‘Tartan Subversion: MI5 Agents Within The Scottish National Party’ by Donal Lavery

I am by no means a fan of the Scottish National Party. They have a very circumspect record in relation to anti-Catholic bigotry in Scotland, particularly during the era of Billy Wolfe. Basically, I don’t trust them and many of their supporters are the most vocal advocates for ridding Scotland of Catholic education. I also can’t forgive them for having voted to bring down the Callaghan government and usher in Margaret Thatcher in 1979 – something the Scottish people never forgot, as she laid waste to their industrial communities and squandered the oil revenues. Likewise, they have always left it to the Westminster government to face down and regulate Loyalist extremism in the form of legislation applying to Scottish league football. If you read the history of Scottish nationalism, it is very hard to isolate it from the anti-Irish and anti-Catholic fanaticism which has plagued that country for centuries – which is why I have always found it frustrating when Irish people so fervently express support for them. Do not confuse nor insult the anti-colonial struggle of the Irish people with the neo-nationalist agenda perpetuated by Scots Nats.

During the lead up to the referendum campaign for Scottish independence, a former SNP MSP and noted left-winger, Margo MacDonald (wife of former SNP MP Jim Sillars) expressed serious concerns that the UK Security Services would undermine and sabotage the debate. MacDonald even went so far as to write to the head of MI5 seeking assurances that the force would not interfere in the question of sovereignty on the basis that they were “defending the realm” in the “national interest.”

While I have little respect for the Monarchist Alex Salmond (a key friend of Rupert Murdoch) or his successor, with their cavalier use of facts and figures; I do however have a lasting respect for the late Margo MacDonald and her husband Mr Sillars, as two people committed to a fair and just society across the Irish Sea – Mr Sillars has always been a supporter of justice for Ireland also. One of the most revealing things which MacDonald stated to the media before she died was that MI5 were using operatives within the SNP itself, having had agents infiltrate and control it at all levels – which really raises the question of what sort of Scotland would emerge under their command should the population opt for “independence” at some point.

These may be startling and unpopular sentiments to highlight to an Irish or republican readership, which wishes to see the breakup of the British state that has tyrannised them, but any thinking person cannot ignore the fact that an independent Scotland would certainly not be a beacon of left-wing methodology. Margo was always of the view that the CIA and MI5 were influencing the nationalists, particularly in their economic ideas. While I don’t care much for Ms Sturgeon or her colleagues, these revelations from a leading member of the ‘Yes’ campaign should afford all of us a note of suspicion towards Scottish nationalism and what exactly these people in Edinburgh would actually do with their hands on all the levers of power. Caution in politics is a quality and not a hindrance; so be careful what you wish for and who exactly you build alliances with.


4 Responses to ‘Tartan Subversion: MI5 Agents Within The Scottish National Party’ by Donal Lavery

  1. John Patton April 22, 2017 at 9:10 am #

    Billy Wolfe died seven years ago and had not been SNP leader for 20 years before that . I have lived in Scotland for nearly 50 years and worked in education for a goodly part of them. I am not a member of any political party but as a trade unionist I got to know Nicola Sturgeon as well as it is possible and remain friends with one of their chief strategists , George Reid. This is the party under Salmond which tackled allegations of sectarianism with legislation. This is poorly researched piece with slurs which could easily be accommodated in the back room chat of aging Catholics. Is Lavery saying then that McGuinness should never have worked with Paisley? It’s the logical outcome of what, in his case, passes for political thought. Many will view it as renewed bigotry.

    • Argenta April 23, 2017 at 10:13 am #

      I agree with your comments above.Previously,Donal had confined himself to bad mouthing the local parties(with the obvious exception of his beloved Sinn Fein).Now he’s turning his fire on the S N P.Surely shades of the “Skibereen Eagle”!! Bet Nicola Sturgeon is suitably frightened!

  2. Wolfe tone April 22, 2017 at 10:08 am #

    If Donal believes mi5 only target the SNP I.e infiltrate it then he isn’t paying attention. The British Labour Party is probably full of their agents too. Some even suspect the boul Jeremy isn’t all what he seems.

  3. Jude Glasgow April 23, 2017 at 6:39 am #

    Shocked at such a ill informed article which frankly reads like a piece of British Labour propaganda. In fact a huge percentage of the Nationalist vote comes from the Catholic community for a variety of reasons not least of which the total disintegration of the Scottish Labour Party.
    Perhaps Donal can explain why the Orange Order is so opposed to Scottish Independence or why the Labour Party campaigned with the Tories to oppose Independence at the Referendum.
    I would welcome his explanation as to why young Nationalists were attacked by a Loyalist mob in Glasgow’s George Square after the Referendum result.
    It seems to me that Donal is voicing the tired old argument of British Labour—– Imperialism is bad —— Self determination for all nations is good—– except for Scotland.
    In reality the Labour Party has opposed Nationalism in Scotland because it cannot win power in Westminster without Scottish Labour votes.
    As a Catholic Nationalist of Irish parentage, born and reared in Scotland, I can assure Donal that the Scottish Labour Party has its fair share of anti Catholic members many of whom are opposed to Catholic education.
    Finally, may I say that I look forward to the day when we celebrate both a 32 County Irish Republic and an independent Scottish Republic and wish that Donal can find it in his heart to say the same.