I just don’t think so….I’m asking myself the question after Jim Wells , our Health Minister , abandoned ship in the wake of the homophobic mess he created. The question I’m asking myself is “Are the DUP really fit for government in these secular times?”

This being the 21st century ,it  is a radically different place to live in  than it was even some twenty years ago.People talk about the “olden days ” as being simpler times .They were in many ways, for those with little understanding of technology or how all the scientific discoveries that were base household items actually came to exist. Most people still have no idea how a computer works …how a television an engine works, how electricity works, how they put a man on the moon or sent a spacecraft to Mars .They simply accept these things that would have been deemed magical in earlier times…..during  virtually every one of the 21  centuries since the time of Jesus Christ. They are not magical , of course .Every one of them is the result of scientific study.

Back in the 1960’s it was more tribal .People all watched a few television channels …a few wireless  stations {I almost said “radio”…but no , it was only called “the wireless”}. A handful of newspapers and local gossip were the only news, so generally most people were reading from the same few pages.They were literally all on the same cliched page.

That was a world of long-ago though.That was even the world we lived in  when the Civil Rights campaigns started out in the 1960’s.Something as innocuous as “One man , one vote” was fought over as being somehow revolutionary.We take the vote for granted now. There have been many changes since then, especially in communication, aided by the influence of a  vast internet, so that is not the same world we now live in. We are all on different pages.

Now it is a world of many tribes and many individuals and politicians and political parties have had to take heed of those changes. Many have evolved to accept the change  but a few are strugggling. One of those is the Democratic Unionist Party. Within their ranks they carry a sizeable swathe of people who have been unable to keep up with the fast-changing requirements of life in the modern world .So far their ancient  religious beliefs have hamstrung them.Their support base appears never to have heard or accepted the very evolutionary theories that the entire modern world is actually based itself on. The medical,scientific and engineering advances that all have their base in the close study of our world are accepted ,but  cherry-picked to  only suit their conservative worldview.They enjoy the benefits of the modern technology but have no idea how and why they evolved.The medical advances in surgery  and understanding of blood,  genes and the DNA helix are taken for granted without any notion as to what that means to them, their connection to every other plant and animal and their human  history on earth.

Not to put a fine tooth on it , many do not believe in evolution and believe that Biblical stories are the actual unvarnished truth and a  history of the world . Given that many of the stories they believe in were told to and by people without the wherewithall to understand the actual workings of the earth and its universe, you’d imagine that there would be huge gaps in their education. Well there are .It is those educational gaps that are causing much of the conflict with the modern world. Some even talk of sexuality as being “a life-style choice” that can be somehow fixed and made right.This is nonsense, of course as anyone with a homosexual child will easily verify.These people think along those lines because their own  entire lives are based on a form of familal indoctrination, from birth. They read it  in their bibles or hear it in their churches . They think that a similar “education” will change a person’s sexual identity.As politicians , they either actually believe this or they are hypocritically pretending to , to garner votes from those who do.

Mr Wells is only the latest Health Minister to fall foul of science and a form of personal  bigotry.His predecessor Mr Poots had similar problems.He believed that homosexual blood carried a contamination and he  didn’t want to allow it into the country. Very basic science could easily prove otherwise but he used this fear to blast the homosexual community. The DUP have a long history with problems of supporting equality.Their leader , Peter Robinson, has stated that he has no problem with homosexuals and that his party has no problem with them but in reality many of his party have used their religious teachings to attack this group. They have, of course  also insulted Catholics, the Irish and the Muslim community within this past few years , so you might think it’s par for the course. It is possible that their belief systems  are making it impossible for them to actually govern an entire community of differing individuals in a fair way .They don’t seem capable of understanding logically , what fairness and equality actually entails.There are even some in this party who believe that homosexuality should be made illegal.

Most of that  hinges on a belief -system that has no basis in logical reality of any kind.It will be interesting to see  who they will come up with to fill the space vacated by their Health Minister. Going on past choices I will not be waiting for any kind of  open-minded miracle.

12 Responses to ARE THE DUP REALLY FIT FOR GOVERNMENT? by Harry McAvinchey

  1. Cushy Glen April 28, 2015 at 11:21 am #

    Sadly the DUP represent a large section of Ulster Unionism that has been marginalised & ironically neutered by Partition & the fall of the old Stormont regime.

    Consider how powerful Ulster Unionism once was.

    In 1912 – 1920 they could count on the support of the entire British Establishment & were able to hold the British Government to ransom at the point of a gun (many guns) with impunity.

    These are people whose ancestors fought British rule in the United Irishmen & in North America & opposed slavery.

    Now they are reduced to gay and muslim bashing in frustration.

    A sorry tale.

  2. Colmán April 28, 2015 at 11:40 am #

    I agree that the DUP are old fashioned and unfit for Government – however describing today’s world as a world of many tribes is going a bit far. 90% of the world’s languages are in danger. Globalisation is making the unique rare while homogenised shops, restaurants, foods are the order of the day. Technology is being used to make more sophisticated weapons. The world is the midst of a vicious war brought about not by religion but like most wars by greed. Many of the people of Africa which provide all the resources for this great technology cannot live in their own countries because of the poverty and wars. They are being found washed up on the shores of a Europe which holds all the wealth that has been taken from their countries. This is not a world of many tribes this is a new age of empire!

  3. ANOTHER JUDE April 28, 2015 at 12:28 pm #

    These are the bastards Gerry was referring to when he talked about people who were opposed to equality. At the time of his remarks there was much Unionist wailing and gnashing of teeth, well maybe now they will admit the truth. Although the DUP are to blame, they are not the only ones, as long as Britain remains a religious state, with strong ties to the Anglican church, with it`s hateful anti Catholic laws of succession, fundamentalists here will draw encouragement from their imperial masters, even though everyone knows the people across the water don`t believe in any of this.People are entitled to their religious views, I myself am a believer, but this obsession with people`s sexuality is rather troubling. My view? Do what you want behind closed doors, pull over your curtains and spare me the grisly details.

  4. Fe mhoid le Saor April 28, 2015 at 12:36 pm #

    a problem for the likes of Messrs Wells and Pots is that the Nationalist community does not have a monopoly on homosexuality, there are LGBT people also in the Unionist/Loyalist community, as Mr.Wells found out when he knocked on the door of a lesbian couple.Wells, Pots and their ilk are becoming an embarrassment to the DUP,as Natzi sympathizer and Blueshirt leader O’Duffy became to Fine Gael , even though he was the first leader and co-founder of that party. I don’t know what you mean by that Mr.Wells insulted the Irish, The Unionist community are Irish , just as those people in Scotland who voted to stay in the UK are still Scottish. Maybe he insulted the people living in the 26 counties, if so, he insulted ‘southerners’. We must avoid partitionists thinking and language.

  5. Antonio April 28, 2015 at 4:54 pm #

    Well if Peter has no problem with homosexual people will his party send an invite to Paul Berry to rejoin the party ?

    what’s that you say, Berry is not gay. oh okay.

  6. Pointis April 28, 2015 at 5:18 pm #

    Your points are well made. In some ways by living alongside people who hold these views and worse still enforce them on others who don’t, it actually dulls your reality of how absolutely luducrous this situation is. Are we all perceived by the ouside world as being a crowd of hick-billys?

  7. Freddy Mallins April 28, 2015 at 5:58 pm #

    Absolutely, Harry. I think the enlightened world view is now so pressing that large swathes of the Ulster Protestant /unionist family are feeling overwhelmed. They truly believed that they could continue as before in their little Nirvana and somehow get away with it. The whole ancient edifice is collapsing and they are really struggling to come to terms with it. The intuitive impulse is to smile, but I do truly believe they are more to be pitied.

  8. Freddy Mallins April 28, 2015 at 9:19 pm #

    Another point, I respectfully submit, is that the real Achilles heel for the DUP and other Unionists is their inherent arrogance. Because they have enjoyed corrupt power for so long, they have lost any sense of humility. They aren’t able or prepared to hold their tongues and that places them in a very unfortunate position. Their resolute sense of entitlement and grievance will hasten their ultimate demise.

  9. giordanobruno April 29, 2015 at 6:55 am #

    All those who try to enforce their religious views on society are clearly not fit for government.
    Anyone who thinks a foetus has a soul from the moment of conception,anyone who thinks children should be forcefed Christianity in schools, anyone who thinks people should not be able to use contraception as it is a sin, anyone who believes God (any god, even Thor) is on their side, should be kept well away from the levers of power.
    So, you can be First Minister, I will be Deputy.

    • Jude Collins April 29, 2015 at 7:43 am #

      How modest you are, gio. And tolerant too…

      • paddykool April 29, 2015 at 8:31 am #

        When I talked about insulting “the Irish”, what i actually had fleeting through my mind was the image of a “politician” standing up in our local parliament and openly insulting the native tongue of the Irish people. I imagine that would hardly be seen as adult behaviour anywhere else on the planet and yet there you have a “politician” not being censured by the leadership of his party. Unfit for purpose or what? Had he insulted the Indian or Pakistani or Welsh community, would the reaction be the same ? If he did it at Westminster what would the reaction be? Fit or unfit?…I ask you.
        I simply ask myself how the leadership of the DUP ever thought that either Mr Poots or Mr Wells was fit to take on the post of Health Minister in the first place , given their views.Those views were finally exposed as the absurdity that they were and their foolishness exposed but why was none of this apparent before they were given these high-profile jobs.They were obviously not fit to do them because of their beliefs.
        Put it like this …Say you had a Jehovah’s Witness on your team .Think about this one . Yes , i know this might be a stretch, given that most Witnesses have a policy of distancing themselves from the rest of us and our secular habits.They may not even vote…but anyway….They have some interesting ideas about interventionist surgery involving blood transfusions , homosexuality and a plethora of Biblical ideas that have them shunning Christmas, Easter, Halloween and the like as basically pagan-inspired festivals. Now , ask yourself, would they be “fit for government” in a modern society? Could you , in all honesty , ever place someone with that mindset in a position as Minister?
        …And no Gio….I don’t want the job , either!!!

      • giordanobruno April 29, 2015 at 1:32 pm #

        Which intolerant “ancient religious beliefs” to use Harry’s words,should I tolerate in my government ministers?
        Anyway take it up with Harry, he is First Minister, I am merely deputy, though I do like to pretend my job has equal status!