The Amazing DUP

So. Agreement had been reached about what should be announced in Brussels yesterday. So much so that the EU were buoyant and saying things like “Why do I like Mondays?” Then having agreed the whole shebang, Theresa May had a phone-call and announced that she didn’t agree after all.

Now who does that remind me of? Ah yes, the people who signed up for an Irish Language Act and then said no, no, not them. The people who said there’d be money for young people and Gaeltacht scholarships, only then said, no, there wouldn’t be (and yes, later, that there would). The people who said that the Long Kesh/Maze site was to be developed, then went off to America and decided no, when I said I agreed I don’t know what I was thinking of, the deal’s off.

So it would appear that Theresa May and the Tories are learning how to agree to something and then do a somersault that leaves your agreeing partner half flabbergasted and half furious.

All that said, there are questions.

  1. Had Theresa May not discussed with the DUP beforehand  the agreement she’d reached with the EU? It seems inconceivable, but then so many things relating to the DUP seem inconceivable.
  2. Why was Arlene Foster so patently jittery when she made her announcement yesterday at Stormont, that the EU duck was off? Could it be that a few of the Twelve Apostles had leant on her and told her to get her face out there and talk to the cameras pronto, and here’s what you say?
  3. Will this impasse be resolved? I’m beginning to think not. Because you’ll notice how quickly Scotland and London were out of the traps, saying that if special provision was to be made for our littlee NEN, then they wanted some of that too, please. In other words, the UK looks as though it may disintegrate, at least economically, if special provision is made for our NEN.
  4. For Sammy, Nigel, Arlene or whoever to keep repeating the mantra that we’re exactly like the rest of the UK is such patent garbage, you wonder why their noses don’t lengthen as they speak. We in the NEN have a land-border with the EU; the rest of the UK does not. We have laws about same-sex marriage, about abortion, rules about how an Executive and an Assembly work, which the other bits of the UK don’t. We have a party that pushed for a lower rate of corporation tax  –  12 1/2 % per cent, if I remember rightly –  in order to align with that of the south. And of course we have a party which is caught between attention-seeking behaviour (“Look at us! We’re the DUP! We really back Britain! Keep looking!”) and a worrying inclination towards self-harm, and even more worryingly, other-harm, that makes you wonder why such a party is allowed out without adult supervision.
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