How about trying some tough love, Theresa?

imagesThere’s a slight anti-American bias among some of us towards the way Americans use the English language. I mean, all that  turning nouns into verbs – like no one feels torn two ways or has mixed feelings any more, they’re conflicted. But one phrase  of theirs that fits neatly here at present is ‘tough love’. I’m talking  Ardoyne here.

Let’s briefly remind ourselves of the events. Last 12 July – no, I lie – two Twelfths ago  – some Orange Order members were prevented from marching in the Ardoyne area as it would be provocative. That was what the Parades Commission decreed. So what did the loyal Brethren do? They set up a camp. Camp Twaddell. They didn’t like not being allowed to march home and they figured they or a symbolic camp presence would stay there until they got their way. Consult the residents? Discuss the matter with them? Nah. No way. We want home. See how much all this is costing? Not an inch.

So now the word is that there’ll be a commission of inquiry into the matter. What will the commission inquire into, Virginia? Why, to establish what the problem is and see if it can be resolved.

Except that the dumbest of Santa’s reindeer knows what the problem is. The loyal Brethren want to flout the ruling of the Parades Commission – in fact they want it  abolished. And no, they’ll be discussing nothing with no residents. No sir. Our right to walk the Queen’s highway, not an inch, never never ba-bum, ba-bum, ba-boom.

So because they don’t like this Parades Commission that has dared rule against their wishes, they’re going to get a commission of inquiry (no, Virginia, you may not ask who pays for it). Because they’ve kept the Twaddell pot boiling, they’ll have a commission of inquiry to…well, to establish what happened in such a way that the loyal Brethren can (i) get the OK to march home via the notorious flashpoint; and (ii) cut the ground from under the Parades Commission.

And tough love?  Well that’s when you stop giving in to every whine and threat of someone, usually a child, and let them know politely but firmly that when you say No you mean No. You don’t mean that yes, you’ve reconsidered and you’ll give into their wishes, anything for a quiet life and is that bad old Parades Commission upsetting you well we can’t have that, bye-bye  Parades Commission. On the contrary.. A definitive, legal, impartial No is coming at you. Not because we hate you, O Orange marchers, but because deep down we love you. And we don’t want you to be reduced to a spoilt, nyampy brat that threatens to scream and scream ’til it’s sick  if Theresa Villiers doesn’t give  it what it wants immediately.

A few blogs back I pondered what the British Secretary of State was for. If she succumbs to the tantrums of Camp Twaddell she’ll make it perfectly clear that she’s a jelly-belly. Don’t be that, Theresa. Dish out instead some tough love – for all our sakes.

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  1. Diaspora Dan September 25, 2014 at 2:58 pm #

    Nice one Jude,

    Even by the British Government’s own standard of changing rules, there’s something missing here. I hate how the political game plays out back home. When the Brits finally meet a legitimate demand, for example the creation of an Irish Language Television Fund, they have to grant some “concession” to the other side. The Ulster Scots lobby, i.e. Nelson McCausland and a handful of mates had to get an Ulster Scots Television Fund. It doesn’t matter if it has no community infrastructure, schools etc or as Máirtín Ó Muilleoir once put it, it’s only a DIY language for Unionists. .

    There are countless examples as you know where when the chucks get something, the Unionists have to get something in return. What do they call it, compromise or something? So what’s the concession or compromise to us chucks this time?, a return parade I hope not. How about a border poll? Sure that’s a threat to no-one. Or if that’s a step to far down the road to Dublin, would a the creation of a normal Assembly where politicians work hand in hand for the common good be too much of a concession to ask for? I love reasonable demands but I’m being vindictive of course when I roll my eyes at the likes of Unionist stubbornness. If that’s the best Unionism can come up with, it won’t matter who sits in Peter Robinson’s warm seat even if he ever lifts his cushy bum off it. Dia ár sabháil, God help us all.

  2. Perkin Warbeck September 25, 2014 at 3:37 pm #

    You’d imagine ‘twould be a real doddle
    To sort the Sashays at Camp Twaddell
    But they don’t come sillier
    Than plummy Tess Villiers
    Who’s jolly well gone for the molly coddle.

  3. paddykool September 25, 2014 at 3:56 pm #

    Hi Jude ; I look at it this way. If they want to camp out at Camp Twadell. Let them .Let them camp out forever . It’s not bothering me in the least.I’m not sure why it really must be policed . Are they squatting on someone’s property there? Are they loitering ? Are they loitering with intent to do some damage? Are they jay-walking? Can they be charged with any crime? Are they getting in the way of anyone’s day to day business?I dare say that if a lot of “travellers”, marchers or any other grouping wanted to camp right outside my house or on a bit of common land at the end of my garden , I’d want the authorities to kindly move them on. …Ask for rent …failing that , put them away in chokey until they or their friends and family came up with the money or whatever. I shouldn’t imagine it would take an army of policemen to sort that little lot out so I’m not exactly sure why the cops are running up such huge bills anyway..
    So what’s the problem ? If they weren’t causing me any hassle I’d let them camp out forever …for the next fifty years…In fact I’d be making sure they bought a static caravan and paid rent and taxes. Most people who have those things have to do that.. You could even arrange tours to have a look at these Krazy Kampers and take photographs of this odd little tribe….In the meantime , let the wee children play. Who gives a flying one whether they live there forever? One question : Can we sell them one of those Portaloos or at least charge them for one?

  4. William Fay September 25, 2014 at 4:18 pm #

    Good old Jude, you can’t beat a few half truths. The Orange Prder have no intention of marching through the Ardoyne like you stated, they are going up the main road towards home. The reality of the situation was that the parades commission allowed the parade up the road year after year without any problems until the good people of the Ardoyne decided to riot, chuck blast bombs and shoot at the police, and the impartial commission gave in to the bigger threat.

    • Jude Collins September 25, 2014 at 4:38 pm #

      Ah well done, sweet William – ever-reliable. Why on earth would those people think an Orange march was in any way offensive? Sure the OO is a religious organisation – they should be thanking them for bringing religion so close to their homes…

    • Antonio September 25, 2014 at 6:24 pm #

      ” the parade up the road year after year without any problems”

      Did you actually just type that ? Historical amnesia setting in William ? – there’s been bloody mayhem surrounding Orange Parades and Loyalist bands up and down the Crumlin Road for decades. Are you actually unaware of this ?

      A couple of years back one Loyalist band paraded past Ardoyne with Images of a UDA killer held aloft. (who shot dead a random catholic in Ardoyne) Are you seriously telling me that is not grounds to object to these parades. For goodness sake noise and disruption alone are sufficient grounds to object to a parade..

    • Am Ghobsmacht September 25, 2014 at 11:12 pm #


      I’m afraid I have to agree with Ruaidri on this (SWOOON!!!).

      To simply summarise the parade as ‘walk home’ down a public thoroughfare is a very Newsletter way of putting it.

      They do and have caused offence for many years.

      They also on occasion (at least!) fly paramilitary trappings.

      Unionism has by way of opposing republican paramilitary parades in public spaces (e.g Belfast city centre) closed the door on the ‘pubilc thoroughfare’ argument for such parades.

      If republicans shouldn’t use public spaces to march then neither should loyalists. Fair is fair.

      It is quite hypocritical that some of those who support the Twaddell march on principle oppose the republican march.

      They dropped the ball on that one.

      They’ve had decades to get their act together.

      Where I used to live in Glasgow the was sometimes the occasional republican parade on the local main street, past ‘the shops’.

      I could hear them chanting ‘IRA’ from my side street flat.

      It was not nice. Parades are noisy.

      So I have no sympathy with ‘the shops front’ angle either. A band parade penetrates much further.

      A bit like the rebel music from the fleadh in Ardoyne that outraged so many unionists.

      They need to find a principle and stick to it.

  5. Páid September 25, 2014 at 7:20 pm #

    Wait ’till the march “home” is allowed and we’ll see plenty of tough love…… directed at the residents of Ardoyne

  6. RJC September 25, 2014 at 9:05 pm #

    There’s a small part of me hoping that the DUP/OO end up in power with the Tories next year. The full glare of the British media upon them may finally show them up for the pathetic bigoted backwards bunch they are. The reason nobody in Britain pays them any heed is that nobody in Britain really considers Northern Ireland part of the UK.

  7. Ruaidri Ua Conchob September 25, 2014 at 9:44 pm #

    William Fay,
    Thankfully, the outside world doesn’t wear your orange-tinted glasses when considering the ‘real’ evidence…

    Ardoyne Catholic District:
    There are Catholic homes facing, before and alongside the Ardoyne shops and indeed Catholic apartments above some of those shops; see this image

    Ligoniel Parades:
    Orange Order parades passing Ardoyne have always been a hate-fest occasion and no-less so than on the morning of 12th July 2013. In particular, see this video which captured that parade playing their usual hate-fest Billy Boys tune with the lyrics “up to our necks in Fenian blood, surrender of you’ll die” etc, then proceeding to spew their vile sectarianism at Catholic Ardoyne residents

    Parades Of Murder & Mayhem:
    Orange Order parades have been ‘contentious’ for centuries and in this regard I highly recommend you read at least paragraph 13 of my blog post: Orange Order – parades of murder and mayhem

    Theresa Villiers and the rest of us know, the pan-Unionist Front abandoned the Haass talks as the Orange Order don’t ever want to be held to account by a national parade’ Code Of Conduct – they know urban orangeism only survives because it permits if not actively encourages vile bigotry toward Catholics during certain parades.

    Derry city and elsewhere provide a good example of orangeism learning the lesson some of their Belfast counterparts have difficulty learning; Catholics will not oppose your parades if conduct yourselves in a civilised manner…

  8. ANOTHER JUDE September 25, 2014 at 10:32 pm #

    I live in a small town, for decades it was ruled by the Unionist Party even though it had a sizeable Catholic population, flags fluttered from the lamp posts, bands marched through the town on various occasions, every eleventh night we would make sure we were home safe before the appearance of the` Mad Band`.I am sure there are plenty of you who know what a Mad Band is, it is a bunch of drunken, sectarian, ignorant knuckle dragging fools who would batter a drum and attempt to sing various hateful `tunes` about the Pope and the Blessed Virgin .We Catholics would talk amongst ourselves afterwards, `Did you see your man, the RUC sergeant? What about the postman eh? ` After one particularly vicious eleventh night the `band` was stopped from performing it`s ritual of hatred. The town is now a majority Nationalist council area, the flags STILL flutter from the lamp posts and that`s fine, but at least we Catholics don`t have to suffer the horrible behaviour of bigoted morons. And no Catholic should Theresa.

  9. Virginia September 25, 2014 at 11:09 pm #

    Teresa can tell them there is no money to support such parade silliness. And if you can’t pay you can’t play. (North American English is brilliant, your right Jude)

  10. September 26, 2014 at 7:13 am #

    To Everyone
    I think you all are nasty bigoted people. The whole damn lot of you! There is not a hairs difference between you’s and the other side.
    Equally as bad as each other. That boys Dee Fennell, a bad un for sure.
    Last week you wanted Scotland out of the Union this week it’s the OO, just about anybody who disagrees with you’s.
    Personally speaking you would encourage me to dig my heels in, and oppose you just because I am sick to death of your slabbering.
    Get used to having Ptrotesrants about, we are here to stay. William is completely correct, you’s terrorise everything and everybody to get were you’s are today.
    Away and pray for that Cardinal in the Dominican who paid to have sex with those poor children. Probably told they would be going to hell if they told anybody. May God forgive you’s all.

    • ANOTHER JUDE September 26, 2014 at 2:38 pm #

      Norma, you are a bigot and your attitude is the reason why we are in the mess we are in. I bet you spend your time reading those anti Catholic `pamphlets` produced by the Paisleyites. The FACT is Sinn Féin and other parties were quite prepared to give the Haas/O`Sullivan plan a chance but it was the Unionists who would not compromise.The Orange is and never was a source of peace or justice, it is an embarrassment and thank God it`s influence has diminished although that hopeless English toff Villiers seems to think they are the big beast they were many years ago. Just for the record Norma (if that is your name… )do you think Catholics are as good as Protestants? Are they entitled to live in peace and not have to listen to knuckle dragging morons banging on and on about an act of violence carried out in the SEVENTEENTH century???

    • morpheus September 26, 2014 at 3:15 pm #

      Norma, what a horrible, disgusting comment.

      Sooooo much hatred in your heart for your fellow man and people you don’t even know.


  11. morpheus September 26, 2014 at 3:12 pm #

    “There are Catholic homes facing, before and alongside the Ardoyne shops and indeed Catholic apartments above some of those shops”

    Anyone seen the question in the upcoming BT poll regarding the Ardoyne standoff?

    The options for those getting surveyed were:

    1. the parade should be allowed to return past the Ardoyne shops
    2. the parade should not be allowed to return past the shops
    3. the Ardoyne parades issue should be the subject of a separate independent inquiry with the power to investigate and report back on solutions to the dispute
    4. we should leave the decision in the hands of the Parades Commission next year

    ‘Past the Ardoyne shops’ has no place in a professional survey – they might as well have put smiley and frowny faces at the end

  12. Ruaidri Ua Conchoba September 26, 2014 at 5:15 pm #

    Your assertion “I think you all are nasty bigoted people. The whole damn lot of you” is unjustified, offensive and unhelpful – please identify which above comment(s) gave you cause to form that impression?

    A Religious Fraternity:
    To borrow a phrase from the hypocritical DUP and UUP et al, do you think it’s acceptable for the Orange Order to parade passed Ardoyne district “glorifying terrorists” such as UVF Brian Robinson who shot dead a Catholic civilian outside Ardoyne shops?

    Are you really accusing Catholics of being “nasty bigoted people” [sic] because they object to Orange Order parades passing the Ardoyne district playing grossly offensive tunes such as the Billy Boys (with lyrics ‘up to our necks in Fenian blood, surrender or you’ll die’ etc)?

    Are urban Orange Order lodges entitled to contend they represent a “religious fraternity” given they permit a convicted sash-wearing UVF Shankill Butcher to lead their parades through Catholic districts with banners glorifying a murdering UVF terrorist leader (shot dead by the British SAS within minutes of him murdering a Catholic shopper)?

    Norma, no-one advocated all Orange Order parades must cease, did they? If you don’t want to be part of our problem then stop distorting what’s being said. Namely, there’s a small a small number of urban Orange Order parades rightly deemed to be unacceptable and they must be made to conduct themselves in a civilised manner… that is thee only way forward.

  13. neill September 26, 2014 at 9:10 pm #

    Of course Ruaidrai that is a fair point i hope you apply similar logic to GAA teams and clubs that are named after dead terrorists i certainly hope so?

    The fundamental problem in Northern Ireland is that we are dishonest the bottom line is that we are two distinct groups who are quite happy taking lumps out of each other sad but true.

    The constant refrain that Unionists are bigotted and Nationalists are closet terrorists is something we need to weed out and remove before we are able to move

    • Jude Collins September 27, 2014 at 9:31 am #

      Er, um, dammit – I agree, neill. Not all unionists are bigoted and not all nationalists are closet terrorists (or should that be the other way round?) What we need is some clear display from both sides that this is so. On the nationalist side, the IRA decommissioned and left the scene over fifteen years ago. Has there been a comparable indication that not all unionists are bigots?

      • neill September 27, 2014 at 10:56 am #

        Yes they have agreed to share power with Sf.

  14. Ceannaire September 26, 2014 at 11:18 pm #

    Norma, you should calm down! Honestly, your mood swings are disconcerting. I sometimes wonder if you are two separate people.

    I would like to briefly respond to some of your points:

    “Get used to having Ptrotesrants about, we are here to stay. William is completely correct, you’s terrorise everything and everybody to get were you’s are today.”

    No-one, and I mean NO-ONE on this site has ever suggested that Protestants should not be here to stay. Please provide one quote, one example where this suggestion is made.

    Who are “you’s”? When and why do these “you’s terrorise everything”? I demand an answer because, it seems, I have been accused of something I didn’t do. I’m entitled to some sort of answer. I’m sure others are asking the same question. You have accused. Stand over it or retract. Enough is enough, Norma. I say this with all respect.

    “Away and pray for that Cardinal in the Dominican who paid to have sex with those poor children. Probably told they would be going to hell if they told anybody. May God forgive you’s all.”

    Sorry, I don’t keep up about Cardinals etc so I have no knowledge about that particular case. Any child who has been abused deserves prayers, respect and support, no matter who the abuser is – no matter their creed, politics, colour, nationality or whatever other label is put on them. Abuse knows none of these simple labels we put on people.

    Norma, I always wish you well. I hope this mornings post was simply a blip. Though with some of your previous posts, I’m not so sure.

    I think I have stumbled across the problem – expressed in a crude way, I know, – but I think the problem is you have a British mindset and most of us on here have an Irish mindset. Both are different, as can be seen by the approach to local and global politics.

    Cheer up Norma. I enjoy your posts more when they are more magnanimous.