god hates ireland

Well …it’s the day after the referendum on Gay  Marriage in Ireland .The votes were cast and a substantial majority seems to have decided  that granting this  wish from the Fairy Godmother   would not bring the spinning planets to a screeching  stop. My daughter sent me a Facebook link this morning, warning that the hillbilly hicks were displeased at the decision and far from complimenting the people  of Ireland and their Godmother ,  were blasting  all and sundry with  the following diatribe ..and I quote ….

“Ireland has absolutely failed its duty to God. It has been wholly given over to the idea that it is okay to be a filthy fag. They have allowed their fags to establish themselves at every level of society, especially in the government.While only about 10% of the population of Ireland are fags or dykes, the other 90% are most assuredly their soul-condemning enablers. The old preachers used to say fag-enablers are worse than fags because fag-enablers support the filthy beasts calling themselves gay, and they don’t even have the excuse of being prisoner to a vile lust.”….end of quote.

Well I rubbed my eyes and took a long deep breath , I discovered that this rant had been issued from somewhere or some thing calling itself  “The Westboro Baptist Church”.  Inside this institution of the raddled mind , there must be a  seething hotbed… a blazing brazier of hatred , fear  and bigotry. Then I thought again…. I have no idea   whether or not it is a fictional made-up state of a particularly  unpleasant mindset or possibly the driest spoof of April Fool proportions , but my immediate reaction was  raucous  belly-laughter. Well ..that’s the way my daughter is ….it’s the way I am  too.Neither of us could ever imagine how people become like that  and can say things like that while keeping a straight face . These  might be the kind of people who think the Great  Famine was divinely provided by a celestial architect who didn’t give a fig for the Irish people and fancied punishing them for their unworthiness…. or the same  cosmic japer who caused tsunamis,  earthquakes  and volcanic eruptions  because he was feeling a little bilious about mankind’s religious direction at a particular  time.

….Anyway, like I said , the planets didn’t stop spinning in their orbits  and doubtless a lot of Irishmen and their  “Yes”supporters  across the globe , will wake up on Monday morning with the same kind of hangover they usually insist on waking up to after a weekend’s carousing. Not much else will be different. They might feel a little prouder of themselves for doing the right thing in their quest for equality but even those who voted “No” wil also wake up to the same hopefully ,shining sun. Not too much will have changed in their lives either .They’ll still have to step into that shower , run the razor across their collective chins, brush their hair and get on with the day at hand.

The planets will not collide.Life will go on ….

3 Responses to GOD HATES IRELAND ….APPARENTLY by Harry McAvinchey

  1. Derek May 25, 2015 at 6:04 am #

    Yeah the Westboro Baptist church is pretty notorious. They’re based in the States and have achieved infamy through their picketing of funerals of US soldiers killed in the middle east as in their twisted logic those soldiers are ‘fag-enablers’. Louis Theroux has done a couple of interesting specials on them.

    • paddykool May 25, 2015 at 8:42 am #

      Wonderful , Derek…by the sounds coming hot off the radio just now ,our Mighty Leader has not taken the shock of the vote in good stead and has been rushed into hospital under armed guard. Hopefully he will recover from the shock and be fit to continue to lead our wee Norneverland into a bright gay future .I can see a life-changing Damascene moment coming up …

  2. John June 1, 2015 at 3:13 am #

    I got this one back-to-front as it were (still catching up on blogs after that lay-off / hospital stay up until recently – as i mentioned to Jude (or possibly yourself), about 10 days or so ago) – So if i’d have read this blog first – i’d have sent you the link to The Westboro Baptist Church Website within this (if you get my drift), instead of a couple of nights ago.
    That really is one (hell) of a ‘Press Release’ by them! As i mentioned, (and Derek has done above) – Louis Theroux (excellent interviewer and documentary maker – and over the years, despite being so relatively young and a little ‘meek’, it could be said – he’s put himself in some very, very scary situations). I did a YouTube search: Louis Theroux Westboro Baptist Church – and a collection of BBC videos came up – and straight away, the blank screen, with the “Sorry, cannot be viewed in your location” message and icon. – It’ll be because i’m here in the good ‘ol South i imagine. You shouldn’t have any problems though.
    Meanwhile, here’s a 25 minute one made by another Documentary ‘Group’ that are pretty good when it comes to making videos about topics the MSM shy away from.


    Louis is better, if you have the time, or there’s nothing you want to watch of an evening on TV. He just has an excellent way of getting behind the interviewees (in many topics), without them knowing it.

    As regards the FIFA kerfuffle – there’s a fair bit i could add to that, but i’m shortly going to go for a smoke on the doorstep, look up at the skies (maybe see a shooting star), then retire to slumber (i hope). Sherdy, (i think it was), said that it’s The U.S. just getting their own back on Putin (toys out of the pram kind of thing), as the next World Cup is in Russia. The FBI, Attorney General, IRS etc, started looking into FIFA about 12 years ago – this is the culmination. The Stadium for the last World Cup Final? – Now a car park. A top FIFA Delegate who has been renting an approx $5,000 apartment for quite a long time. – Purely for his pet dog. There’s plenty, plenty more. And barely a fraction of the billions over the years has reached where it should be going – ‘Grassroots Level’ – kids in developing Nations etc.
    The line about Blatter sounding like a bowel movement (or such) etc – was both funny and spot-on.
    What isn’t – and FIFA still, still, do nothing about – is the Worker’s conditions and Rights (what ‘Rights’?), in Qatar – and over 1,500 killed whilst building the Stadiums. And 7 years still to go.
    Utterly shameful.