‘Seize The Day’ by Randall Stephen Hall

Seize the day.

I just realised that if we didn’t have a working thumb we

couldn’t grab things so effectively. We would waste opportunities.

They would pass us by. So many things depend on the use of our thumb

for leverage. You could say we take it for granted as we do with many things.

All these blessings we never see until we don’t have the things we take for granted.

So on a bright day like today the sun and the sound of birds nearby make you think.

Really make you think.

BIER BUA. Seize the Day.

By Randall Stephen Hall

Do you have to go with the flow?

Do you have to just accept yes

When you’d rather say no?

Do you have to accept a stone blocking your way?

“Bier Bua.”

Then seize the day.

Do you have to take no as an answer?

Do you have to believe the words from some big chancer?

Do you have to drink this toxic water when you’d rather be a dancer? “Bier Bua.”

Then seize the day.


Do you have to crawl when you’d rather run?

Do you have to accept life as a loaded gun?

Would you rather shout when you have to keep mum.

“Bier Bua.”

Take your thumb and seize the day.

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