October, 2016

‘Facts about Climate Change’ by Joe McVeigh

The carbon emissions of the western and industrialised world have caused a breakdown in the Earth’s temperature regulation system but it is people living in Africa and developing countries who are suffering most from climate disruption. The polar icecaps are melting much faster. Scientists tell us we must reduce the amount of Carbon monoxide in […]

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Saturday Pic(s) of the week

Pic 1 :  John Patton  Deserted House – Glenelly Valley “This deserted farm cottage is in the Glenelly Valley. It was a substantial dwelling. Have the owners descendants carried on farming there in a new house or is this evidence of emigration? Departing Gael or Gall?” Pic 2: John Patton Sea Arches – Crohy Head […]

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Orange Order march at Ardoyne shops: everybody wins?

At last – a victory for common-sense. And, of course, a victory for the Orange brethren who haven’t been able to find their way home for over two years and whose homelessness has cost the public purse over £20 million. The Ardoyne residents may have thought they could tell the Orangeman where they’re entitled to […]

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