Saturday Pics of the week

Pics 1-4 are by John Patton 


Pic 1 


Pic 2


Pic 3

Pic 4


“We gathered as a family to scatter my Mother-in-Law’s ashes in Glencoe. She died, aged 96, in January. A trailblazer, in her own modest way, she arrived in Glencoe in 1947 to work as a rare,  female analytical chemist at the British Alluminum smelter in nearby Kinlochlevin. A Lancashire lass, the Highlands were a very different environment but she grew very fond of the area.

Given the fine weather, we made a week of it and I attach some pictures from this splendidly picturesque and photogenic area. Fine weather and bright sunlight are not the most helpful conditions for photography, except in early morning and approaching dusk.”
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