A HOUSE OF MADNESS by Harry McAvinchey

Norneverland truly is a madhouse. Listening to the local BBC Radio Ulster, provides a microcosm of what we are supposedly being led to accept as a rational society.It’s summertime so politics are on holidays and are essentially all but dead ,having reached a granite impasse of some serious irrefutable logic, in any case. That came on like an impending train-wreck and left only a shambles of broken promises behind. Instead of politics , the other story we will be fed by the media will be either about sex or religion or possiblt sex with religious aliens from the planet zoid in the 5th galaxy. in fact this time around we get a story that combines two of those mainstays of summer absurdity. It’s hard to believe that there was time that even the mention of the word “sex” would have created a frisson of interest across the airwaves , so taboo was the subject back before time began..The lead story we get is a DUP (Democratic Unionist Party) member taking umbrage against the National Trust because they showed up to support the Gay Pride March in Belfast during this past weekend .This “Pride”group is all about campaigning for marriage equality across the sexes and are supported by an entire cross-section of our local society in their endeavours. That includes the two island police services ,numerous banks, shops and businesses and so on.There are gay people in every walk of life and in every family , after all. That little fact is lost on a party like the DUP, steeped as it is in some wild antedeluvian fantasies.
What might be the problem? ….you could ask ….and you’ll not have to wait long for the answer.Right on cue the airwaves are filled with every kind of crank and oddbod masquerading as Biblical religious adherents who cleave to every jot and tittle of some of several versions of this old and venerated book of stories, poems and parables from an age before knowledge; an age of superstition and magical thought; an age of a paternalistic pie-in -the sky god -worship where heaven was up and hell was down…up and down where was never the problem in aland where seas parted and mountains cracked and spoke.. To believe was not to feel alone and upright facing a cold universe in a mouldering grave.. That really is the bottom line .As far as they are concerned it is unquestionably the Truth , the Whole truth …and Nothing but the Truth….no” ifs” or “buts ” about it .Don’t read another word about anything . “Lord of the Rings” fans and Star Trek’s “Trekkies” have nothing on this lot in their mad , blind belief systems. If it’s old and written down, it must be true….right? The thing is the BBC seem to find an awful lot of these poor demented creatures to wheel on fotr our entertainment. It’s almost like abuse, although i’m at odds as to who is actually suffering the most from this awful nonsense.
Lunatic asylums are filled with people with mental illnesses and if that itch is scratched slightly at all , every one of their ailments will, at bottom ,have its origin story in money, sex or religion. That unholy trinity or one of its branches is usually the seed where madness lies and finally arises. Any one of those three will be the thing a doctor or a nurse will spot first.The logic of believing in a god of any kind will inevitably lead to a belief in some strain of religious persuasion. From that one ancient idea everything else evolves . For it evolve at all , that notion has to be first accepted. It doesn’t need proof of any kind , because it is based on “faith of the unknowing”. it’s literally made-up and it simply has to be accepted like the idea that grass is green and the sky is blue. We know that that is only the illusion we humans ,know as reality because to other creatures the sky may be a slightly different hue.It is a notion ,usually instilled and taught at an early impressionable age by a loving parent and is therefore unquestioned and somehow sacred. As the Jesuits would say …”Give me the boy and I’ll give you the man”.Some never get over this mild indoctrination, out of loyalty to a parent or a mentor, but thankfully many do or are fortunate not to have been indoctrinated in the first place .
To accept some ancient mores outside of the time-frame in which they were crafted leads to many conundrums and problems with reality . The outworkings of this current Biblical belief that marriage is not simply for everyone, leads to problems with the idea of equal rights for everyone. For someone like the DUP member you would have to ask where he is going to draw that line in the sand .If he cannot support the National Trust because of their support for gay rights, does it also mean that he cannot support the police services , the banks and the shops who also support that aim? That is the very obvious outworking of this kind of crazy thinking .The only way for a man like that to survive in a modern society is to live far away as a self-sustaining hermit who grows his own food and has no truck with any of the amenities of modern life.The Amish attempt this kind of withdrawal from modernity and it would appear that there are many within this blighted Norneverland who also wish to pursue an Amish -of- the -mind- lifestyle; An odd place where time has stood still since the long-ago simple times of no universal education , no knowledge of the world and the cosmos and no knowledge or belief in the evolution of life on earth. All that knowledge is there to see and understand but many have no wish to understand it or more likely , are simply unable to do so.
On local radio the same coterie of audio grotesques are wheeled on to spew religious quasi-nonsense , chapter and verse and the commentators and broadcasters never manage to dig to the heart of this hallucination, blithely accepting all the poetically -worded nonsense as proven fact .It is no wonder the place seems more and more like a lunatic asylum as each day passes. They say that if you repeat the same behaviours over and over………over and over…..

5 Responses to A HOUSE OF MADNESS by Harry McAvinchey

  1. pjdorrian August 8, 2017 at 7:54 am #

    You nailed it Harry.

  2. fiosrach August 8, 2017 at 10:18 am #

    Harry,it sounds as if you’re on the cheap Malbec again. Can you cast your mind back fifty years when there were no homosexuals. There were some men who were a little bit pansy or ‘affected’ and girls were a law unto themselves. The odd rumour used to arise about such and such a local businessman being apprehended in the public toilets up to some filthy carry on but the RUC and adult society were very discrete. Could you have imagined,then, that fifty years on a vociferous clique of luvvies and ne’er do wells would rule the roost. I am told by good authority that we are all somewhere on a spectrum of alpha male to beta female and can show aspects of both. What people do in private is their business. What they do in public is my business. Anyway nowadays there are some people who are paedophiles or more correctly people with paedophile tendencies. There are people who love their pets – maybe even more than their fellow humans. Can you see a day when this small vociferous minority will demand res-pect and insist on the right to get married in the dog pound with the dog warden in attendance. To be honest , I find the behaviour of the majority of marchers on a ‘Pride’ March highly offensive and to see the guardians of the peace in their midst no big surprise. Love me love my dog or pony or grey tailed parrot. Open your mind,Harry.

  3. paddykool August 8, 2017 at 10:58 am #

    You are covering a lot of ground there, fiosrach and it seems that the old cage has been rattled before the feeding bowl was shovedaeveryone else through the bars! All the arguments have been thrashed out many times before.There have always been homosexual people around but mostly they are now protected by the same laws that protect everyone else . Generally , to see a homosexual person they will appear no different from anyone else. They may be handsome beautiful or ugly.They might be talented or talentless. They may be stupid or wise , funny or sad…just like everyone else …your friends , family and neighbours.in fact they might well be your friends , family or neighbours. They are someone’s sons and daughters. Just like everyone else they have a private life in which they may well be career criminals or brilliant and talented workers. They eat their meals the same as everyone else and sleep in their beds like everyone else..They will usually not ask you or a stranger to join them when they have sex with someone thta they might love, just as your neighbour will most likely ask you to come and watch how deftly they frolic in the privacy of their own homes .

    • paddykool August 8, 2017 at 11:05 am #

      For some reason the site is blocking the rest of my comment…hopefully ..later.

      • fiosrach August 8, 2017 at 11:55 am #

        A d-aar-Lin word, Harry ‘deftly’. That made me smile. Really I’m saying that this tail wagging the dog business is anathema to moi.