As if we hadn’t heard and experienced  enough delusional behaviour over this past few years, yet another  intellectually challenged miscreant has popped up out of the miasma of claptrap to add his voice to the already staggeringly  risible library of crackedbrained gormlessness. You might guess that the latest revelation issued  from the mouth of another  barmy minister. You’d be spot on the money.

Here’s how it reads today in Norneverland….

“Europe is being punished by God for its wickedness through homosexuality and the growing scourge of Islamist extremists, a firebrand Free Presbyterian minister has claimed.”

No…this is not another spoofer .This is simply a different version of the nonsense  issued by “The Westboro Baptist Church”. It would appear that these lunatics are all reading from the same poisonous and weirded-out   circular .This one is much closer to  home, however.

A  pastor associated with a  Free Presbyterian Church  in Derry/Londonderry , called Rev Ian Brown, has decided that  the wrath of  “God” had been felt throughout history  and was in evidence in today’s world. In the Reverand’s fevered mind some Great Controller was keeping a weather -eye on us wee humans and chastistising us now and again for our greed or our base behaviours. He reckoned that God had a hand in directing punishments  such as  the last century’s world wars .He implied that he had something to do with the rise of Hitler’s legions which were some kind of convoluted punishment scenario for mankind’s  vilest appetites.. Well in the Reverand’s head , this all powerful diety  set us all up to fail and then  punished those he felt  unworthy by their failure, by having millions of these humans culled like so many  foolish sheep during a period of  mechanised warfare, which he , no doubt set in play….a lovely fellow, no doubt…someone to look up to and emulate .

Strange reasoning indeed. Circular thinking I suppose .First you invent a God who then invents your forefathers  and then you blame the things some of your relatives  and neighbours who you don’t  particularly like when it all goes wrong .This all-powerful diety that you’ve invented ,loses the run of himself and finds the whole mess unmanageable , so you start blaming everyone else. Or maybe this God sat on a cloud out in space and dreamt it all up  in the first place ,so he’s to blame for every bit of it .It must be fun to ramble about inside this Reverand’s head…..chasing your methaphysical tail round and roud in ever-decreasing circles of intrigues.

Apparently this rush of revelation came in the ebbing tide of the Ashers Bakery Gay Cake  case and the “yes” vote on Gay Marriage in the Republic of Ireland. He sees himself and his ilk surrounded on all sides by , gays, muslim extremists and the like and , of course, this very own God of his own , is on his side in the debate.This  God is at odds with the gays and the Muslims, apparently, having made them by accident on an off-day. The ISIS scourge represents his fear of the East and homosexuality represents his fears on the West.The pastor has some notion that this all-powerful God has something to do with all this.You’d really have to ask yourself why a god would ever go to the bother of setting it all up and in motion , when he already knows …in his all-powerful way…how it will all pan out in the end.Apparently this god is “shaking his church”…whatever that might mean. Maybe he’s attempting a cocktail ….a sort of cosmic Tequila Sunrise.

Of course the pastor is  back on the old bugbear about homosexuals being “sodomites”…I wonder does that refer to female homosexuals too? Can they be sodomites as well  or are they simply left out of the equation?  His  recent sermon included the deathless lines…

“In the West, do you know what army is on the march? It’s the sodomites. I’m not saying that they all view themselves as blitzkrieg foot soldiers but I’ll tell you what, the liberal elite are only too happy to use them, fund their causes, push their rights, promote their aims. And today in our Western world they are sweeping through the states of America compelling the states to capitulate and legislate in favour of same-sex marriage.” He may have copyrighted this , so I can take no credit at all for any of his revelations .How they sparked into his mind in the first place , I have no idea at all but I hope it isn’t catching , like some awful virus or inflammation of the brain such as  meningitis.

Of course it’s been pointed out that ISIS and  the pastor  have similar views on homosexuality , but a little detail like that wasn’t going to  alter the paranoid arc of his slowly unravelling narrative.This is the kind of bent- out- of- shape thinking that arrives when you try to stand logic on its head and re-write the natural laws of the planet to suit your own twisted agenda .Everyone else is in the wrong  except for  the inmates of  this latter- day interior  Bedlam.

Norneverland …a little island  of asininity and derangement,..a last little redoubt, surrounded on all sides by evil forces.



  1. William May 29, 2015 at 7:08 pm #

    I’m afraid your research is a bit like what you allege against the Rev. Brown…..he’s not associated with a Free Presbyterian Church in Derry/Londonderry, but is in fact the Minister of the Martyrs Memorial Church in Belfast.

    • paddykool May 30, 2015 at 12:56 pm #

      Hello William …good to hear from you…Take a look at the first paragraph in this link..
      …I could say , I knew that but there you are…

      • William May 30, 2015 at 10:31 pm #

        I suppose I could say that you’re associated with Sinn Fein/ IRA considering you are so often an apologist for them but I wouldn’t I say what you are now, a blogger and favourite of so many BBC programmes as a pundit and I don’t know why?

        • Jude Collins May 31, 2015 at 11:56 am #

          Pardon my intrusion in your remarks to paddkool, William – there is no such organisation as Sinn Féin/IRA. Fact.

          • William May 31, 2015 at 2:37 pm #

            An example of being an apologist for Sinn Fein/IRA, just like the Chairperson of the ‘Derry and Strabane District Council, who chastised a DUP Councillor for correcting referring to them. Of there’s such an organisation, but in true rewriting of history style, the terrorists wish to disassociate themselves in public from the IRA whilst being fully in support of all they ever did. Sadly, unlike you and others, I and others will never let the terrorists forget their murdering bloody past.

          • Jude Collins May 31, 2015 at 2:58 pm #

            William – well if you feel sad, you’re not alone. I’m saddened that someone like yourself, clearly an educated person, would buy into the ‘It was the murdering IRA wot dun it’ analysis of the Troubles. If you saw last week’s Panorama, if nothing else, it’s depressing that you’d still come up with that simplistic denunciation.

          • paddykool May 31, 2015 at 4:38 pm #

            You’ll have to help me on this one , Jude ….but i’m not sure how William strayed onto this page or what the relevancy of any of his comments have to the content of the piece above .How did he get onto this Sinn Fein riff and all this chat about the IRA.? There’s nothing about any of them to be seen anywhere and they are not even part of this particular observation… Are his comments about some other page or story piece, because I’m damned if i can see where he’s coming from . John , on the other hand , seems to be thinking very clearly in his responses….Any ideas would be helpful here….

          • Jude Collins May 31, 2015 at 5:42 pm #

            I gave up trying to follow the thought-processes of some of our posters a long time ago, paddyk . All part of the rich tapestry that we call ‘life’…

        • paddykool May 31, 2015 at 1:18 pm #

          Hello William .Sometimes i wonder about joined -up-thinking and where ideas come from .For example, you’ve just come up with the following ..

          ..”I suppose I could say that you’re associated with Sinn Fein/ IRA considering you are so often an apologist for them but I would n’t I say what you are now, a blogger and favourite of so many BBC programmes as a pundit and I don’t know why?”….

          ..in relation to the above discussion piece, which you no doubt noticed that Jude had no input into and didn’t actually write ..

          ..so I was assuming you were speaking to me in response…Not so ,it seems. Let’s be clear here William , Jude and I are two separate entities. Remember we have our own points of reference…our own points of view…
          So what are you actually referring to in the above piece. It has absolutely nothing to do with Sinn Fein or that old republican grouping …the IRA. It is actually about a statement that was made quite recently by a person holding certain very odd worldviews.

          So William, let’s tack back onto course and keep to the topic.Please add your own critique by all means and any novel thoughts and ideas that are actually in reference to the discussion at hand …not some old flummery about Jude…Sinn Fein or the IRA which are not actually being discussed at all.Like i said above …”GLAIKIT IMAGININGS”….that’s what we are talking about.

  2. John May 30, 2015 at 3:08 am #

    Hi there Paddy – an most interesting and amusing post from yourself, as always, (though quite scary – regarding the link with the Westboro Baptist Church – these being, if my memory serves me correctly – the one’s – mainly consisting of a proper ‘loo-lah’ family, that would travel miles and miles across the U.S. – and ‘picket’ (if that’s the right word) – Funerals of (for instance) of U.S. Servicemen and Women, with their placards such as ‘God Hates Fags’ -and much worse, (presumably because of the steady relaxation re: The Army, Navy etc of the Gay Community being able to enlist if they so wished). – It was/is a wonder that none of them came to ‘serious grief’ – though they were ‘corralled’ well away from the Funerals – and had ‘The Freedom Of Speech’ to back themselves up. – Amazing they were never ‘taken out’ (and i don’t mean for dinner).
    Louix Theroux once did a programme/documentary about the family who were the main protagonists. Absolutely incredible to watch. Even the pre-teen members of the family were as hate-filled (though no doubt ‘brainwashed). Probably available on YouTube via a bit of searching. As far as i know, the ‘Patriarch’ of the Family popped his clogs – and now one of his Daughter’s runs the ‘Hate-Filled Bandwagon’ – and is even worse than him!
    – If they show up in the North…My first instincts were that they’d be on the first plane back – but then again, certain members of the population there, would take great delight in seeing them, with their placards (and probably join in) – at Catholic/Nationalist Funerals.



    (Steady yourself for that 2nd link) – Beyond belief doesn’t do it justice in terms of ‘Out-There’

    Other than that Religious mania – I hope you’re keeping well Paddy (and that Jude may have passed on my regards on to you during the past week via a post i made to a Periscope blog he did – media bias and such being the one). I’ve been quiet from my end as the multi-diagnosis’ have/are really taking hold – and it required a stay in Hospital as the multiple-pain conditions have reached the peak i was warned about, some 4 years ago.
    However, i keep fighting on – and yourself and Jude (and a good few of ‘the regulars’), keep me informed, thinking – and smiling (step forth Perkin!) – The best blog-site by far!

    All t’best / Best Wishes!

    • paddykool May 30, 2015 at 3:58 pm #

      Glad we are keeping your spirits up John . humour is really our only weapon against the rising tide of dunderheadism. If you didn’t see a bigger picture and laugh in the face of this kind of inanity , you’d cry for the possible fate of the world . As you point out ..they get the children at an impressionable age and fill their heads full of nonsense, which as adults, twists them into all sorts of convoluted mental shapes which it is impossible for sane men to justify.Unfortunately the damage is usually permanent and passed on from one generation to the next.Where else would this kind of paranoia and hatred come from? Of course it threatens to bend even legal reasoning out of shape too. In any case , John keep smiling and watching the skies…

      • John May 31, 2015 at 8:26 am #

        Many Thanks Paddy – and all very true what you say there. As an aside, i was round at a friend/neighbour’s last night (Saturday) – and was telling him about an ‘App’ that’s available on Smartphones etc in the U.S. – It’s particularly for Members of the NRA – and can bring up details (name, address etc), of people who aren’t in the NRA or are vocal against it. Presumably and no doubt – leading to unwarranted or not at all wanted, visits by knuckle-dragging Rednecks and the like. – Scary!
        That Rev. Ian Brown sounds like a right one, i forgot to mention (or as my Dad used to say – “His belt doesn’t go through all the loops”).
        Lancashire quips – Tha can’t beat ‘um!

        Keep well yerself Paddy – and keep ’em rolling…

        • paddykool May 31, 2015 at 1:27 pm #

          John ..I’ve no idea about this Rev. Brown .He may be a lovely man in many ways but he does seem delusional and, as you say , this kind of weirdness only encourages the knuckle-draggers….