Nice killings: why?

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Call it the Christy Brown syndrome. Christy Brown, you’ll remember, was a man who was brought up in extreme Dublin poverty with a crippling handicap. Communication with others was virtually impossible until he learned to write with his left foot. And yes, he then wrote a book, later turned into a successful film, called My Left Foot.

 Brown was a man of immense courage and some talent. But there is always a reluctance on the part of critics to say anything negative about the quality of such writing in case it seems in some way heartless. Even though everyone knows it’s possible to be extremely brave and at the same time a hopeless writer (which Brown wasn’t, incidentally), those judging the writing invariably tend to soft-pedal because of the physical disadvantage in the background.All that as preamble to the events in Nice last week. The slaughter inflicted by one man with a truck was sickening. Men, women, children, all scythed to death. The cruelty of the event makes it difficult to take in.

It also makes it difficult to talk about why it happened. There’ve been endless reports on television and the press about the brutality of Nice. Few commentators dared ask the question “Why did this happen?” Those that did tended to come up with an answer along the lines of “Because they hate us”.

Other commentators – and sometimes the same ones ) talk about the determination of ISIS/Daish to establish a world-wide Caliphate. The aim of these people, we’re told, is to forcibly convert the rest of the world to fundamentalist Islam.

I believe such talk is rubbish. Not because some of those involved in violent Islam wouldn’t welcome such world domination, but because they’ve no chance of achieving it. The Charlie Hebdo killings, the carnage at Nice and various other acts of terrorism come from people who have decided, regardless of the odds, to push a back against Western domination in their countries.

Think about it. If you were a citizen of Iraq, would you welcome what the Western powers have done to your country? It’s likely that not many people loved Sadaam Hussein; but they might have felt he was their dictator and regime change should have been a matter for them, not the West.

Similarly with Muammar Gaddafi – the West decided he was an undesirable leader in that country and they hunted him down and brought chaos in the aftermath. Syria has been reduced to a country consisting of ruined buildings, terrified people and widespread conflict. All courtesy of Western intervention.

If you were a native of one of these countries, you might keep your head down and pray for safety. Or – and there are always people like this – you might decide that the only way to be rid of the foreign occupier was to make it too expensive for him to remain. We may say many things about the slaughter in Nice or Paris or London, but the one thing we can’t say is that they were ignored. Which was precisely the intention of those who inflicted it.

There are many voices raised in the wake of such tragedies. Unfortunately the loudest voices are often those suggesting a security response Virtually none of the media has traced the roots of the violence to the greed of Western meddling.

Reliable figures for the number of Western deaths in the Middle East are hard to come by. But you may be sure it comes nowhere matching the violent deaths of innocent people in that region. During 2014, in Syria, Iraq and the Yemen, some 100,000 people were killed. As the WWI poet Wilfred Owen put it: “What passing bells for those who die as cattle”?


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  1. Wolfe tone July 24, 2016 at 12:39 pm #

    Then again if you wanted to suitably shock and frighten the people you rule over; if you wanted them to forget or accept that you are constantly bombing innocent people in other countries; if you wanted to distract the widespread robbery of your citizens assets via austerity etc; if you wanted to to create a scenario where despite all your lying and corruption your people would still look to you for ‘protection’ then Nice etc are good ways of achieving your aims.

    Just like the Red brigades, unionist terror death squads, Los Pepes(Columbia) and al Qaeda etc etc, western security agencies have been organising death squads to further their interests for years, and that doesn’t mean the interests of the general public btw.

    What makes you think these agencies are not involved in ISIS? Ruling by fooling.

  2. Antaine de Brún July 24, 2016 at 12:41 pm #

    Another poet, Mourid Barghouti wrote:

    “it is easy to blur the truth with a simple linguistic trick: start your story from “Secondly”…

    and the arrows of the Red Indians are the original criminals and the guns of the white men

    are entirely the victim…

    for the anger of the black man against the white to be barbarous…

    Ghandi becomes responsible for the tragedies of the British…

    burned Vietnamese will have wounded the the humanity of the napalm…

    The houses built on top of ours gallantly declare their willingness to understand our odd

    predilection toward living in camps scattered in the Diaspora of gods and flies, as though

    we had begged them to throw us out of our homes and to send their bulldozers to destroy

    them in front of our very eyes.”

  3. billy July 24, 2016 at 2:30 pm #

    if you were a native of one of these countries………we arnt thats the point.any country has the right to defend its people so stopping would be bombers,killer truck drivers ect entering your country under the guise of immigrants refugees ect would be a good place to start i would imagine.then with the ports secure work from the inside out with new laws in place making deporting undesirables easier.unless it goes unreported i never hear much talk about how russia deals with this religion of peace.

    • Antaine de Brún July 24, 2016 at 5:22 pm #

      Mourid Barghouti grew up in Ramallah. In the mid-1960s, he went to study at Cairo University. He, like many Palestinians living abroad, was prevented from returning to his homeland. In Mr Barghouti’s case, it took thirty years.

      “Poetry remains one of the astonishing forms in our hands to resist obscurantism and silence. And since we cannot wash the polluted words of hatred the same way we wash greasy dishes with soap and hot water, we the poets of the world, continue to write our poems to restore the respect of meaning and to give meaning to our existence.” Mourid Barghouti

  4. Perkin Warbeck July 24, 2016 at 7:19 pm #

    Hardly a year after the Black Hawk Helicopters from the 2nd Brigade of the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) had led the invasion of Iraq in 2003, Esteemed Blogmeister, the legendary lines of acclaimed Poet Laureate Alfred Austin were invoked though in a certain spirit of irony:

    -Across the electric wires the message came
    He is not better, he is still the same’.

    These imperishable lines were penned on the worrying occasion of the illness of the Prince of Wales in 1910.

    In fact, in Iraq, in 2004, far from being the same old same old for Uncle Sam, things had gone from bad to blood thirsty.

    In his Pulitzer Prize winning book of 2016 , ‘Black Flags: the Rise of ISIS’ the author Joby Warrick writes:

    -‘Signs of Iraq’s unraveling lay scattered along the airport road to Baghdad. Barriers and checkpoints now dotted the ten mile highway in a vain attempt to stop the daily shootings and bombings along what U.S. soldiers dubbed ‘Route Irish’ and Iraqis called ‘Death Street’. A year earlier getting from the airport to the international district had been as simple as catching a shuttle. Now a ride into town meant booking a secure taxi, outfitted with armed escorts and bulletproof glass, that might cost as much as a thousand dollars per trip’.

    A not unsurprising element of this unsafe passage is the name the US military opted to dub the airport road. For it brings to mind a salutary article penned by the celebrated military analyst, Field-Marshal Fintan O’Toole, KG, GCB, DSO, BA, no later than earlier this week in The Unionist Times:

    -Ireland can shape debate on terrorism in Europe.

    It is not often that the High-Intelligence Humvee of FOT is totaled by a pre-emptive strike. Like him, his boots on the ground GI’S made the obvious connection between Bag and Bog, Baghdad and Bogside. Only , in this instance, by a mere dirty dozen years.

    An rud is annamh is iontach.

    Or, for the benefit of FOT, who has never hidden his revulsion at 11 years linguistic compulsion: on the basis that low-level Leprehcaun is just not condusive to hawk-eye adjudication high up there where the air is rarefied, on top of Carauntoole:

    -What’s rare is knuckle underful.

    Speaking of deathless doggerel (see above) reminds one of one of the milder measures which the pistol-packing peaceniks of the US of A unleashed on the local Iraqi terrorists was to treat them as, erm, terriers. Who can forget that indelible image of a dainty young US Marinette on all twos in the notoriously lax Abu Ghraib Prison thoughtfully leading on a leash an Iraqi terr. and he to be on all fours .

    -Walkies, if you no talkies.

    The Barbra Woodhouse of Abu Ghraib abu !

    One woman and her dog, taking him for walkies.

    One was reminded of this image this very weekend , oddly enough, while listening in to Aine ‘Yawnya’ Lawlor, the locum of Dr. Dame Dosh Finucane on RTE. When she gushed like a geyser at the joy unconfined of having, Gloria Steinem – her all time feminist heroine, oops, hero as her guest.

    -And I don’t care who knows it !

    (One cannot use heroine, as it is considered as toxic as heroin itself, if not more so, in certain celebrated circles).

    La Lawlor, it will be recalled, was in somewhat less than gushy mood when she interrogated, oops, interviews G. Adams a while back on the mis-use of the N-word.


    Was how she introduced the Taoiseach of the Irish political party with the most (democratic) support in the Land of Ire. After the initial w-word, the supply of her verbals somehow, well, ran dry. Not so with the geyser of gush which greeted this weekend’s guest.

    Gloria Steinem, it seems, is a hero of the Dworkin Class in the US of A and its overseas mental colonies.

    -We’ll never solve the feminization of power until we solve the masculinization of wealth.


    (Gloria has never obviously encountered the titular head of the Dame Dosh Finucane Show).

    -We’ve begun to raise our daughters more like our sons, but few have had the courage to raise our sons like our daughers.


    (Gloria has never obviously encountered the Barbara Woodhouse of Abu Gharaib and her mastery, oops, mistressy of the virtual reality game of Chokies in Chokey).

    Certainly the gushy hostess of the guest never pressed her on the topic, even though, A-rabs and a-trocities related to the Lands of the Sand were very much in the ether this weekend.

    It is an adage beloved of the ancients that one should never get to meet one’s heroes (sic). The less than beautiful truth of that snippet of antediluvian wisdom was, sadly, on aural display on the programme.

    For, in her headlong gushy rush to namecheck one of her all time favs among the pantheon of historical characters, the sit-in hostess obviously forgot to put her brain (?) in gear. It’s what, alas, the lass tends to do a lot more than less.

    -Gloria Steinem, you were there on the occasion that Martin Luther King delivered his most famous address. Do share the experience with us.

    What followed was like something out of the Tails of the Unexpected. In which, the periodic tables were turned in a most strikingly elemental way.


    Was the reply of Gloria Steinem, the less then gushy guest and hero of the hostess. Sound familiar ? In fact, word for one word, this response was the mirror echo of a question posed earlier this year by Aine the Bawnya-again Believer in Equal Rights. (see above).

    The N-word, this time, the ultimate N-word raised its dreadful head.

    Gloria Steinem, it turns out, was best pleased by the question, NOT.

    -N for Not.

    Turns out Gloria was less than e-namoured by the A for Absence of black women on the platform with MLK on that memorable day, 28 August, 1963, at the Lincoln Memorial.
    One could almost hear the exhalation of air as a clearly deflated on air hostess smartly moved, gasping, on to the next topic. Or at least, as smartly as was possible under the unfortunate circumstances.

    Which makes one wonder all the same, EB, if the professional broadcasters who manfully man the microphones of our media know as little about their heroes, the Good Guys , as they obviously do about their antiheroes?

    Not even the greatest champions of MLK ever claimed he was an evangelist for vegetarianism when it came to the ladies, not least those of a particularly pale complexion.

    For like all truly great heroes, Martin Luther King was no cardboard cut-out caricature: he was complex and a man of many dreams, including even, wet ones.

    Is it any wonder that one looks upon The Unionist Times and its broadcasting wing, RTE and is not one’s trust badly shaken ?

    • Jude Collins July 24, 2016 at 7:58 pm #

      Sin fior, Perkin, agus is mor an trua sin…

      • Perkin Warbeck July 25, 2016 at 6:41 am #


        After the meandering miscellany of misandry on Saturday’s Show, Esteemed Blogmeister, and the unexpected set back with her hero, Gloria Steinem, one has happier news to report.

        Aine L, the hokum-dealing, oakum-chewing locum on the Dame Dosh Finucane Show bounced back on the Sunday edish, as effervescently mischievous as ever.

        From beginning to end of the two hour show, the sit-down comedienne, oops, comedian got a running gag going:

        -Has anyone seen the mislaid shades of Leo ?

        It seems that Dr. Leo ‘The Loin-heart’ Varadkar, the star chamber guest of the show, had mislaid his shades in sun-drenched Glenties while being his own spin doctor at the Magill Summer School earlier in the week.

        If there was a flaw in Aine L’s performance it was that she may have gagged a tad not wisely but too often at her own gag.

        But, this Magill Summer School thingy. It seems to have finally eclipsed the Merriman Summer School in terms of column inches, soundbytes and acclaimchecks in a fascinatingly fought internecine RTE struggle. Not fought in Dublin 4 but, this time, just south of the Bloody Foreland.

        When former Donegal Man of the Year, Dr. Joe Mulholland resigned as the Big Kahuna of RTE in 2000 it was not, alas, in the spirit of Je ne Regrette Rien in his beloved second language, French :

        -I’ve been 30 years in RTE. I have been in a very , very pressurized situation. I’ve had very little life to myself.

        Dr. C.C. O’Brien was,incidentally, on his watch, during JM’s muzzled time in current affairs. It is not, however, on record that the pressurized professional broadcaster ever proferred his resignation during this eerie era in the eyrie of Eireland broadcasting .


        This summer school’s known by the Magill, brand,
        He called himself Paddy, such was on his armband
        R.T.E. in Glenties
        Publicity a-Plenties !
        Everyone knows it as the Moleskin Joe Mulholland.

  5. Ryan July 24, 2016 at 8:27 pm #

    “The aim of these people, we’re told, is to forcibly convert the rest of the world to fundamentalist Islam. I believe such talk is rubbish. Not because some of those involved in violent Islam wouldn’t welcome such world domination, but because they’ve no chance of achieving it”

    I have to disagree with you there Jude. I’m no expert in Islam (but I don’t need to be) but I know that Jihad is very important to the religion, what is debated is the interpretation of what Jihad actually means. When we look at the History of Islam, it was rooted in Conquest of non Islamic lands. Of course I’m not saying its entire history was like that but it forms a significant part of it. There are lands today that are 100% Muslim that were once 100% Christian/Jewish just a few centuries ago. Indeed the Christian communities in the Middle East are still being persecuted today. Pope Francis even spoke of his alarm at the prospect of the Middle East being Christian Free.

    Its best to look at the central figure within Islam: Muhammad. Muhammad was no Jesus Christ, its important to remember that. Muhammad was a war lord. Muhammad did many acts which now gave inspiration to the likes of ISIS and many Islamic Governments. In one incident he demanded the Loyalty of a Jewish Tribe. This Jewish Tribe, whom wished to stay neutral in the conflicts of that era, refused. Muhammad attacked the tribe and massacred all the men. He even had young boys lined up and those with pubic hair were beheaded and those not were taken as slaves. The women were taken as sex slaves. Muhammad himself raped the most beautiful Jewish woman, who was the wife of a Noble Man, and made her his wife, by force of course.

    Now, if I were to say that all Christians/Catholics do not take inspiration from Jesus Christ (the only violence Christ ever engaged in that I can recall was brandish a whip and drove Jewish Priests from the Temple due to them robbing the people and misusing the Temple) I would rightly be ridiculed. To say that Muslims don’t take inspiration from Muhammad is equally ridiculous.

    What is the point I’m making here? The point I’m making is that Islam is not comparable to Christianity. Muslims cannot be compared to Christians. That’s the fatal mistake we in the West make. There are around 30 Islamic countries in the world but only one has been regarded as a true democracy and that is Turkey, which will soon be under the wing of Islamist extremists after last week’s coup to protect secularism failed.

    According to Canadian author Mark Steyn and many other’s Europe will be Eurabia in a few more decades. They set out all the proof that this will happen, due to massive immigration being allowed from Islamic countries for example. As Steyn points out, if you seriously believe that Europe will still be Europe with Europeans being the minority or its values gone then your seriously mistaken. So yes, it is very possible that Islamic fundamentalism could win. It wont be by guns/bombs but by the brainwashing of Europeans with Liberalism and Multiculturalism. Colonel Gaddafi certainly thought so when he said:

    “We have 50 million Muslims in Europe. There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe—without swords, without guns, without conquest—will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades”

    Most liberal, left wing Europeans are turning a blind eye to this. They are determined to destroy Christianity and Western Culture in the interests of “Multiculturalism”. Most fear to speak out because of a word, invented by Communist Leon Trotsky, that word being “racist”. Of course needless to say these people are utter cowards. But more and more people are waking up, the Brexit vote proved that. Its not racist to want to preserve your own culture, identity and heritage. That’s called loving your own people. If that’s a crime then its a crime I’m happily guilty of.

    As George Orwell said: “In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act”

    I’ll put a video on the History of Islam/Crusades by Stefan Molyneux which is insightful. I’ll also put a link to a poll too.

    BTW I’m not saying all Muslims want conquest but you don’t need all of them to want to in order for conquest to happen….

    • billy July 24, 2016 at 9:42 pm #

      enoch powell predicted all this fifty yrs ago they called him their wishing now they should have listened and took action.

    • Mark July 25, 2016 at 4:10 pm #

      Hi Ryan, on the ‘youtube’ video, there must be word of caution with anything put out by a man with an inability to determine which century 622 was in, my own experience has been, two of the most Christian men I know happen to worship in Clonskeagh mosque, each man and woman is individual, our religious beliefs can impact us but, unless we are mentally impacted, I am of opinion, we should not be too influenced by all we listen to.

    • ANOTHER JUDE July 26, 2016 at 4:02 pm #

      Spot on.

  6. ANOTHER JUDE July 26, 2016 at 4:03 pm #

    Ryan is speaking the truth.