3 Responses to Daniel does it once more…

  1. Pointis May 2, 2016 at 8:49 am #

    That is a very thorough investigative piece of journalism. Well done Daniel!

  2. Mark May 2, 2016 at 2:51 pm #

    Ken Livingstone could not have been more wrong in his remarks, Isreall did not exist in 1932, however, Palestine did then exist, jewish shops in europe were, self-named, ‘Palestineina’ a matter evident in news footage of the time, historically of course Ken is correct that Adolf did support mass deportation of european jews to somewhere else, I doubt he cared where as he just wanted rid, he eventually did so, although using other methods but, nothing, nothing Ken Livingstone said can amount to being anti-semetic as he did not attack judaisim.
    Finally, one matter we in Ireland should remember is, when the boul Strongbow was asked by his overlord in England to invade us, he was a bit short of funds, he gathered the few bob together from a jewish money lender in Manchester, making money out of misery seems to be what some are better at than others.
    The latter remark could be interpreted as anti-semetic, it is of course opinion and not directed at any particular faith!

  3. Perkin Warbeck May 2, 2016 at 4:23 pm #

    One could not help but wonder , Esteemed Blogmeiser, what Daniel Collins’s contribution to this Ken Livingstone hooh-hah, Esteemed Blogmeister, would be valued in terms of pounds, shillings and no offence.

    Compared to, say, the takings which the Free Southern Stateen’s premier Broadcaster’s take on the same topic would be in receipt of.

    Judge for yourself:

    Yesterday, Dame Dosh Finucane of RTE (for it is she !) devoted a segment to the topic on her Sunday Show coming down while wearing her cleanest, dirty shirty mood. As befits one who was first recruited for RTE by (gulp) E. Harris, Esquire.

    Consider the following: according to the latest gleanings the broadminded communicator currently wheelbarrows home 300,000 squids for a 4 hour week, 40 weeks a year or so.

    Her take therefore would be, let one see, say, for a segment which ran for a half an hour, give or take a break:

    -808.8 squids.

    But, of course, that is to take merely, the quantitative easing view of things , when of course quality is your only man, oops, person.

    And if any one is considered worthy of taking up residence on Quality Street it is, indubitably, the Lass with the Delicate Airtime Monopoly.

    Her measured, informed and yet non-conformist take on the topic was top drawers stuff and ranged from:

    -Ken Livingstone, what WAS he up to…….?


    -Yes, I’ve listened to some of the discussions and I presume there is anti-Semitism because it’s much more widespread than people will acknowledge.


    -Will this just lead to a healthy, sensible debate with a bit of honesty thrown in or will it be a case of muck-raking and muck-throwing ?


    -and so on and so forth.

    Judge, as the proverb hath it, for yourselves.

    Terms and inhibitions apply.

    PS Immediately following the Dame Dosh Finucane show there was a not entirely unrelated topic briefly broached in the News at One show.

    In which the high-toned High School old-school tie boy, Alan Shatter, whose views matter on these things, hinted darkly.

    To the effect, that during his time as Minister of Defence when he was in charge of the armed forces (that would be Oglaigh na hEireann, incidentally, who have been stationed on the Golan Heights) he, unlike other Irish politicians, did not necessarily extend a welcome to the ‘Arab Spring’ .

    At this juncture, Richard Crowley growled that he would have to cut him off there, thank you very much, with the promise/ threat of returning to that topic. At some unspecified time in the future, g.f.

    Whatever could the former Minister of Defence of the F.S.S. have meant?

    Tenterhooks just do not go far enough to describe how we down here are positioned on this most delicate topic, going forward and of which we have all developed a not unreasonable degree of sensitivity. We have, after all, an inelegant skeleton in the southern cupboard, going backwards, to 1904 itself:

    The Limerick Pogrom.