COLOUR THEORY (Flags) by Randall Stephen Hall

City Flag 31a City Flag  31.1.13.

By Randall Stephen Hall.

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(Lullabye to a couple of ogres).




Red white and blue now.

Green white and gold.

All of these colours

They’re so very old.

You can’t own a colour.

No woman or man.

For if you do now

You don’t understand.


The red of the sunset.

The white of the moon.

The blue of the night.

The May flowers in bloom.

You can’t make some colours

Line up like a gate.

To shut off your thinking

What a terrible fate.


The Green of the grass.

The waves on the sea.

The gold of the harvest.

For you and for me.

You can’t make some colours

Just march like a drum.

Go die every Easter.

Come home, won’t you son?




Green, white and gold.

Red white and blue.

What do these colours

Just mean to you?

Go look at your colours

Before you can find.

First open your heart now.

Then go change your mind.




What of the white now

The colour we share?

The waves on the sea shore.

The moon way up there.

The dove he was shot down.

His angel wings fly.

These feathers are colours.

For feathers we die.




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