December, 2017

Brexit: the ice begins to melt

So. Looking out your window at the white-draped world this morning, do you feel that all your Christmases have happened together or do you think you’ve entered a hell composed not of fire but ice and snow ? Were I a unionist, I’d take comfort from Leo Varadkar’s promise that the southern government is in […]

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The Amazing DUP

So. Agreement had been reached about what should be announced in Brussels yesterday. So much so that the EU were buoyant and saying things like “Why do I like Mondays?” Then having agreed the whole shebang, Theresa May had a phone-call and announced that she didn’t agree after all. Now who does that remind me […]

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Sammy and the nuclear option

In the past few days, I’ve read at least two contradictory responses to Sammy Wilson’s ominous words that should there be even a hint that we in the north are to be treated in any way differently from the rest of the UK, the Tory government will find they can’t take the support of the DUP […]

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