Oh dear…It’s looking like our old self-publicist and all round sanctimonious busybody,public  jester and poltroon to the kings and queens of our unionist inclined neighbours…the one and the only   ….Willie Frazer, is about to do some gaol-time in the near future at the behest of George Galloway’s solicitor. Gorgeous George is in the process of suing him for …let’s see…being a prat?…No …Apparently Mr Frazer , with his fairly limited acess to  the Queen’s English has called Mr Galloway  a “tramp”… a veritable king of the road…and “scum”…the  oily, filmy layer that clings to the surface of Willie’s bath every time the bespectacled -one breaks wind….or possibly the greeny algae that laps around the edges of his duck pond. As an aside he also accused Mr Galloway of consorting with a variety of terrorist types, not to Willie’s liking. I dare say ;  had the “terrorists” been to Willie’s liking, he would not find himself facing the poorhouse sometime soon. Willie’s form of personal terrorism takes the form of episodic, noisy  demos  against the Noise Abatement Society and the odd fearless shopper..

If  Mr Frazer doesn’t do gaol-time , his supporters will be shaking plastic begging  buckets  at traffic lights for the next three or four decades, begging  to stave off the prospect of the re-possession of his home and assets. You might even get your windshield wiped cheaply well into the coming century. Mr Galloway has previous form in these games and has had quite some success.There can be no doubt that Mr Frazer is something of a publicity junkie and will take on any conceivable stunt in the notion that all publicity is good publicity, but this latest exhibition brings into focus his vulnerability and  could evolve into a care issue which could see him pushing the self -destruct button.

What is it with a certain kind of fanatic in Ireland that there is a willingness to prostrate themselves on a metaphorical cross and offer themselves up in sacrifice for their clan? Mr Galloway, like him or loathe him, is a past master at hoovering money out of the pockets of  anyone, either intellectual or the intellectually challenged , so why would some poor, foolish man like Oor Wullie even believe he had the  smarts to take him on ? .He was bound to lose before he started. This kind of naievity  seems to be endemic in Ireland among a certain kind of person.Willie believes that anyone who doesn’t have the same point of view as him is automatically part of a  whole “Terrorist Conspiracy” that straddles the world.

Does he hope that by keeping company with the likes of Ruth Patterson and the English Defence League, a judge will see him favourably as a tragic case in need of  mental health care rather than penury or imprisonment and give him a fool’s pardon? I suppose that is one way to insulate yourself against possible future legal action… Somehow, I imagine that George Galloway has other fish to fry. He’s already made a financial killing at the Ulster Hall because of the publicity Willie and others have generated for him, but this is surely seen as his just dessert.Last time he scored with a lawsuit ,against the Telegraph in 2003 , it bagged him £150,000 plus, after a failed appeal in 2006,legal costs of about £2 million….

That  must have bagged him a lot of herrings. How many big fat cods will this new adventure net him?

19 Responses to GEORGE ,WILLIE AND A LOT OF CODOLOGY by Harry McAvinchey

  1. giordanobruno August 30, 2014 at 11:02 am #

    Poor show. Repeatedly alluding to an individual’s mental health state is hardly worthy of you. Not to mention the rest of the name calling.
    I thought you a better man.

    • paddykool August 30, 2014 at 12:04 pm #

      What can I say gio …Mea Culpa…i still chuckle when some poor bugger treads on that banana skin of life….I am absolutely guilty of all charges!…I still see humour in the dankest darkest, corners….

      • giordanobruno August 30, 2014 at 3:11 pm #

        Mockery is best when aimed at the powerful rather than the pitiful.
        Frazer’s often bizarre behaviour is rooted in his family history and the loss of family members including his father, murdered by the IRA.
        I find it sad rather than humorous. But I guess you have a better sense of humour than me.

        • paddykool August 30, 2014 at 7:51 pm #

          So Gio …What you are implying is that Mr. Frazier is actually a poor pitiful creation and deserving of sympathy…is that it? Your take is that he is unaware of his comedic appeal…a bit like the Doberman character in Phil Silver’s Sgt. Bilko…eh?
          So is he seen as a patsy…an unknowing jester for the media who really needs a little guidance in life’s real workings…some protection from his own artless follies…a person with no perspective….no irony….in other words a person who needs protection from his own excesses ?
          Is the media wrong to report his silliness? Should he be kept from the airwaves and out of print?
          The strange thing is we are all allowed to enjoy and laugh at Galloway’s foibles but not Frazer’s . My feeling is that if you are prepared to take to the media’s stage , you should be prepared to deal with a little criticism.He’s not exactly in the stocks and we’re hardly throwing rotten fruit.It’s no bad publicity to be found amusing either.His problem is , as I pointed out, that Galloway is very good at litigation.I think you missed the point entirely and have done Mr Frazer no real favours.

          • giordanobruno August 30, 2014 at 10:33 pm #

            Are you so sure he doesn’t deserve any pity?
            Criticise his politics and his views by all means but when you amusingly suggest his vulnerability may lead to him pushing the self destruct button I find that leaves a bad taste.
            I’ve done a lot of work with people with mental health problems. Seeing people destroyed by their own thoughts is not especially funny.
            Just my view.

      • neill August 30, 2014 at 7:36 pm #

        Hubris nemesis Paddy Hubris nemesis

        • paddykool August 30, 2014 at 8:37 pm #

          As I’ve often said ,Neill …we’re having a conversation …not an exchange of non sequiturs…so speak your mind freely and explain to us all your unbiased take on the performances of our esteemed public figures.Let’s hear what makes you laugh out loud and why. I wouldn’t say that Mr Frazer possesses the comic genius or timing of Stan Laurel whom I enjoy dearly but his antics certainly make me chuckle.I would say though that Mr Galloway has every right to protect his name from Mr Frazer’s insults.I would say the same for anyone …so where would yo draw the line, Neill…you too Gio. ….?

          • giordanobruno August 31, 2014 at 11:02 am #

            It is a matter of judgement I suppose.Certainly I have a chuckle at Frazer when he turns up in a wig on the street. But I suspect he is less able to look after himself than Galloway and more open to manipulation by others.
            Of course you could say he puts himself in the public eye which is true.
            Yet the repeated references to his mental health (and that is not just from you on this thread) are distinctly jarring
            And what else? “Sanctimonious busybody jester poltroon prat,limited access to English,fanatic, foolish..” I’m not too sure that Jude would allow such a litany of abuse towards any other public figure, say Gerry Adams for example.
            Unkind may be the best word. So maybe I’m soft,.Maybe I thought you had more kindness in you.

          • Jude Collins August 31, 2014 at 11:41 am #

            Well gio, I’d allow it if there were signs that Gerry Adams had mental health problems (and yes, I know, there are those who say he has). And speaking of name-calling, maybe check my ‘About Me’ section.

        • paddykool August 31, 2014 at 11:44 am #

          So gio ….”Are you so sure he does n’t deserve any pity?
          Criticise his politics and his views by all means but when you amusingly suggest his vulnerability may lead to him pushing the self destruct button I find that leaves a bad taste.
          I’ve done a lot of work with people with mental health problems. Seeing people destroyed by their own thoughts is not especially funny.”
          ..That’s you take on it, right?
          …So you’re suggesting there’s little to laugh about here ?…Is that it? Your take is that Mr Frazer does not merit a little chuckle . Remember , this is a man who has appeared in public in fancy dress, …not at a party …but right out on the street…. so it is beguiling to believe that he has no self-awareness…he was n’t out to make a little humourous comedy …even though it was an amateur and cack -handed little bit of show business?
          Is that not right? You are also assuming that there is something “not quite right” in his general behaviour.You are attributing it to some low level mental illness. Well i too have had first-hand experience of severe mental illness within my family group but it never negates the entire personality nor does it necessarily abolish comedy .If that was the case , many of our famous comedians would not have enjoyed successful careers. Tony Hancock springs to mind as does the recent death of Robin Williams.
          My take is this….I think Willie Frazer knows exactly what he is doing but some of the things he finds funny are purely asinine and not very sophisticated. There’s nothing wrong with that specifically, if it entertains his particular audience, but my point is that he needs to know when to draw back . He obviously doesn’t because George Galloway will very soon have his hands deep into his pockets .With his past form he will be strip-mining Mr Frazer’s assets . Someone needs to take him to one side and tell him to ….wise-up.

          • giordanobruno August 31, 2014 at 2:46 pm #

            I think I did say that I’ve had a chuckle at his antics. Who wouldn’t!
            You might recall an episode of The Simpsons where homer spins on the ground trying to read what Bart has written on the back of his head. At first everyone laughs at him, then as he continues ever more frantic they stop laughing and look on in quiet horror. That’s how I feel about Willie.
            The thrust of your piece is fair enough and I agree with it. I did not mean to derail the thread.
            I just don’t see the point of all the personal abuse you threw in.
            I don’t really want to get drawn into speculating on the man’s mental health so I’ll leave it at that.

    • neill August 30, 2014 at 6:14 pm #

      Poor old Galloway got a good roughing up I see as much as i despise him i still defend his right of free speech and the right not be roughed up for what he has said.

      Have to agree with what Gio said poor show indeed

      • paddykool August 30, 2014 at 9:13 pm #

        Just a thought….These are public “cartoon” figures, if you like. They like to use and attempt to manipulate both the media and us. You say you “despise” Galloway….that’s pretty strong meat , right there.I don’t care enough about either him or Frazer to even think of despising them.I just find them amusing in some degree.

  2. Seán McGouran August 30, 2014 at 11:36 am #

    Some Zionist looney has hospitalised GG the ‘unco guid’ must be a bit of a quandary (they can only be pleased), but GG is in the blatts, and may get a substantial amount of public sympathy. The General Election is less than a year away…

    • paddykool August 30, 2014 at 12:53 pm #

      Just saw that Sean….His lawyer will be earning even more money for him , it seems. What will a few broken ribs and a smack around the head net him? People would need to use a little thought before they let their violent selves spend all their hard-earned cash.

  3. Ryan August 30, 2014 at 12:54 pm #

    I think a few months in prison would do Willie Frazer the world of good. Just put him in a cell, preferably a padded cell, with a Union flag and a dart board with a picture of that “thramp” George Galloway. Willie will think hes on holiday.

  4. paddykool August 31, 2014 at 1:42 pm #

    Hi gio

    : “Sanctimonious busybody jester poltroon prat,limited access to English,fanatic, foolish..”

    Yes..If that were Gerry Adams , Boris Johnson or any other public figure , i’d say they would be fair game for a little rib- tickling. Any of us who pops their head over the parapet …myself included here …has to be prepared to defend their corner with a few verbal thrusts. ..if you don’t like the heat , stay out of the kitchen and all that.

    You’re not going to tell me there’s no free will or choice involved here , are you? You’re not going to tell me that you think Mr Frazer has a carte blanche to do and say anything that pops into his head whether it is nonsense or not and never be critiqued by anyone? You’re not going to tell me he is above the laws of the land either. are you ? George Galloway sees him as some easy money in that respect.He has some idea what you can and cannot say in the real world. He has some idea of the etiquette required by law to stay out of prison and the prospect of being sued.
    Does Mr Frazer have any idea of these constrictions or does he think they are not for him?

    Gerry Adams was pulled into custody recently so he certainly isn’t above the law but he seems to have defended his position . President Clinton wasn’t above the law when it came to his indiscretions..He was a much smarter man than Mr Frazer but he was still hounded by the press. What makes you think that Mr Frazer shouldn’t get the “Private Eye” treatment? I dare say that if a programme like “Spitting Image” was currently on our Tv screens, that Mr Frazer’s { or someone like him}…antics would feature very prominently on it every week . No one is above satire if they have a public platform.

    Just to put this little squib into perspective…here we are spending precious moments of our time debating this when we could be talking about the last awful film we saw and what we thought was wrong with it. Mr Frazer is being discussed here now because as you know his credo is ..any publicity is good publicity..I do feel that if he is not in control of his own actions , then those encouraging him would need to take a little more responsibility for what eventually happens to him .
    In the meantime, I will still search for humour in the blackness of the human psyche.,…and chuckle when I can .

    As Jude avers …Willie thinks that Jude himself is a prat….go figure…!!!

    • giordanobruno August 31, 2014 at 8:47 pm #

      I don’t see how you could have read my comments and think that I am saying he or anyone should be exempt from criticism or the rule of law. I am clearly not.
      Willie is an easy target. It takes little effort to mock him. Go for it.

      • paddykool September 1, 2014 at 8:29 am #

        What do you mean …mocking him?…Never!!…just pointing out a few truths in this grand kaleidoscope of life….nothing more….I’ll leave the mockery to his own good self and the price of it to his doubtless yawning bank account… He’s more than capable of contriving to make an exhibition of his own particular artistry.They laughed at Yoko Ono too, after al, when she got into Bagism and got people to cut off all her clothes…the press had a field- day with that one. it didn’t stop her either… .