December, 2015

Unionist politicians and bombs

Non-surprise of the day: the entire unionist contingent at Westminster will tonight vote in favour of British war planes bombing Syria (forget ‘air-strikes’, it’s bombing). This will inevitably result in the killing of not just members of IS or other armed groups but innocent Syrian civilians. Both the UUP and the DUP will lend their […]

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I’m back …sort of. I’ll still need a lots of that good sleep, yet, to fully recover. All the visitors have seeped away back to their own lives. Well , most of the devastation has been cleared up and the house made right again. Everything of any value that might …and let’s face it, would […]

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Seven points about abortion

Are you an open-minded, thoughtful person? When someone makes a statement or says a word, do you look at what’s said and come to a considered conclusion? Or is there a list of trigger words that sends you into reflex mode, your calm gone and your response closer to a knee that’s been tapped by […]

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