The British historian AJP Taylor held that Britain’s Royal Air Force was established as a terrorist force and that its inspiration was  an MP called  Pemberton Billings. Lord French, when Lord Lieutenant in Ireland favoured that role to frighten the unarmed voters. It was used to “police” the North West frontier of India, and particularly Iraq, where it pioneered the tactics immortalised by the genius of Picasso, when employed by Hitler’s Condor Legion at Guernica.

“The Father of the RAF”, Hugh Trenchard was handpicked by the ruffian Winston Churchill, who also handpicked the terrorist General Tudor to command the RIC.  Tudor’s visit to the RIC in Listowel resulted in most of the garrison resigning from the force on the spot. He threatened to court-martial them, but was not in a position to do it.

I understand that in October 1940 the British Cabinet resolved to drop chemical weapons on Ireland if the Germans made a landing there and that an RAF Squadron in East Anglia was equipped with them. Though the Germans had occupied France  and Norway those weapons were not used there by the British. It seems Churchill was ready to complete the work of British Government of the 1840s – the Final Solution of the Irish Problem.

The RAF is a nuclear equipped force and, by any definition is still a terrorist body. Sorry to be a Gradgrind, but facts are facts and should be faced even on this day of jubilation.



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