I know, that Eamon de Valera, Fianna Fail’s founder,  won a  Stormont seat in two successive elections. I thought the SDLP, as a “Labour” Party had fraternal relations with the other Labour Party in these islands. But followed the old Sinn Fein policy of abstention. In more recent times a Fianna Fail man held a seat in Seanad Eireann and later sat in the House of Lords, a phenomenon which defies nature. Nature, as once understood  universally.

But the Times have been changing and Fine Gael, which failed to stage a blue-shirted coup d’etat in the 1930s, and to whom the electorate thought they had given a coup de grace in 1948, were given a reprieve by Sean MacBride, have, under the improbable leaders Kenny and Varadkar made losers of the once all-conquering Fianna Fail.

Are Fianna Fail aiming to be Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition or even joining Her Majesty’s Government? But some things are unchanged, Ireland’s Academic Great Warmongers are still recycling the work of the black propaganda warriors of Dublin Castle of 1920 and 1921, regarding unnamed, unknown, undocumented, unmourned, non-existent , “disappeared.”

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