DUP: Listen to our voice. Your eyes are heavy. You are already forgetting about Cash-for-Ash

Having failed to bluster their way out of the Cash-for-Ash scandal, the DUP are busy with their Tory allies trying to find ways of muddying the waters and/or dragging public attention  from their incompetence and potential corruption.

Here are just a few of their latest initiatives:

  • Michelle O’Neill is partly to blame for the Cash-for-Ash because when she was Agriculture Minister  her Department of Agriculture told farmers about the scheme.
  • Barra McGrory is prosecuting former British soldiers.
  • James Brokenshire says Barra McGrory appears to be prosecuting too many British soldiers
  • The Sunday Telegraph has a lead heart-ache story of a former solder called Dennis Hutchings (75). Mr Hutchings has said “The majority of MPs in this and previous governments – and I include those buggers in the Ministry of Defence who have spent millions on inquiries in Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan – have done absolutely bloody nothing for us.” His  daughter, Dawn Hadley, said: “He is an innocent man and all the other veterans are innocent. He was serving his country, he didn’t do anything wrong.”

A minute’s thought shows you how hysterical these claims are. Since the whole point of the exercise by the DUP is to get us all arguing about Bad Barra and great-grandas who might be gruff but wouldn’t hurt a fly and why waste good public money on inquiries in Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan, and gorblimey, my old dad I just know he’s innocent and so are all his mates, bless ’em all,  I’d urge any politician with half a brain and/or half a principle to turn from these soggy boggy arguments and focus on what brought about this election:  the stupid/maybe corrupt renewable heating scheme that is burning its way through half a billion of our money, and over half a billion of the money of Dennis Hutchings and his fellow-subjects in Britain.

10 Responses to DUP: Listen to our voice. Your eyes are heavy. You are already forgetting about Cash-for-Ash

  1. pjdorrian January 29, 2017 at 2:25 pm #

    Apart from Michelle Gildernew, have any other SF family/friends been outed as having RHI Boilers?
    Imagine the row The BelTel would have created had MON not, when I/c agriculture, informed Farmers about the benefits of the scheme?
    AF is still at fault because she drew up the scheme.
    Whoever was supposed to get the applicants didn’t weed out those who were not genuine users but were intent on milking the system.
    It is essential electoral information that the names of those granted RHI be out in the open.
    In the absence of names it should be assumed that the majority of them are DUP members/donors/supporters

  2. Sherdy January 29, 2017 at 2:29 pm #

    His daughter, Dawn Hadley, said: “He is an innocent man and all the other veterans are innocent. He was serving his country, he didn’t do anything wrong.”
    This woman seems to know the outcome of a court case which hasn’t taken place yet!
    And of course she is speaking with the support of our SoS Brokenshire who is campaigning against the law of the land being implemented by saying there is too much focus on the cases of ex-soldiers.
    Should this sorry excuse for a man not be charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice? Especially as he is the British government’s legal representative in NI!
    How are we expected to put any faith in him when adjudicating in any post-election inter-party talks?
    We now know he will be totally pro-loyalist, and we will be totally alone without any help from the government in the south.

  3. giordanobruno January 29, 2017 at 6:23 pm #

    We certainly have a right to know who knew what and when about this affair.
    Clearly SF and other parties were aware of the scheme and even promoted it,
    Let’s have all the facts.

  4. Mark January 29, 2017 at 6:34 pm #

    Certainly let us not forget the cash for ash, and the changing of the British scheme in it’s implementation in Ireland however, the Learned Mr. Brokenshire is making noise and, one must wonder just why?
    He states there appears to be a disproportionate focus on murders by RUC and brit’s, but, in light of the previous paucity of such inquiries by the state actors into state actors actions, it really is not difficult to see why the Director of Public Prosecutions might be taking actions his predecessors failed to, which previous Lords Lieutenants failed to insist their law officers should take.

  5. Perkin Warbeck January 29, 2017 at 7:12 pm #

    Not only are the DUP up to their usual legendary feats of legerdemain , Esteemed Blogmeister, but the DUB (as in the DUBlin media) are ditto too, going forward.

    Going backward, or course, the links of the DUP and the DUB were first forged during the Dirty Thirty Years War by their identical fake take on the Trubs.

    This morning, one turned the knob (of one’s wireless) as per usual for to hear the dulcet tones of Dame Dosh Finucane lick the wax from one’s ears, only to hear (gulp) the perforated ulcer tones of her DUB SUB, the Desperate Dandruff of D’Indo on Sunday.

    A nixer, like.

    Brendan O Connor (for it was he who was on the job !) , he of the gruff tones but heart of pure marshmallow fluff, so big of chin he is jokingly known as the in-house Chin Féiner in Sindependent House. His versatility is in no doubt: not only can he lift a kow tow with one hand (and how !) but he can also seamlessly plod between a DUBlin radio studio and a DOBlin radio studio without as much as a tripod.

    Oddly enough, this Sunday morning the Shinners were in for a skinning; and among the lengthy litany lined up for to fix the Feigns in theri cross-hairs was, one, Eddie Molloy.
    Said the Liffeyside host with the Leeside langer tones:

    -Over to you now, like Eddie.

    Now, Eddie Molloy is a, erm, Management Consultant. Though whether this actually involves Managing Consultants or Consulting Managers is unclear. In this instance Steady Eddie dutifully kow towed to his host for allowing him to partake of his pow-wow cow pie by, erm, Consulting the following pair-shaped Manageresses of News – the Palish Elish and Ruddy Duds Duette:

    -There are two strong pieces in today’s Sunday Independent (sic) by Eilish O Hanlon and Ruth Dudley-Edwards in which they remind us that it is only two years since the RUC and the Gardai confirmed that the IRA Army Council rhubarb rhubarb rhubarb rhubarb.

    (Horse manure being a fine fertilizer for the old ooh, ahh up the rhubarb).

    Now, Management Consultants in the Free Southern Stateen are two a Miss Moneypenny but what sets the Boy Molloy apart, apart that is from his Typical Topicality, is this sub-tile which is uniquely his own:

    -He functions,among many other nixer , as (gasp) the Honorary Consul for (gulp) Barbados in Ireland.


    One can only speculate as to how he landed this particular Bajan plum title but as Molloy is a name not unknown in the Wesht it could well be a reminder of the bow ties that bind the Corribean and the Caribbean, mon.

    Though it is fair to add he did go on to expatiate at length later on in the prog on the on the job- probs facing the busdrivers of Bus Eireann.


    I don’t wanna be bus driver all my life
    I seen too mucha Dublin wid its strife
    (E. Molloy, m’lud
    Thinks SF is mud )
    Shake off de fake news and stake knife.

  6. michael c January 29, 2017 at 7:59 pm #

    Michele Gildernews brother was on the domestic scheme which is not the scheme that the whole row was about.

  7. Ryan January 29, 2017 at 9:00 pm #

    “His daughter, Dawn Hadley, said: “He is an innocent man and all the other veterans are innocent. He was serving his country, he didn’t do anything wrong”

    Dawn must have incredible powers to know the innocence or guilt of those British veterans.

    If her father was serving his country, what exactly does that mean? Is Dawn saying that it was her father’s “duty” to murder Irish Catholics here when told to or when the impulse to murder came? What exactly was his “duty”? But regardless of what it was, we know numerous British soldiers murdered hundreds of Catholic civilians and next to none were ever brought to Justice, despite clearly breaking the Law. Hardly a force here to protect everyone.

    I remember Willie Frazer was on Radio in the South a few years back with SF’s Mary Lou McDonald and he said something like “Look at Bloody Sunday, they were rioting. The Soldiers were only doing their Duty”. The presenter of the Show, in a very firm way, cut across him and said: “It wasn’t their Duty to murder people”. Willie didn’t reply to this comment.

    Being in a uniform of any kind, or “serving your country” or “doing your duty” does not give someone the licence to murder or to break the Law. If the Law itself allows its Soldiers to murder then there is no Law.

    The British Government has a very obvious duty and that is to implement the Law, without fear or favour. That’s a very basic, elementary and obvious thing a proper Government is meant to do but the British Government are clearly refusing to do this. Yes, a Western European Government, not an African dictatorship, is refusing to implement the basic Law of the Land.

    But of course all this is being spouted from James Brokenshire and the British Government at this specific time in order to help the DUP and to deflect from the RHI scandal. Brokenshire even released an article defending British Soldiers today, on the anniversary of Bloody Sunday. A calculated and deliberate insult, in my opinion. Just like when he attended a GAA game and refused to take his seat until the Irish anthem was played.

    The focus must stay on the RHI scandal at this time. Nationalist politicians must not be fooled into getting drawn into Orange vs Green politics, which is what the DUP want. But needless to say, if British soldiers get an amnesty, say Goodbye to the Peace Process and Stormont.

  8. Mens sana January 30, 2017 at 12:14 am #

    They are exactly the same as concentration camp guards. Put them in prison or drop them in Glenfada and have people take potshots from the walls.
    Brokenshire is an alumnus of a defunct London poly: he’s clearly incompetent. And it’s clear why he made this comment today: it’s about Bloody Sunday.
    Remember Brexit: two years until they are over a barrel waiting for their arse to be skelped.

  9. Alex February 3, 2017 at 5:34 pm #

    Michelle Gildernew’s brother availed of the Domestic Scheme and was not ‘outed’ by anyone because Michelle Gildernew declared it as an interest at Stormont Committee long before the scandal broke.
    Please try again.