May, 2017

‘Reuniting Ireland’ by Joe McVeigh

It is fashionable nowadays to talk about ‘reuniting Ireland’. It was not always so. I notice another article in yesterday’s Irish Times by a professor in LSE called Christopher Kissane –‘Time to Start planning for a united Ireland.’ (IT1 May2017).That paper recently sent a reporter to me to ask me my views about a United Ireland. These […]

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Dr Christopher Kissane and Irish unity

Political thinking is a bit like measles – once one party gets it, next they all have it. A decade or two back you wouldn’t have got a party north or south – with the obvious exception of Sinn Féin – to utter the words “United Ireland”. Now they are falling over themselves to talk […]

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         SHOPPING AROUND     by Perkin Warbeck

Shop Street is perhaps the most celebrated of streets in Galway City. If the truth were told and retailed. In recent times this thoroughfare has contributed greatly to the gaiety of the nation by the al fresco antics of the street-performance group known as Macnas. This group is instantly recognisable by the big, box-like heads […]

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