February, 2014

Go on the paras!

    I got an electronic copy of a booklet the other day from one of the cleverest people I know. It was from my old class-mate Eamonn McCann and the booklet was called Go On the Paras…! : Bloody Sunday and the contining search for justice. What’s that – you thought that had all […]

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How big an eejit is George Chiddick?

Thank you, George Chittick!  In the past I have been critical of the Orange Order as an anti-Catholic organisation. Thanks to your recent comments as Belfast County Grand Master of the Orange Order, I can now add “anti-Irish language” to the list. George, you see, believes learning Irish is a republican ruse. He wouldn’t put […]

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Catherine Seeley and the Boys’ Model School

I’m perhaps biased, having spent most of my working life teaching or working with teachers. But I believe teachers have one of the toughest jobs going – and please,  no witless guff about short working days and three months’ holidays. Spend a week in front of a class and then come back and try repeating […]

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