Saturday pics of the week

Pic 1 is by Perkin Warbeck

                  Pic 1



Pic 1:   ‘You can’t wine and dine her in an old Morris Minor’.

This is where Christy Moore is SO not correct !

The dolls , God Bless ‘em, love a guy to make an effort.

They love him to dress up in his glad rags when goiing out on a date.

It is no different when it comes to the guy’s mode of transport.

For instance, putting a number plate with JAG included on a Morris Minor is the equivalent of putting   glad rags on a motor car.

As The Perkin has discovered (no dames, no pack drill !).

(‘CÉAD MÍLE MALTA’ by Perkin Warbeck).”


Pics 2-5 are by Antrim Lens


Pic 2

Pic 3

Pic 4

Pic 5 


Pic 5

Pic 6 

“Taking my dogs down to Lough Neagh for a swim on Friday morning, we met this very handsome Buzzard perched on a fence post on my lane, and by the look of him he was hunting something (mouse/rat) in the long grass growing along the fence line. Once we got to Lough Neagh my dog, Daisy, put these two Greylag geese to flight and then she swam out to the swans and put them to flight also.”


Pics 7-8 are by Jude


 Pic 7

Pic 8 

” Pic 7 is Martin McGuinness’s coffin entering the Long Tower chapel. We were inside and had no sense of what was happening outside. Then the sound of a lone piper could heard, faint at first, then louder as it came closer to the chapel

Pic 8 is Bill Clinton in full flow: ‘I fought, I made peace, I made politics. Now finish the job.’

Moving and unforgettable.


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