O’CONNELL A BUADH by Donal Kennedy

I hear that Daniel O’Connell is to have a new monument and cannot understand why it is needed. I suspect it is to abuse his memory in order to attack other patriots who used his, together with other, methods,  to rid Ireland of British troops. In his last years British troops were instrumental in ridding Ireland of her population. Misinformers write and speak of “Ireland’s Potato Famine.”. The potato blight was a natural phenomenon, a misfortune.  But the Great Starvation, as Wilde might have quipped, was rather more than carelessness! Ireland, an extremely fertile country,  grew other crops and raised s cattle, sheep, pigs, fowl and game in abundance, has rivers and lakes teeming with fish and is surrounded by fish rich seas. British ships sent troops to Ireland to escort her produce to the ports and deny it to those most in need of it.   “Informers” were not highly regarded in Ireland. Misinformers are no less dangerous but today dominate the media
I’ve been re-reading “KING OF THE BEGGARS” , Sean O’Faolain’s study of O’Connell. O’Connell has been cited by charlatans, learned and ignorant, in Holy Orders and unholy deputy editorial opinion pieces, as a stick to beat and belittle Republicans. They do O’Connell, and History, a disservice. Worse still, they give today’s generation a bum steer. ” The hungry sheep look up and are”………… fed Tripe and Treason by THE IRISH TIMES and other Fifth Columnists.
O’Connell would not commend himself to such people, and his comments following the assassination of Prime Minister Spencer  Perceval in May 1812 illustrate why. O’Faolain says that O’Connell had the spirit not to think like an Englishman because an Englishman was dead. “He chose, instead, to remember a poor Irish woman whose boy had been recently killed in an Orange clash.”   ‘Are all your feelings (he bellowed) to be exhausted by the great? Have you no pity for the widow who lost her son? Are her feelings to be despised and trampled on? Is the murder of her boy to go unpunished?  Is there no vengeance for the blood of the widow’s son? Yes! THE HEAD OF THE GOVERNMENT WHICH ALLOWED THE BLOOD OF THAT BOY TO FLOW UNREQUITED MAY HAVE VINDICATED THE IDEA OF A DIVINE PROVIDENCE!’

>All I can say is “O’CONNELL A BUADH!”

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  1. Jud May 19, 2017 at 12:34 pm #


    I only last week had my first opportunity to take a walk around Glasnevin cemetery.
    I was too late to avail of any of the guided tours – so I just had a little printed map and my 21st century internet linked phone to inform me and keep me company. That said I was likely spared yet more establishment propaganda. Although it’s probably unfair of me to jump to that conclusion. Maybe someone else has taken the guided tour?

    At any rate – it was a fabulous couple of hours on a sunny evening that I would recommend to anyone from any political persuasion. It is a fascinating experience.

    Anyway – I must admit to being surprised at the sheer scale of the tower on O’Connell’s grave. I believe that the tower pre-existed his death and original interment, and he was relocated under it at a later date? Is this so or was the tower purpose built for him?

    In either case I can’t help feel the dominating landmark may have been one of the first steps in the ongoing efforts to portray him as the peaceful Yin to the violent Republican Yang which we continue to see today. Or maybe I’m being too cynical of the intentions of the day?

    On another note I found it highly distasteful and inappropriate to see the names of the British Forces engraved on the 1916 memorial wall, I never agreed with it in principle, but seeing it up close while surrounded by the sacrifices of so many generations is a truly depressing experience.
    I feel – perhaps like the O’Connell tower – that it is no coincidence that it is so close to and dominating of Collin’s grave. It is a very sad thing to behold.
    This one is a definite case of today’s elites co-opting the actions of previous generations who would most certainly have no truck with them whatsoever.

    And before anyone reacts – I have complete respect for the idea of remembering the British Forces who died in 1916. They deserve to be memorialized and remembered by their descendants – just not there.