‘Without Ceremony’ by Randall Stephen Hall

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Without Ceremony.

By Randall Stephen Hall © 26.2.15


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On a bright Spring day it’s a good thing to lift the dull ragged weight of winter

from off your shoulders. To fly with all the other starlings from hedge to hedge

in this Spring dance.


Here’s a poem I call “Without Ceremony”.



When the dead weight of my brother

Flipped over like a capsizing boat

There was no captain to blame

For leaving the ship early.


No passengers running

Or swimming beyond the confines

Of this disaster.


I lost my brother.

But I lost my mother too

In her processing of this event, out loud

When she let it be known

With the shrug of her shoulder

There, in front of her chosen advocate

And my sister

That she would have preferred me dead

Rather than my brother.


Such was the colour of her grief.


Two holes and two sons, buried.

One, with ashes never scattered.

The other, this loss

Buried without ceremony.



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