July, 2014

Mike Nesbitt reaches out. Sort of.

There’s an article headed ‘Alex Kane interviews Mike Nesbitt: Confident UUP leader offers olive branch to nationalism’  in yesterday’s News Letter.  Well now, you say.  An olive branch from Mike? I thought he’d gone all right-wing and big on unionist solidarity, not pacts with the SDLP? Well if you read the article you can judge […]

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NO MORE HEROES ? by Harry McAvinchey

I’ve been able to see most  of my musical heroes…well except the ones who’d already left this mortal coil before I realised they’d be worth the watching. I’d love to have seen Billie Holliday  or Duke Ellington for instance and I missed the Beatles because they decided to quit touring in my teenage years and […]

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Rolf Harris and that joke

There was an interesting moment on BBC Raidio Uladh/Radio Ulster’s ‘Good Morning Ulster” this morning.  Noel Thompson played a clip of a live 1969 performance by Rolf Harris in front of a giggling audience, which Noel said hinted at the darker side of the man. The clip consisted of Rolf using two voices, one deep […]

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