THE ONE COLOUR RED by Randall Stephen Hall

The One Colour Red 1 One Colour Red
The One Colour Red.

By Randall Stephen Hall.


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I was on my way to Larne, a matter of days ago, when I stopped at Glenoe waterfall.

If you’ve never been it’s well worth a visit. On a day when the sun shines, maybe after heavy rainfall

the night before, the waterfall cuts through the rock with all the power that nature can bring to this ancient spot.


On a number of occasions the sheer power of the water has intimidated me, frightened me and left me amazed

at how little droplets of rain can gather to become a force, a torrent and a frightening thing.


On this visit, I began to get some words and ideas for a tune. They just turned up. Sometimes these ideas gather

like the droplets to form into a tune, a poem or a song. How do they gather? Where do they gather? I have no idea.

They just do, and like water, if given to you, you need to drink it or just throw it away. So usually I drink it as best I can.

The mysterious process of gathering, or welcoming in, ideas for a song.




When the days and the nights

Are just singing.

When the days and the nights

Are just blue.

When all my thoughts are returning

Like a bird, to thinking of you.


When the days and the nights

Are a couple.

When the days and the nights

Are in love.

I feel your blessings upon me.

I feel them fall from above.


When your waterfall rushes upon me.

When your love shakes the roots of my tree.

I was alive but not living.

Just living is not being free.


I’m rowing your boat cross the river.

I’ll meet you far over there.

When the days and the nights are a couple.

When the days and the nights are a pair.


When the days and the nights

Are a suitcase.

I’ll send myself over to you.

Unpack me and treat me real gentle.

I know you’ll know what to do.


Oh the bars are all lit up up at night now.

But there’s nowhere to go where I’ll find.

The corner, the table, the moment

And the girl with love on her mind.


Oh, bandage my heart and my body.

Oh, cherish me here in your bed.

Bend your neck to caress me.

And just pick the one colour red.

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