and missiles? Peter has lived through all that and yet he didn’t see this coming. Or maybe he thought there’d be a wee bit of violence, which’d put the frighteners on the Shinners and the Stoops and that bloody woman Long’s party.
Certainly limited vision seems to afflict a lot of our unionist fellow-countrymen. Like, hasn’t even one of them noticed how irrevocably, totally and absolutely drenched in Britishness the Belfast City Hall is?  And yet it’s loyalists ( a  loyalist, Virginia, is a unionist with a Rangers scarf round his mouth) who spent the past week burning cars and pelting the police because their identity wasn’t being given clear enough expression.. Maybe go to Specsavers, lads? You get to hoist your flag over City Hall 15 or is it 17 times a year. Nationalists, who are probably now a majority in Belfast, get to hoist their flag over City Hall…um… no times. Never. Never never never. Inside City Hall there are stained glass windows to King William III,  Queen Victoria, the UDR, the RUC,  a bust of Carson, your woman Victoria out front again, all 11 feet of her. And in the city itself – clocks, hospitals, bridges, buildings, hospitals,  all bear the royal name. Belfast is knee-deep in royal and imperial memorials. So remind me again: whose identity is getting a hard time here?
Most shameful of all is that disorder arose because  nationalists and republicans engaged in a democratic act of decision-making.  Remember when unionists used to lecture republicans about following the democratic political path?  Last week they did just that, as they voted in Belfast City Hall. Their reward? See above re burning cars, missiles at cops, demented screeches of ‘No surrender!’  A police officer in her car has a petrol bomb thrown inside it. Peter says ‘suspend’ rather than ‘stop’, because ‘stop’ would make him a tyrant.  And the census figures now suggest that in ten years’ time, taigs will be in a majority in the state. That is, if they don’t join the DUP, which Peter is confident a lot will want to do. Or should that be ‘was confident’? 

4 Responses to Change comes dropping slow.Oh so slow.

  1. Anonymous December 14, 2012 at 6:42 pm #

    Great piece, Jude. Of course Peter the Punt Robinson is well used to violent protest – remember Clontibret 1986. Those were the days when iris stood by her man and brought him his “Ulster Fry” to Monaghan police station as he refused to eat the food on offer in protest.

    • Anonymous December 15, 2012 at 10:34 am #

      Was she getting the ulster fry from McCambley’s Butchers in Ballyhackamore while red berry pete was in the clink? Lovely sausage Billy,

  2. Anonymous December 15, 2012 at 12:04 pm #

    The removal of the flag was central to the DUP plan to unseat Long, it had to go otherwise there was no big stick to beat her and her party with and prize her from “his”seat. It was well advertised in advance of the intention to vote to remove the flag, why wasn’t there any of these protests in the run up to the sub-committee vote and during the week or so until the main vote at cityhall? Answer is simple I think, had the extent/verocity of the protests pre-vote convinced Alliance of the error of their ways and they had reneged on the compromise and the flag remained 365 days/yr the stick to beat them with becomes a matchstick and no political battering follows. Problem now is that the matchstick is being used to inflame passions and expections that the flag will be replaced on cityhall which of course it won’t. Lack of political leadership leaving unionists/loyalists runing round like headless chickens, nobody taking responsibility for the organisation of the protests, leading unionists don’t know if they are in favour of or agains the protests and protesters, a total shambles.

  3. Ryanm29 December 17, 2012 at 3:02 pm #

    I think this is a lesson for us all.

    We know where the political situtaion is headed in NI. It is NOT goign to get more unionist/british is it?

    We have a small minority who are set of imposing their thuggish views. To say nothing of the gullibility and sheer lack of brain power of the average loyalist would be silly of me, but even I was shocked at how short sighted and stupid they’ve got this time. Its hilarious how these guys are walking themselves into separation from the UK by refusing to compromise, but then again they’ve always done that haven’t they.

    I think the lesson is that every step we take towards a shared society is going to cause upsets like this. These people are not going to go away easily.

    I give credit to Alliance for taking the correct decision, they’ll get my vote next time… doing what is right is the way forward. Lets hope that they can have the courage to make more decisions that are for everyones best interests.