December, 2013

I miss Ursula

  I could kick myself. About a year ago I got a man to come and fix things so I could see TV3. It worked for a while and then it stopped. Last night at about 8.00pm, wonder of wonders, I  was fiddling with the TV and must have pressed the right button by accident […]

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Political stars in the East

    Maybe they’re getting their pre-Christmas shopping in earlier and are aiming for something more than the proverbial pair of socks, but Irish, British and American leaders are travelling East-ward like proverbial wise men.  Enda Kenny is in Tokyo, looking very very tired  ( so would you be if you’d been in airports and […]

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‘Peace journalism’ – does it make sense?

  On this morning’s ‘Sunday Sequence’ there was a discussion about the notion of ‘peace journalism’ and the role of the media here. I thought it was good (and courageous – a whole half-hour)that we got to hear a group of people discuss an issue without the crash-bang-wallop that is usually expected on air and […]

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