THE GREEN AND BLUE by Randall Stephen Hall

“The Green and Blue” originally entitled “Song for You and Me”.

I grew up in Belfast, never really relating to the conflict between Catholics and Protestants, between Unionists and Nationalists. I grew up a Presbyterian, quite different, from the broad brush stroke term, “Protestant”. I always felt like an outsider, while, as a human being, anyone desires to belong.

This song is written from the perspective of an outsider who only wants peace between all the factions and tribes in Ireland. I have no interest in politics but I do relate to my neighbour as an individual. I wrote this song in October 2012. A cold winter indeed.

I also feel that I cannot just be dismissed as as “non Irish” or a lesser kind of Irish, an “Irish Wanna Be” etc as we are so uninformed as to our real origins.

The Green and Blue.

A song by Randall Stephen Hall. ©

Oh I hear your words

Rising like the sun.

Far across the fields

For they move as one.

Lining up like men

With their horses strong.

They will gather up

All their strength for song.


Oh these words I take 
from this magic bag.

My sword and shield
 they are all I have.

But they’ll fight for me 
just like Finn MacCool.

They are like a spear 
I will throw for you.


Oh Ireland, oh Ireland.

Oh Cath-a-leen na Hoolihan.

Oh Ireland and Scotland too.

When will I see 
your green and blue?


But there’s more to this.

Not just words you see.

Not just Ireland

For it’s you and me.

I am here you know

Like I’ve always been.

My two wee legs

Standing with the green.

Oh let me in.

I am here so long.

Oh add my tunes

All to your song.

Oh harmony, oh harmony.

Oh let your love
 just encircle me.

Oh Ireland
. When will I see you?

Oh Ireland. 
When will I see you.

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