How George annoyed unionist politicians


George Galloway is a controversial figure. I even find myself in controversy with me about him. I’m disappointed that he doesn’t believe Scotland is capable of functioning as an effective, independent modern state, on the grounds that independence would enhance Scottish sectarianism. He promised the Ballymurphy families a couple of years ago that he would use his quarter-million twitter followers to spread word of the injustice they had suffered, that he would be relentless in doing so, and that they could hold him to account for that statement. The families, I’m sure, know better than me but I don’t recall reading about speeches or tweets by Mr Galloway  on that subject. 

On the other hand, Gorgeous George made finely-chopped chop suey of a board of American big-wigs who had called him to account for his views on the Iraq war. I’ve never seen a more complete demolition of political opponents on TV. I also watched him in Mandela Hall at Queen’s where he talked on the Iraq invastion for two hours without notes and with energy and power that was truly impressive.

So I think maybe the DUP have taken on the wrong man when they’ve declared that Belfast City Council should think again about George talking in the Ulster Hall on Saturday 23 August. Why? Because George has called on his constituents and followers to make Bradford “an Israel-free zone” – no Israeli products, no Israeli academics, no Israeli anything. The DUP want Belfast City Council to withdraw permission for George to appear at the Ulster Hall, on the grounds that he is deeply anti-Israel. George says that being given lectures by the DUP on good relations is like being told to sit up straight by the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

He delivered this blow to the DUP solar plexus on Raidio Uladh/Radio Ulster this morning. He also made it clear that if he were banned, the city council would be faced with a very big bill for expenses incurred in planning an event that they’d banned. He also, of course, generated marvellous publicity for his talk.  He did the same on the Nolan show later, aided and abetted (although not intentionally, of course) by Jim Allister of the TUV. I didn’t know George was talking in the Ulster Hall on Saturday 23 August. I do now.

But that’s DUP politicians for you. They have a track record. Remember that scandalous play in the Theatre at the Mill in Mossley which, not having seen, they thought the public shouldn’t see? Result: standing room only for the play. I’m beginning to think that George Galloway may have paid unionist politicians to speak out against his appearing in the Ulster Hall tomorrow night. Because there’s some publicity that normal channels can’t buy. By the way, if you know where there’s a spare ticket or two…

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  1. Am Ghobsmacht August 13, 2014 at 10:46 am #

    Ha! Brilliant!

    Although I don’t agree with everything the man says I do admit that I think “oh, hullo, George Galloway is talking, turn up the volume there till we see….” when he’s within earshot/radioshot.

    In fact, I’d love it if he considered standing for election in NI. Stormont would be much a brighter place for him, Nolan would love the ratings boost and maybe (MAYBE) things might start to get done in NI.

    Worst comes to worst we could pack him and Jim Alistair into the Thunderdome for some sort of death match.

    Now there’s an idea, has anyone seen Nelson McCausland recently….?

    • Jude Collins August 13, 2014 at 10:56 am #

      You mean Nelson would compete in the semi-final? Of a death match? But how would they know when he’d, um, passed on?

      • Am Ghobsmacht August 13, 2014 at 11:59 am #

        Happy to cross that bridge if we come to it Dr C.

        Could be interesting this avenue of settling matters of the state, I pity the man who has to step into the Dome with Gerry Kelly, he always struck me as someone who can handle himself.

        In fact, I’ve just had an idea. you know the way they’re always arguing about what to do with the Maze site? Well, turn it into a Thunderdome and let the DUP and SF ‘punch-on’ to decide on the flavour of the site.

        I for one would accept the outcome. warts n all. (Seriously, it would be worth it).

        BTW, regarding RJC’s comments below, I found the interview interesting with everyone having some points, any chance of a blog on the matter?

        I’m particularly interested in the topic as I work in the drilling industry and am very fond of Fermanagh (I tried to buy a house there but was out bid….).

    • giordanobruno August 13, 2014 at 1:15 pm #

      If his previous record is anything to go by Stormont would hardly change at all as he would only be there a small percentage of the time.
      A shame really as he is a very good debater. In fact I’m sure I heard someone call him a master-debater the other day!

  2. RJC August 13, 2014 at 11:29 am #

    Ha! indeed. I find Galloway difficult to like, although I so have a sort of grudging respect for him. I’d love to see him enter politics over here.

    On the subject of the DUP, did anybody hear Sammy ‘The Snake’ Wilson’s attempts to turn fracking into a sectarian issue?

    About 6 and a half minutes into this

    Just after the comment on how the DUP ‘unfortunately’ have to share power with Sinn Féin. Seems its just power, not power sharing that the DUP want. A Protestant Parliament for a Protestant People, anybody?

    We will never move forward here as long as the DUP remain in power. Never. Can direct rule or joint sovereignty be far off? Anything is better than these clowns.

  3. Kevin August 13, 2014 at 12:29 pm #

    The DUP and TUV seeking to bully George Galloway is like a budgie squaring up to a lion. Their is not a chance the Council will break the contract George has to speak at the Ulster hall. What we are witnessing is a further attempt by unionist to sectarianise the issue of Isreali genocide in Gaza in order to portray it as a further indicator of Unionism loosing power in NI.
    Failure to halt this talk will present extreme unionist with an opportunity to picket the event in the hope that any adverse reaction will enable them to portray those attending as “Republician Rabble” (the polite version). There is opposition to Israeli’s murderous campaign across these islands and indeed the world.
    The irony of fundamentalist Christians using the extremes of violence as practicesed by one group of non Christians on another group of non Christians to attack members of a different Christian faith will not be lost on those who promote the view their cannot be a God!
    If there is a God I would be sure he /she would be saying keep me out of it Mankind and take some responsibility for your own actions and might well point out the first commandment – Thy shall not kill – did not have any small print or caveats

  4. paddykool August 13, 2014 at 12:42 pm #

    Yes exactly. What is it with unionism and censorship , anyway. It’s only a step away from getting us all in a circle and making us throw all those nasty books in the fire.All that degenerate thought needs to be burnt, in case the peasants might learn anything and take a good look at all the little Naked Emperors with their hairy arses..
    Hitler and his Nazis did that very thing. The Ku Klux Klan were at it too. They even burnt Beatles records . I dare say , Jude , you wouldn’t much care if they burnt your own books as long as they just kept buying plenty of copies! What is it with them, at stifling what other people want to see, do and hear?If it’s not a rock group they don’t like , it’s a play they don’t want seen or a wee pop star they don’t want to dance about naked in the fields. If they’re not whingeing about this , they’re whining about gay people getting married .What is it with them ? …This want …this need …to put their bloody nib into other people’s private business? It was bad enough when they wouldn’t let the kiddies play on their swings on a Sunday , as if this place can’t be a gloomy enough retreat at the best of times, with our bloody weather and all that sanctimonious praying to the sky! .We all all need every bit of diversion we can find to keep our spirits up….No! They had to start rabbiting on about a Lord’s Day as if they couldn’t just sit on their hands quietly and get on with their bloody Lord’s Day . Are we all supposed to believe this stuff because they do ? Is that it? isn’t it bad enough that they’ve already got a two- week lockdown every July where we’re all supposed to stop and celebrate “their” Twelfth memories as though we had anything to do with it…as if we cared a damn!.Businesses have to close down. We’re supposed to all get Happy Clappy at the same time for them and take our holidays together …eh? Well, I suppose if enough of us were Orthodox Jews , we’d all have to take every Saturday/Sabbath off too and sit on our hands …just make a weekend out of it then…
    .Now don’t get me wrong ..I don’t really mind if they want to spend their weekends …fingerpainting or contemplating some other arcane stone-age mysteries…just don’t try to make it compulsory for those of us who are completely disinterested.
    What’s their problem with George Galloway , now? George couldn’t get better publicity than by getting into a barney with Jim Allister on the radio as he did this morning .We all know that George is a great self-publicist, but then , that’s the mark of any good performer There’s no such thing as “bad” publicity, after all ,and every politician worth his salt is at that game all the time . The thing is , as you point out, Jude . George has great improvisational skills in debate and there are very few who come out of encounters with him with any grace .He absolutely ” knows” exactly what he is talking about in the moment.
    That’s not to say he has n’t made some strange choices in the past .That business with Gaddafi was up there with someone being over -friendly with Jimmy Savile, in retrospect . Especially now that we know all the gory details of Gaddafi’s ,less than wholesome, private life and predatory pastimes.Then again, we can all be geniuses in hindsight. They could now make a series of programmes about “Celebrities Behind Bars”.There was that business on Big Brother television when he pretended to be a cat….?All that aside, he is on firm ground with the Gaza business.
    As an aside ,it’s worth asking what it is with the unionist community in relation to Israel?. They obviously construe parallels with their own Plantation Myth. Well the jews were Planted just like the Protestants were planted too. There are historical reasons which can be argued over all day but if you go back far enough into the mists of time , every one of us on earth began our journey in the heart of Africa and in that sense we are all blow-ins and Planters into the various countries across our planet. Even we Irish can claim to have a homeland in Africa!! Every American can do the same …should they be white, brown, yellow or blue.The Homeland was Africa ….Maybe we should all try and go back “Home”.
    Gaza now what it is …just as Ireland now …is what it is .. America is what it is …..Just people from all over…originally from Africa, for sure… all settled down across the world…all rubbing along……But …and it’s a very “Big But” …. they are stretching credibility a tad to call this current killing spat in Gaza as anything other than a delight in death of the neighbouring enemy . An excuse for a prolonged killing spree, really. A delight in culling the people and resouces for another generation …a delight in applying their wilful power over a weaker enemy.How they can continue to see these deaths as anything other than immoral and a stain on our very belief in humanity is hard to credit…That is humans as somehow blessed creatures, I suppose. .It takes a lot of mental wriggling to believe there is any truth in a thought like that. It’s not even a religious or a cultural stance we are talking about . It is the deaths of very ordinary people being clubbed to death by an aggressive neighbour. There is need for a large intake of breath.They need two settled states otherwise there will be a bloodbath for generations to come .

    • Francis D August 13, 2014 at 9:42 pm #

      Well said PaddyKool…When the World cup was played in South Africa” Bishop Tutu at an inaugural ceremony cleverly asserted to the World that Africa was the Cradle for human kind, “WELCOME HOME…..I’m sure Racists andself serving Narrow Nationalist where left with moments of awkward silence while processing this and refiling it back in the must not think outside the Box Space of ample proportions between their Ears…..
      Galloways disdain of Scottish Independance methinks is strongly from two arguments I’ve heard by or about him.
      1, He genuinely believes a Sectarianism will engulf Scotland and a minority Roman Catholic Population may find a genuine peesecution escalating which at this stage is small in scale….The UDA, UVF et al have proud straddling bases both sides of the Irish Sea….there are places in Scotland where the Hibs v Hearts acrimony spills periodically off the pitch…..Examples are many and I must be brief
      2, The fracture of the Union would leave the Working Class in England without some sort of hope to extricate themselves from an overwhelming Tory Majority without at least a sigmificant tail north of the Border of Socialists to temper the excesses of the dog eat dog frenzy to the south. Checks and balances with the hopes of a brighter future. One thing missing in the Judicious assessments of Galloway, a man villified and demonised like no other with faults like any other person is, that despite misjudgements or political deficits, and for all the assassinations of his foibles, it perhaps masks a man who has real integrity. Is it not possible that someone may genuinely put the intetests of greater Humanity above the Trivia of mere Nationalism? Just a thought PK.

  5. Perkin Warbeck August 13, 2014 at 1:07 pm #

    So, mirabile dictu,the DUP want to stop George Galloway from speaking in the Ulster Hall.

    What is it exactly about the Ulster Hall and the word ‘stop’?

    It is a question one has been asking oneself ever since one’s first visit there, about 30 years ago, to see Barry McGuigan of Clones box Vernon Penprase of Devon for the British Professional Featherweight Title. Scarcely had one finished counting the stops on the almighty Mulholland Grand Organ when the bell for the first round sounded.

    No sooner, however, had one begun to focus on the latest dealings in the Sock Exchange within the roped square when the referee jumped in between the two pugilists with arms raised high in the time honoured gesture, signifying: Stop ! The Cyclone had blown his opponent away.

    Nothing for it then, but to beat a hasty retreat to the Europa Hotel, take the lift to the 13th floor, not only to fine tune one’s sobriety, but to mingle with Le Tout Belfast (or at least Le Chosen Few thereof) to partake of the celebrations at one of Barney Eastwood’s legendary post-colonial ding dongs. (The pass word, incidentally, was ‘Lord Queensbury’s Straight Left’).

    Two incidents still remain with one from that late night/early morning: encountering Jack Charlton in the lift (this was long before The Long Fellow 2 had been conferred with Sainthood in the Free Southern Stateen when the national colour was morphed from green to fawn) and listening, and listening intently, to Referee Harry Gibbs tell a twenty minute anecdote of the genre salacious about Mrs. Thatcher and an un-named donkey.

    But, one digresses. Among those Englishmen who succeeded in lasting longer in the Ulster Hall than the unfortunate Vernon Penrpase (which actually sounds like a character from Dickens) was one, Charles Dickens himself who once did a reading there.

    One wonders did he read from the pages of ‘Barnaby Rudge’? Little chance that the DUP or its then equiv would have tried to pull out all the stops to prevent this reading. For it concerns another George of Scottish blood, Lord George Gordon, the fanatic who instigated the notorious/necessary (it is the Warbeckian way to be outreachful) Gordon Riots in the London of 1780. This was in protest against the pro-Papist laws being proposed.

    Barnaby Rudge, the simpleton at the core of the novel, was, erm, DUPed into joining the riots, much against his better judgement, assuming he had any. His only friend was his raven, Grip. Perhaps, it is time for the DUP to get a grip? For, as Esteemed Blogmeister points out, Ulster Hall will need to pull out all the s. from the almighty Mulholland Grand Organ to accommodate all comers.

    No doubt, Lord George Gordon of yore ranks high in the pantheon of Protestant Ulster’s heroes. But, here’s the rub. Not only did Lord George go on to convert to Judaism but even went so far as to submit himself to ritual circumcision. Ouch ! At the age of 36 one is informed this can be a rather nasty form of penal servitude.

    One wonders just how many of the DUP defenders of the IDF would be prepared to go to such, erm, lengths, even though the ritual is called – presumably to make it easier for them – in the Hebrew: Brit Milah.

    Would one jest about such things?

    ‘There are strings’ as one of the characters in ‘Barnaby Rudge’ observes, ‘in the human heart that ought not be wibrated’.

    Let’s hope that the Section 31 County Island of Ireland mentality does not prevail and that we will be still be treated to the sight of Gorgeous George Galloway in one corner and Sugar Peter Robinson in the other.

    Unfortunately, the Section 31 mentality has continued to prevail in the Free Southern Stateen, the cause being the – OMG, not them again ! – yes, the GMO, the Genetically Modified Orangemen who are residents and ‘residents’ alike of the Croke Park neighbourhood. Their latest triumph, to the puzzlement of none, being the muzzlement of
    not only Garth Brooks but also Garret Brooks. Who conveniently merge into the one name, GAArth Brooks.

    For these GMO of Dublin have history in this regard. They have, have they not, succeeded in rendering Croke Park not only the third largest stadium in Euorpe but THE largest UNFINISHED stadium on planet earth, if not the universe itself.

    Ever look at the Eyesore that once was called the Railway End? Oddly enough, Charles Dickens also comes to the Warbeckian ‘mind’ whenever he is confronted with it. CD left one unfinished novel at his untimely death, age 58. In his honour, PW has chosen to call the former Railway End…..’The Edwin Drood End’ of Croke Park. Any takers?

    But, to wind up on a softer note. Who better to supply that that the butter-smooth baritone who was the most famous native of Galloway, Texas, Gentleman Jim Reeves. Let him have the last words with his simple, elegant Georgian style of musical archtiecture:

    ‘I hear the sounds of Distant Drums
    Far away, far away;
    And if they call then I must go……’

    What’s the nearest bus stop to the Ulster Hall?

    • Jude Collins August 13, 2014 at 1:27 pm #

      Perkin! You have done the impossible. You have surpassed yourself. It’s not often a half-smile crosses these craggy features of mine nowadays but I roared aloud right through this one. Just as well the dead can’t sue – eh, Mags? Maith thú, Perkin!

      • paddykool August 13, 2014 at 2:48 pm #

        I have to agree on this one Jude ..The Mighty Perkin hit every nail on its flat little head …great anecdotes …and all nicely linked and joined together like a wee wasp’s nest …Now about the Maggie Story Perkin ….give!

  6. Aidan Donaldson August 13, 2014 at 2:09 pm #

    Jude – excellent post.

    I think that you will find that Galloway’s opposition to Scottish independence lies in his (and many within the Irish diaspora’s) fear that this would lead to an increase in the endemic and widespread anti-Catholicism that exists in the streets, the media, politics, the work place and even golf clubs. Nothing much has changed there since James Mac Millan’s famous ‘Scotland’s Shame’ address to the Edinburgh Festival in 1999.

    • Jude Collins August 13, 2014 at 3:21 pm #

      I don’t doubt there’s sectarianism in Scotland; I don’t quite see how/why independence would make it worse.

  7. ANOTHER JUDE August 13, 2014 at 3:31 pm #

    I enjoy listening to George Galloway, he is a brilliant orator and even though his views on the Middle East are a little biased he means well. He is able to condemn the Israeli government without ever sounding in the least bit sectarian, as a Catholic he knows full well the injustice that brings. I would much rather have had him as the British PM than any of the jokers who have held that post. I don`t think there is any future for him over here though, the political situation is too different from that across the water. It does not surprise me that Unionists are against him speaking,they are just coming around to the abolition of slavery, not to mention votes for women and Catholics.

  8. Iolar August 13, 2014 at 4:34 pm #

    Mr Allister was out of his depth with George Galloway. His mantra was based on Zionism’s right to defend questionable territorial boundaries while labelling Palestinians’ right to self defence as terrorism. His comments were a distraction from the reality of the apartheid regime in Israel bolstered by Amercan finance, military supremacy and illegal settlements. Apartheid failed in South Africa and it will fail in Israel. The sad reality is that there does not appear to be any progress in current negotiations for a medium to long term settlement based on an electoral mandate, human rights and democratic principles. George Galloway articulated the need to consider a solution in the context of a Palestinian/Israeli accord. He certainly has no wish to prolong the ongoing siege of Gaza. He is clear that he would wish to see an immediate end to the slaughter of innocent men, women and children in Gaza. He advocates diplomatic and political initiatives to end the bloodshed and suffering. He stands for the rights of Palestinians. He promotes respect for Palestinian and Jewish cultures. Fortunately, George Galloway’s message is being heard throughout the world. His approach will prevail as it is based on a solid foundation of respect for cultural diversity and democracy.

    • Francis D August 13, 2014 at 11:40 pm #

      Well put lolar, an adoit and compelling post, cheers.

  9. michael c August 13, 2014 at 5:02 pm #

    With regard to the DUP/ TUV giving George publicity that money could not buy,I am reminded of the time Bik and several other prisoners recorded a tape of republican songs and smuggled it outside.SF promptly mass produced same tape and got someone posing as an outraged unionist to contact Sammy Wilson to express “disgust” at the making of the tape.Sammy took the bait and rushed to all media outlets to condemn this affront to public morals.The resulting furore made “music from the blocks” the biggest seller since “the men behind the wire” and SF laughed all the way to the bank!

    • Francis D August 13, 2014 at 11:46 pm #

      A clever stategic move. Most intractible Unionists are the ones most suseptible to falling for this simple Ruse, lol

  10. Norma wilson August 13, 2014 at 7:27 pm #

    1/. Why do you all hate the Jews??

    2/ Why do all Protestants think differently,
    from Catholics.

    3/. Do we really have a future here, I
    dont think so, I think this could turn
    Into a dictator run country, with a one
    party, one religion state?
    4/. I see the similarities you could have
    with Hezballoh, ISIS, Hamas, Biko Haran
    etc etc.
    5/. Whilst I feel sound and think, like an
    Afrikaner, or an Israeli, they make
    Barren lands, into countries, they build
    them up, to hand them over to those
    who sat with their proverbial finger stuck
    up their backside.
    6/. If my back was to the sea, I would hit
    the switch, if I am going down, you are
    coming with me!
    Mozel Tov Shalom NORMA(N)

    • Am Ghobsmacht August 14, 2014 at 12:20 am #


      1/ I don’t see evidence of anyone here hating jews, but I see plenty of evidence of people not being happy with the government of Israel.
      That is a major difference, one which you seemingly refuse to acknowledge.

      Why do you refuse to acknowledge this?

      Please look at the linked photograph:

      Does that hassidic gentleman in your opinion hate jews?


      Opposing Israel’s offensive is not the same as opposing Jewish people

      2/ Why do Anglicans think differently from Exclusive Brethren? Why do Methodists think differently from Free Presbyterians? Why do Evangelists think differently from everyone else?

      3/ If there’s one thing no part of Ireland has an appetite for any more it’s a mono-party mono-religion state.
      If you want to see some raw anti-Catholic church resentment and anger then I suggest you head down to the Republic and strike up a conversation with some of the younger citizens.

      (The things some fella from Limerick had to say about Mother Theresea?! I was shocked!!)

      4/ I see no similarities between anyone here and muslim extremists. Most muslim extremists would happily wipe Israel from the map, most people here want Israel to peacefully co-exist with their neighbours (isn’t that right guys? Guys….?)

      5/ You lost me

      6/ Nobody has you against the sea.

      לחיות בשלום


  11. Argenta August 13, 2014 at 9:42 pm #

    Jude;It may be time to add one item to your wardrobe, namely a black hat.I note that George in his T V interviews this evening was sporting one. First Danny Morrison,now George Galloway;you can’t afford to get left behind in the fashion stakes!!

    • Jude Collins August 14, 2014 at 8:31 am #

      I was thinking the same myself, Argenta. AND it might deceive gullible people into believing I have hair…

  12. deprofundis August 13, 2014 at 10:50 pm #

    Norman Wisdom’s at it again, falling ovdf her feet to tug her forelock.

  13. Ceannaire August 13, 2014 at 11:05 pm #


    1/. Why do you all hate the Jews??

    We don’t. Why would we hate Jews? I think you are confusing Israel with Judaism and Judaism with Israel at the moment. That is wrong. Many, many Jews have spoken out against Israel. This has nothing to do with Judaism as a religion nor as a people. What you are supporting Norma is Zionism.

    2/ Why do all Protestants think differently,from Catholics.

    They don’t. I have many examples where they are in complete agreement. Such a silly question.

    3/. Do we really have a future here, I dont think so, I think this could turn Into a dictator run country, with a one party, one religion state?

    You can’t see a future, Norma? That is bleak. Talking about “a dictator run country, with a one party, one religion state” – we promise you, it will never return to that again (and that was part of the original problem).

    4/. I see the similarities you could have with Hezballoh, ISIS, Hamas, Biko Haran etc etc.

    So Jude’s readers are all Muslim now? You sure about that? Norma, understand this: support for the innocent Palestinian people (you know, those who make up the vast majority of the casualties) does NOT equate as support for “Hezballoh, ISIS, Hamas, Biko Haran etc etc”. That’s silly and you know it.

    5/. Whilst I feel sound and think, like an Afrikaner, or an Israeli, they make Barren lands, into countries, they build them up, to hand them over to those who sat with their proverbial finger stuck up their backside.

    Oh yes – the old “we are civilizing you” trick. Norma – how 19th century of you. And how racist. Oh – and how many slaughters did this entail?

    6/. If my back was to the sea, I would hit the switch, if I am going down, you are coming with me!

    You sound like a “Hezballoh, ISIS, Hamas, Biko Haran etc etc” fighter there. With your last sentence you are no better than those you despise.

    And not the first time you have said it. Sounds very extreme to me because left to you, and by your own admission, my granddaughter and family and those of our readers would have no chance.

    Oh, Norma, who really is the extremist now?

  14. Francis D August 14, 2014 at 1:01 am #

    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,- No offence Norma, and hand on heart I bear you no antipathy, but your list is superficial, and absolutely and Totally devoid of Reason and stand aloof as a list of the Greatest of frivolous irrational follies and distortions I have read in a very long time. I cannot ask you to take this rationally, as I fear the mire you are bogged down in is one I cannot now see you in the short term anyway extricating yourself from to a more bountiful field where Reason, measure and compassion are the ethos.

  15. Pointis August 14, 2014 at 8:59 am #


    There have been people certified to an institution or signed up as evangelical preachers for makeing less offensive statements!

    The Israeli offensive on the Palestinian people has left you, like the Middle-East, UNSTABLE!

  16. madadhmor August 14, 2014 at 9:21 am #

    Am I remembering correctly that the Third Force got its first public outing in the Ulster Hall. Was it council run then?

  17. Alan August 15, 2014 at 2:18 am #


    “Whilst I feel sound and think, like an Afrikaner, or an Israeli, they make Barren lands, into countries, they build them up, to hand them over to those who sat with their proverbial finger stuck up their backside.”

    This one is always used as a pitiful excuse for colonialism.

    The British empire built great railways in India, don’t you know. The fact millions of Indians died as a result of British colonialism was surely a small price to pay for the great railways. It’s not like some Indians could have designed and built the railways themselves if they saw them in other countries. No, they needed to be colonized by a benevolent foreign empire to get the railways etc. etc.