Paedophile hunting: why stop with paedophiles?

Who could be more public-spirited than paedophile hunters? They are concerned that little kids could be abused by paedophiles, so they give of their free time to organize themselves in groups and go  hunt these heinous creatures down. Occasionally they do this online by posing as a vulnerable youngster. Then when the paedophile shows interest, they…well yes, they groom him into believing he has a victim. And when he attempts to meet with his imaginary child-friend in real life, Boom! The paedophile hunters grab him and …well, probably bring him to the nearest police station. Something like that.

I think we can all learn from this civic-minded body of people. Why stop with the disgusting paedophiles? Why not set up a honey-trap for married men, lure them into a clandestine meeting, then Boom! Confront the sinner with his duplicity and tell his partner/spouse, so that she can see what a creep she’s hitched to and get a divorce.

Or speeding. Speed-hunters could set up their own speed-check points and make a list of the number-plates of those breaking the speed limit. Since there’s no sexual element to speeding (normally),this area won’t have quite the same delicious excitement,  but it’d still be doing society a service.

Or they could report people who don’t pay their TV licence. And people who don’t pay their taxes. And people who don’t pick up their dog-poo. And people who overcharge for holidays during school holiday periods.

There’s no end to the good that properly committed hunters could do – they could transform our society. I think I’d ask for just one proviso before someone could register as a bona fide hunter: they’d have to undergo a psychiatric examination to establish what exactly was their holier-than-thou score,  and just what level of mental illness they are suffering from. 

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