MOUNTAIN SONG by Randall Stephen Hall

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The poetry that evolved into “Mountain Song” was inspired by a number of things . . . The sight of Errigal, the quiet presence of the Cavehill or the mystical bump that is Slemish. The trees that look as if they are trying to catch your attention by waving their arms. A small bell tower, near St. Malachy’s in Belfast, filled with the singing and chatter of starlings. Dancing starlings, in the sky outside Belfast’s Central Station in October, every year, swooping over the Lagan.

Here are the words and a link to the audio file. The images were taken at Beltaney Stone Circle, Raphoe, Co. Donegal and Lagan Meadows, Belfast.


There’s a mountain over there

And she’s towering over me.

All her rocks are going up

Climbing high as I can see.

And she doesn’t stop right there

She continues through the clouds.

Like a beacon to the world

She is singing right out loud.


Yay. Hey-ee-ay 
Yay he-ay-oh 


There’s a tree out in the fields.

And he stops to turn his head.

He hears her mountain song

Hears the words that she has said.

So he sings it to the birds

From the branches they do fly.

From the wing onto the wind

Take the message
 It’s alive.


Mother, Mother Nature

Tell your story strong.

Ancient ancient teachings

It’s coming, won’t be long.

Spread, oh spread the word

It’s coming, breaking through.

Something that is different

Something that is new.


To the city they are drawn

To the river they do roam.

To dance up in the sky

For the people looking on.

Oh the message there is clear

Dancing up upon the blue.

The mountain she is calling

She is calling out to you.


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