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OK, I’ve had it. I rarely do two blogs on one day but I’ll make an exception here. Read what follows and answer me this: (i) Is Mike Nesbitt incapable of reading? (ii) Does he believe the IMC is lying? (iii) Is he not embarrassed to be talking about not trusting when the IMC has made clear that trusting is based on evidence and they have provided the evidence – SEVEN YEARS AGO. (iv) Are unionist politicians saying that the IRA had withered away by 2008 but now has resurrected?

Read below, think about what unionist politicians are jumping  up and down about, and weep.

Subject: IMC report of September 2008

The remarks in our previous report were focused on leadership. We want to draw

attention to the phrase we used, which in our view is key to understanding the

transition of a paramilitary group to an entirely peaceful position: “relinquishing the

leadership structures appropriate to a time of armed conflict”. By referring to the

relinquishing of such structures we recognised that the process of change might

not and need not necessarily involve their being formally or publicly abandoned.

What matters is that the armed conflict is completely over and the leadership

structures have definitely ceased to function in the way they did during the time of

conflict, by whatever means that end might be attained.



2.4 In our Twelfth Report in October 2006 we compared the position of all the

paramilitary groups then and three years before in late 20035. We referred to the

leadership of PIRA as having changed profoundly and adopted a clear strategy to

follow a political path6. We said that no other paramilitary organisation had

undergone this transformation7.



2.7 Is PIRA committed to following an exclusively political path? We are convinced

that it is. The leadership has consistently taken a stand on this, not only through

public statements but also with the members of the organisation, which is arguably

more persuasive as evidence of real intent and delivery. The strategy is firm and

clear. Consistent with this strategy, significant numbers of PIRA members,

including senior ones, have, at the behest of the leadership, moved to political

roles in Sinn Féin. Others have moved to community work or have dropped out of

activism entirely. The membership has backed the strategy and we can see no

grounds on which it would or could be reversed.



2.8 Has PIRA abandoned its terrorist structures, preparations and capability? We

believe that it has. The so-called “military” departments have ceased to function

and have been disbanded. It has been put to us that these structural changes

have had a profound and debilitating effect on the organisational capacity of PIRA.

We share that view and consider that the organisation’s former terrorist capability

has been lost. PIRA is not recruiting or training members and the membership

continues to decline, and there is some issue as to what membership means in the

absence of activity. In so far as gathering information or intelligence may continue

in any limited way – not in itself improper if it does not involve illegal methods or

intent – we believe that it is mainly for the purpose of ascertaining the nature of any

threat from dissident republicans.




2.9 Is PIRA involved in other illegal activity? We do not think that it is. Members

have been instructed not to engage in violence and we do not think there have

been any recent acts of PIRA violence or intimidation, either internally as a means

of imposing discipline or towards people outside the organisation.12 We are

satisfied that it is not involved in exiling or in any form of sectarian activity and it

has made clear to members that such activities are not acceptable. We are

satisfied that PIRA as an organisation is not involved in crime and has instructed

its members not to be involved in criminal activity. Some individual members

remain criminally active but the organisation does not support those involved. As

we have said in successive earlier reports, we are unable to say what has

happened to funds which PIRA previously illegally gained. There is no evidence

that any funds are being used for paramilitary purposes.



2.11 There are three key issues so far as we are concerned. The first is the nature of

the course that PIRA is on, whether it will stay on that course, and whether the

organisation does now or will in future present any threat to peace or to the

democratic process. We firmly believe that PIRA is set on and will remain on the

political path. We do not believe that it presents a threat to peace or to democratic



2.12 The second issue is the nature of PIRA as an organisation. We believe that for

some time now it has given up what it used to do and that by design it is being

allowed to wither away. There have not been and we do not foresee that there will

be formal announcements about the disbandment of all or parts of the structure.


2.13 The third issue is whether PIRA might re-emerge as a terrorist organisation. While

in theory any organisation can be resurrected however long it has been dormant or

non-existent, our answer in respect of the PIRA which existed when we first

reported four and a half years ago is firmly in the negative. In our view the way in

which the leadership has adopted an entirely different course, disbanded terrorist related

structures and capacity and engaged in different activities, and members have moved on to other things, means that the PIRA of the recent and violent past

is well beyond recall.

16 Responses to Enough really is enough

  1. Sherdy August 27, 2015 at 5:11 pm #

    God help you Jude, in your innocence/naivety!
    You are expecting something resembling logic from the UUP and Mike (TV star) Nesbitt.
    When did you ever see logic or common sense associated with that bunch, or for that matter, their bedfellows the DUP?
    They have always been able to jump up and down, stamp their feet and get whatever they wanted from the British government, no matter how daft or unreasonable.
    And the SOS yesterday couldn’t understand what they were shouting about.
    Yet today, without anything like more evidence being produced, she says ‘business as usual’ is impossible!
    Absolutely ludicrous!
    All we can hope for is that the HCA NAMA investigation continues, followed by a number of incarcerations (no names suggested, of course) and maybe some common sense will sink in.

  2. sarah m August 27, 2015 at 5:16 pm #

    So Mike Nesbitt doesn’t trust the IMC either? I think it pretty much hit all the high spots with respect to structure, leadership and pursuing a democratic path. not to mention, not supporting criminal activity. And the DUP now say they are leaving?? take away their paychecks!

    • paddykool August 27, 2015 at 6:57 pm #

      Wish we could sarah…

  3. billy August 27, 2015 at 6:20 pm #

    see a few on here must have lived a sheltered childhood,johnathon powell could have wrote that report he was good at that sort of thing,people arnt fussed if that glorified council falls,it doesnt work.

  4. Morpheus August 27, 2015 at 6:25 pm #

    I find what has gone on here in Northern Ireland over the past few weeks reprehensible.

    As if it weren’t had enough that we have people murdered in the streets we have those intent on using the situation to their own political end and it’s disgusting.

    I don’t know what is going on within the ranks of the PSNI but they have to hold their hands up for their ambiguous statements over the weekend. Now that we have spent years building up enough trust that they are accepted – for the most part – by both communities how they have behaved over the weekend leaves a lot to be desired and has put a serious dent in that trust.

    But then let’s move on to Mike Nezbitt and the deplorable tactics of the UUP.

    Since the 94 ceasefire there have been at least 32 UVF murders – 29 of which where from the community political unionism are supposed to represent – and not a peep. No walkouts. No chest thumping. No protests. Zip. Nada.

    We have all of the above from the Report Independent Monitoring Commission September 2008 whoch neither the DUP nor UUP can claim ignorance of because they have been quoted talking about the finding in this article in the telegraph

    Pictures up the wazoo of Mike Nezbitt taking a ‘principled stand’ with those associated with loyalist paramilitary activities

    We have these statements from the head of the PSNI and Guards

    Then today we see the DUP delegation, complete with the good reverend pontificating about terrorism when the same guy has no qualms whatsoever sharing a stage with no other than the LVF’s Billy Wright:

    That doesn’t even take into account their ‘graduated response’

    The hypocrisy levels are through the roof – even for Northern Ireland – and it makes me want to hurl

  5. Mary Jo August 27, 2015 at 7:15 pm #

    At this point the UUP has practically a tradition of walking out of government and collapsing the structures of peace. Stormontgate, in 2002, when MI5 used their own informer Denis Donaldson’S kit back of documents discovered by a full scale morning raid by RUC/PSNI to collapse the power sharing government. The accusations of Sinn Fein spying were fiction, much as the current ‘IRA’ allegations are fiction. It doesn’t take much to whip Unionists into a self defeating frenzy. They believe the fictions because they want to believe, just as some of them believe the earth is 6k – 7k years old. They are beyond any sort of reasonable thinking.

  6. Tony Mc Phillips August 27, 2015 at 9:21 pm #

    well Jude i dont think most republicans give a proverbial flying F…,what nesbitt or others do regarding stormont, it just another failed Brit initiative and the sooner it falls the better. This shock and awe particularly from the freestaters is nauseating to say the least but at least republicans have it now confirmed that what PIRA structures were left in place were to act as a bullwork against republicans who continued to oppose Brit rule as per Bertie Ahern. so one can now conclude that the Brits therefore the unionists and the freestaters therefore the Stoops knew all along because they had approved of it. the whole thing stinks to the high heavens and is just a further indication of how rotten the political arena of our little island is, hypocrites and careerists the lot of them, only interested in self preservation and lining their pockets.

  7. ben madigan August 27, 2015 at 9:59 pm #

    “And the DUP now say they are leaving??”
    No Sarah – they say they want to exclude Sinn Fein from the assembly

    • sarah m August 28, 2015 at 4:02 pm #

      thanks correction – question – how can you exclude an entire political party and with this just collapse the government altogether or would they call new elections? this is all so strange.

  8. michael c August 28, 2015 at 10:13 am #

    Would the”republicans who oppose Brit rule” include those affiliated to RSF who kill other with spades in the back streets of Belfast.?

  9. billy August 28, 2015 at 10:41 am #

    surely they have to pull out of the councils also,

  10. RJC August 28, 2015 at 1:17 pm #

    Mike Nesbitt is just completely out of his depth here – the Alan Partridge of NI Politics. I’m still struggling to understand just what this is all about. If this is all indeed a move to exclude Sinn Féin from the Assembly, do the DUP and UUP really think they will manage to achieve that?

    There’s a power play going on in the DUP at the moment, as the UberOrange Dodds crew attempt to oust poor beleaguered Peter. Dirty Dodds even brought Willie ‘Airstrikes against Dundalk and Drogheda’ McCrea with him on his little meeting with Theresa Villiers. It’s almost enough to make me feel sorry for the woman. Imagine being stuck in a room with that lot?

    Meanwhile the DUP and UUP continue to tear strips off one another. Leaderless, rudderless, clueless. This just seems like silly season stuff. How many times is it now that the DUP have threatened to collapse Stormont? They really haven’t a clue. The blind leading the stupid.

  11. Perkin Warbeck August 28, 2015 at 2:20 pm #

    At the top of the week (to borrow a broadcasting idiom) the man named locally as Mike Nesbit was interviewed on RTE, Esteemed Blogmeister.

    And made such an impression that by the end of the week, Friday (today) he was invited on again for no less than the equivalent of a Captain’s Run on RTE.

    A meteoric rise, or what? Or just meretriciously risible?

    Whatever, Mike sounded so comfortable in Radioland that he might well have been born with a, erm, mike in his mouth. On first name terms, as it were, with his very own first name from the very off. Or indeed from the very first sighting of the Red Light on.

    In short Mike is to the mike what a fellow Belfast man once was to the football: the best. And while George Best (for is was he !) had an airport justifiably named in his honour in recognition of the number of times and the number of people he flew to the moon with his sorcery, it is probably premature to elevate Mike of that airborne sort of status – yet.

    He would still be only in the category of a performer spinning a plate on a stick (but what a spin doctor he already is ! his own, erm, best one, indeed) nonetheless one can easily envisage the day when he will have, if not exactly an airport itself named in recognition, then surely a crucial element of same.

    F’rinstance, the baggage carousel itself. Call it The Nezzer Carousel.

    Now, while most normal travelling folk look upon these revolving ovals strictly as a means to an end, Nezzer could in no way be wrongfully accused of the heinous crime of being merely normal. He always strikes this listener at least as the passenger who would have the biggest and the most outlandishly garish suitcase among all the grey and greyer ones on the carousel.

    Yes, no less than the Louis Vuitton luxury leather suitcase, the one done in requested raspberry pink and plastered with the stickers of all the places he’s been to (and even those he hopes to visit one day). So transfixed would Mike be by this assertion of his superiority that he’d be the last one standing.

    And would have to be reminded by security staff to remove his luggage (the last remaining one) on its nineteenth lap of honour.

    Speaking of raspberries, Nezzer also strikes one as being the sort of self-regarding chap who would not, on the occasion of having his bathroom renovated, have the wooden seat of his toilet bowl consigned to the rubbish heap. But would rather salvage it and have it morphed into a picture frame the better to highlight the smiling orifice through which he chooses to make his political pronouncements.

    Not least those of his presaging the breakwinds of change.

    One phrase merits repetition here, his single-transferable cliche dutifully trotted out in all his utterances this week, Monday to Friday.

    This is the occasion he delivered it to a glossy lip-biting Aine Lawlor, one of the reigning Reginas of RTE.

    -We wish to build a society in which both sides will respect the other’s culture, Sonya..

    Coming from the motor mouth of a media man for whom quality control is the quintessential virtue, this seeming contradiction caught many listeners of a naive stripe off guard.

    It need not have done so.

    For Mike will have known, via his undercover squad of voluntary researchers in the DOBlin media on Liffeyside that nobody disses the leprechaun better than RTE.

    The very next day on a (gulp) RTE radio bulletin Caoimhin (as in Caoimhin O Caolain) was pronounced ‘Caoimh-an’.

    Yes, as in Kev-awn Heffernan, Kev-awn Spacey, Kev-awn Keagen, Kev-awn Costner or even Kev-awn Rudd itself.

    Cannot quite recall which RTE announcerette it was but one has a choice of any one of the myriad of Ms. Ellie Elocution-Class types who person this particular gig.

    Small wonder Mike found it so easy to, erm, culturally acclimatise his highly regarded self south of the Black Pig’s Dyke. One can yet see a vital component of the proposed new Terminal 3 in Dublin Airport being termed the, erm, Nezzer Baggage Carousel.(see above).

    The only doubt would reside in the honoured guest’s choice of song for the Grand Unveiling Ceremony: ‘I’ll never walk alone ‘ or ‘If I loved me’.

    • Jude Collins August 29, 2015 at 2:52 pm #

      Perkin – for reasons beyond my control, I suspect a comment of yours today may have been consigned to the fifth level of hell. Apologies. Can you put it up again?

  12. ANOTHER JUDE August 28, 2015 at 2:35 pm #

    Stormont fell in 1972 after some intense years of IRA activity, Nationalists were happy, Unionists were livid. Now, Stormont will fall in 2015, simply because the IRA MIGHT still exist, Nationalists are unhappy, Unionists are happy or indifferent. Norneverland indeed.

  13. Michael Eden August 29, 2015 at 11:50 am #

    Why would anyone want to share power with that lot. They will never change.