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Pics 1-4 are by John Patton ( 

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“The Isle of Lunga is a designated site of special , scientific interest . Uninhabited, it is the largest of the Trenish Islands off Mull and home to a colony of puffins. Access is restricted but I was fortunate to be able to visit with a small group in 2012. These comical little birds ( Pic 1 +2) have very little fear of humans and it is possible to get very close to them. I was using a 300mm lens. Puffins are not the sole occupants – there are    6,000 guillemot, razorbill, , kittiwake, fulmar, shag, (pic 3) skua and many other species.

The stag (pic 4) was pictured this time last year in Glen Etive. In winter , they descend the glens for easier feeding and are a common site where I took this one. That said, they are skittish since, unlike puffins, man is a predator that they are right to fear. My plan is to visit the Glencoe area tomorrow , Monday 23rd, as the forecast is promising for photography.”


Pics 5-8 are by Perkin Warbeck:

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As the camera does not do fake news, let the camera speak: Melania Trump is a lovely lady from a lovely land.

PIC 5: The jewel in the crown of Slovenia: Lake Bled.

PIC 6:   Lake Bled is to Slovenia what Killarney is to Ireland.

PIC 7:   Llubjana, the bijou capital of a bijou country.

PIC 8: The Triple Bridge, which spans the river Llubljanica, , conjoined, as it were, at the, erm, rip-tide.


The two sides of the Gentle Gender were on display in Washington, DC of late.

The legendary parish pump politician, Tip-head O Neill, once famously opined:

-All politics are local.

Which is another way of saying that ‘Washinton, DC is a hamlet’.

Speaking of Hamlet, Gertrude, the mother of that Great Dane once also famously opined:

-The lady doth protest too much, methinks..

While there might well have been a Million Shrillies doing ditto, The Melania was one of them, not, decidely not.

In fact, one is reminded of what The Lear once remarked of The Cordelia:

-Her voice was ever soft, gentle and low, an excellent thing in a woman.”


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