2 Responses to An interesting take on revisionism and Irish history

  1. Perkin Warbeck July 29, 2017 at 1:58 pm #

    Unable as one is, Esteemed Blogmeister, to access your link, going forward, one’s thoughts strayed to a think-piece on a similar topic in The Unionist Times: it’s what they do.

    First a word about a dear old town down in West Cork:

    The Oarsmen of Skibereen (for it is it !) have most recently put this globally-conscious coastal town on the map once again: from Russia to Rio is a mere scabby exercise in crab-catching in Leo-land.

    This weekend the Boresmen of Britain West descend on West Cork: Revenge Binge in Skibereen !


    O’Halpin, Harris, Myers and The Dud
    All down to chew the Revisionist cud
    Each latter-day eagle
    Extols the extralegal
    And then Somme: floods of muddied blood !

    Also down to don De Blood ‘n Bandage, boy, (as de gansey and de bib of de Rebel County are known) in Skib dis weekend is an Oxford Don, name of Professor Nigel Biggar (no relation).

    Over to TUT:

    -Commemoration of historic events and remembering those who died in conflicts invariably involves making moral judgements on the participants and the justness of the violence involved, a leading moral theologian has said.

    Regius Professor of Moral and Pastoral Theology at Christ Church, Oxford, Prof Nigel Biggar who is due to participate in the West Cork History Festival this weekend, says commemorations of events such as the Battle of the Somme and the Easter 1916 Rising will invariable involve deciding on who was the prime victim and who was the prime aggressor.

    In a lecture he gave at St Patrick’s Cathedral* in Dublin in January 1916 – before the 100th anniversary commemorations of the Rising, Prof Biggar argued that, unlike the Battle of the Somme which took place in the same year, the Easter rebellion could not be morally justified.

    MINE is BIGGAR than YOURS!

    A puddle of gore is no more good
    The muddled way to a knighthood
    That Easter Rising
    Equals Downsizing
    My notion is an ocean of blood !

    *The Christ Church, that borrowed bastion of beatification which is located on Liffeyside, cheek by jowl with its twin-bastion, St. Patrick’s, is not to be confused with Christ Church, Oxford wherein the Regius Prof sounds off.

    Though the confusion is understandable, and in no way, erm, egregious.

  2. Scott Rutherford July 29, 2017 at 10:32 pm #

    Sorry Jude the links not working.