LOOKING FOR THE OPENING by Randall Stephen Hall

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With talks about new talks and our local politicians talking

again about why they shouldn’t talk, what they need to talk

and who they are prepared to talk to, it puts me in mind of what

we are blessed with, as a gift.

It all comes pre-packaged, when we are born, and,

with careful nurturing it can be used for the benefit of others.

Like pieces of lego were are designed to fit together

and interact in a positive way. So what’s wrong here?

Like the song says, “Bees do it . . . even educated fleas do it . . .”

As ever, before us lie endless opportunities to use those gifts

to bestow upon others . . . “a bit of love”. (That said, I’m as flawed and screwed up

as the rest of us). It’s all there within us if we could switch it on.

For glass, at times is half full. It’s then that I continue, to look for the opening.

I wait, with baited breath, for these new talks . . . Let the “Love Fest” begin!

Looking for the Opening.

By Randall Stephen Hall.



We are born

Through an opening.

We prize our way through.


We procreate

Through an opening.

Plant our seed

And watch it grow.


The light at Newgrange

Penetrates the dark spirals

That ripple and dance

Through an opening.


We look at the world

Through an opening.

We even sneeze

Through an opening

With our damp leaky heads.


Most of us go to the toilet

Through an opening.

Though we can all

Talk through the wrong opening

At the wrong time.


At our best . . .

At our very best

We express ourselves

Eloquently, through an opening.


Words, like flaming feathers


And when we die

Our last breath leaves us

With one last utterance

Through the cave mouth

To a new opening.


We continue to search

For the right opening.

The one that suits our needs


To use it, express delivery

To value it, to share it

To guard it.

But most of all

To respect it in others.

For it can be a trap too.

That opening.


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