(This letter was published in the Irish Post a couple of weeks ago)

Your report of the handing over by the Ceann Comhairle (Speaker) of Dail Eireann of a portrait of the Republican Constance Markievicz to Westminster, that serial  Smotherer of Parliaments, FOR HANGING, had me asking – is this For Real? Westminster bribed “a Parcel of Rogues”  in Edinburgh to snuff out one Parliament in 1707 and a similar gang of no-goodniks in Dublin to snuff out another in 1800.

On November 11 1919 to celebrate the first anniversary of its victory over German militarism British troops and tanks paraded in strength through Dublin. That same day the Clerk of Dail Eireann and some Dail Deputies were arrested, tried, and jailed, by the British for conducting what Westminster deemed an illegal assembly. Hanging Republicans and smothering Parliaments was by then a long established Westminster custom.

Westminster continued its smothering policy and in 1922 by the threat of even greater terrorism than it had conducted in earlier years, prevailed on a section of patriots to shoulder Dail Eireann aside, to suppress the Republican Courts and (with artillery donated by the British) make war on their former comrades,

While she lived Constance Markievicz repudiated Westminster and opposed those former comrades who did Westminster’s bidding. That their successors would present her portrait to Westminster for hanging might not have surprised her.

Donal Kennedy


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