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The lead story  on page 1 of THE TIMES of London (July 30) says “Putin wages propaganda war on UK.”  On page 27 its leading Editorial, headed “Putin’s Information War” declares –  “.The Kremlin hopes to gain a foothold in Britain with a spurious news channel.” And it opines that “its lies are best answered with facts.”

Forgive me if I find the posturing of THE TIMES funny. Even his friends and ex-employers will tell you that Boris Johnson, Britain’s Foreign Secretary is a habitual liar, though one who can lie fluently in French, Latin and Classical Greek with great fluency. It is well known that all key BBC commentators are vetted by the the Secret Services and some of them SecretService Operatives. Jon Snow of Channel 4 has described how the spooks tried to recruit himself, and there are many key commentators who, if they are not themselves enlisted with those services, are enthusiastic collaborators. The Official Secrets Act and “D” notices constrain those commentators who might be tempted to reveal truths embarrassing to evildoers in the State’s direction and practices.

And then, there’s THE TIMES, once nicknamed “THE THUNDERER” for the self-importance of its Editorials, but in fact a thundering liar for well over a century. It’s been an enemy of those who sought to improve the lot of the Irish people from Daniel O’Connell to Charles Stewart Parnell, to John Redmond and Eamon de Valera to Gerry Adams.

When the idea of nominating John Hume as a candidate for the Irish President was mooted, the paper had the cheek to inform us that as Hume came from “Londonderry” his nomination should not be admitted.

I won a battle against THE TIMES in its propaganda war against Ireland when I forced the Press Council to condemn it for lies following the death of Bobby Sands. I had to write about twice a week for nine months in long-hand on a matter that could have been settled in five minutes had the Council or THE TIMES a scintilla of integrity.

The day the paper was censured, its editor, Harold Evans was hailed as “Editor Of The Year”  by his fellow British Editors. He has since been Knighted.

I’ve no brief for Mr Putin, but he scares me far less than the bear-baiting antics of NATO on Russia’s borders and the continuing mischief of the US, its allies and cats’ paws in the Middle East and beyond.




5 Responses to SHOCK AND HORROR AT THE TIMES! by Donal Kennedy

  1. Wes. August 1, 2016 at 11:39 am #

    Agree totally Donal. Putin is probably the only world leader who can be believed. The West is rotten to the core and no one can lie better than them.

  2. Sherdy August 1, 2016 at 4:49 pm #

    The only function of the BBC world service is to spread British propaganda.
    Maybe the Times is not aware of its existence, as it was seemingly not aware that John Hume lives (and lived) on the island of Ireland.
    But its good to know how in their paternal way they would try to keep us right about such things!

  3. Wolfe tone August 1, 2016 at 8:09 pm #

    Spot on Donal. Now spite of all the lies/propaganda people still utter their lies as fact.

  4. Scott Rutherford August 2, 2016 at 1:51 pm #

    Many times on this blog I have heard people supporting snd praising Putin, especially from the nationalist community.

    This surprises me greatly and I’m very curious to know how anyone could support him. His invasion of South Ossetia, annexation of the the Crimea, homophobic policies and clear repression of the press are so obviously wrong to me I find it hard to understand where this support comes from.

    Or is it simply a case of as he is opposed to NATO (US/UK), my enemy’s enemy is my friend?

  5. Donal Kennedy August 19, 2016 at 12:35 pm #

    I haven’t praised Putin, just pointed out that he doesn’t out-lie THE TIMES. Also
    he seems less of a threat to mankind than the expansionist NATO alliance.

    When the Soviets withdrew from Germany where they had smashed Nazism and from
    countries they had occupied for their (Soviet’s) defence, NAT should have been disbanded like the WARSAW PACT.
    Michael Portillo revealed recently how the “visionary” Churchill wanted to attack the Soviets
    in 1945 and enlist Wehrmacht survivors but was thrown out of office before he could repeat the
    mischief of 1919. Russia is not being unreasonable in failing to fall on her back and think
    of England or Uncle Sam and pretend to enjoy more suffering.