So the DUP say they still want to go into coalition with Sinn Fein in a revived Executive, but already they are insulting that party for it’s essential republicanism, as they ready themselves for this shiny new unexpected election.Coalition partners indeed!! It’s not as if we all don’t know thta these parties are like chalk and cheese.Surely that’s the whole point? You’d choose either one or the other depending on whether or not you wanted a progressive open, outward looking society of equals with the objective of uniting the country as a shared space for all creeds , classes and beliefs or you might want an inward looking, belly-gazing place, populated by people who would rather repress certain members of the community and live in a land afraid of scientific discovery and a fear of change.Those are the free -choices we have and we are each free to pursue them.We all know what we each require, so let’s get on with it now without rancour.
The DUP have no need to insult Sinn Fein. It’s not as if any potential DUP voter or UUP voter is ever going to vote for Sinn Fein, so why bother with the insults? Last time around …a mere few months ago, Arlene Foster, the DUP leader, referred to republicans as “crocodiles” and gave them all the fuel needed to respond to the insult and make some new recruits for that party…eliciting their best election-results ever. This time around the DUP leader is much quieter on that front and has played a more background role as yet.She appears to have assumed the role of a glove -puppet for calmer heads.
In any case ,to have an Executive formed from two such opposing viewpoints really is the oddest thing and might never work properly…ever. It might simply be an impossible task. The facts are that Sinn Fein are opposed to Brexit and leaving the EU and the DUP paid thousands to promote it in the UK. They’d be at their happiest with a hard border across Ireland .If truth be told, they’d be very happy with a twenty- foot high wall with watchtowers all along its entire length, something like the so-called “PeaceWalls” that divide communities in Belfast for their own protection ;that’s why they’d also support a lunatic like Donald Trump…..another man in favour of building walls. The DUP do not want a Bill of Rights or an Irish Language Act even though those things are part of the still unresolved deal which initially provided them with the makings of a government in the first place .They’ll obviously never have one now.
it may simply be a case of waiting for the republicas to gain such a majority that they’ll be granted a united Ireland and that problem will be solved.The DUP have no real chance of becoming any bigger because they have alienated any othe potential voters who might reside within the nationalist community , while Sunn Fein have opened their doors to them.All those gays and disaffected people who want to stay in the EU and embrace modernity have to go somewhere, haven’ t they?
Meanwhile the other unionist party, the UUP , only mere weeks ago, distanced themselves from the dreaded DUP scandal-laden ship. The DUP even ran a costly pro-Brexit advertisment in “the Metro” paper as part of their campaign. The UUP’S campaign against their rival DUP featured a video which highlighted the still-ongoing “Soot For Loot” RHI scandal very prominantly .In that campaign a Rip Van Winkle character was told the facts of life about his missing time under the DUP for the past ten years of sleepwalking.He absentmindedly fingered some of the wood-pellets involved in the £50 million loss that the DUP’s leader had brought down, as the truncated tale unfolded. The rest of the awful story was deemed too difficult to explain in the time allotted. Well… the video was only on for about five minutes and as it barely scraped the surface , I have to agree…. It would take a five -hour documentary to tell the tale of all that wasted time and scandalous behaviour. So the DUP did not exactly shine and nothing much has changed in the few weeks since then , except that the UUP have a brand new leader. The DUP on the other hand has the same old leader who led the party into the mess which spawned that election and gave the party its worst showing in living memory.I wonder will the UUP have money for a brand new video or will they run with this one again as they ask their followeres to vote for their tainted rivals instead? now that’s what I’d call a Damascene moment alright. others might call it a hypocritical turnaround.
Now there is talk of electoral pacts among these two unionist parties. Can they really be serious? What has changed? One minute the UUP wouldn’t touch the DUP with a fifteen-foot barge-pole and now they might want to have pacts with them ? It’s worth remembering that this election is really about Brexit and the Tory party’s lust for power in the UK and on that score the UUP were divided on the particular Brexit issue in any case. It makes you wonder if any of them know their arse from their elbow until you remember what they really worry about. That is the gut-wrenching reality of losing supremacy over nationalism….a supremacy that is bound to wither anyway ,unless they can make a better case for unionism than the current one and sell it to some new friends within the nationalist community. Up to now they have made a poor fist of making friends and have been the worst possible salesmen .
We already know that the DUP in office have proven to be a coterie of welshers on the deals, mountebanks , renegers and unprincipled, to a man, but the UUP have painted themselves as morally better than these base men whom they have distanced themselves from .It will be interesting to see if these principles flap with the wind like one of those damnable flags there’a all the trouble about.
If the UUP support the DUP in an electoral pact they will be supporting Brexit as a man and making hypocrites of themselves and aligning with a party of some corruption , even though some prominent UUP politicians think it is demonstrably the worst economic idea for everyone here.So how do they square that circle? In the meantime the Tories have forgotten about us all together and have left the DUP looking like schoolboys standing in the corridor with their hands n their pockets. Westminster couldn’t care less whether or not there is an Executive here , just as long as we keep the noise down.


  1. fiosrach April 19, 2017 at 10:06 pm #

    Could a subtle (or not so subtle) change in behaviour of the UUP perhaps be that the old leader – unlike the new leader – did not have jousting scars and grand masterly medals from most of the Orange covens in County Antrim? People on the nationalist side and those in the so called ‘middle ground’ should remember that this bastion of progressive thought and liberal outlook are the same people who presided as midwives at the birth of this rotten, sectarian state and promoted it for fifty years. The fact that they split from the DUP is irrelevant. This election, like every election has been in this colony, will be a sectarian headcount and we’ll just keep counting to year zero.

  2. Eolach April 20, 2017 at 2:57 pm #

    Thankfully , Fiosrach ,year zero is fast approaching…..I have wondered is it’s brain cells or pink blancmange that swirls around in the thick skulls of Unionism. They must realise that the numbers game is up ….they are an aged population ,their birth rate is not relatively high and their friends are not as numerous as the enemies that they keep making. Was the March election not a wake up call ? What is wrong with them ?… .Do they honestly believe that the medieval notions they expound of a creationist flat earth society , of an inferior Irish race and a right to rule and dominate will win them new voters ? Do they believe that England will shore up this place in perpetuity and Unionism will prevail ad infinitum ? Are they capable of thought at all ?

  3. fiosrach April 20, 2017 at 4:40 pm #

    I would say that quite a few of them are casting eyes on Canada, Australia and South Africa. Even Scotland might get a few. But they will hang on until it is 50+1 and try to burn all they can before they go. A majority will stay and fit in very well. The radicals among them,hidden until then, will prove a useful bulwark against the corruption of the Free State.