I know that it’s an impertinent question, considering that the secrecy of the Parliamentary Ballot has been enshrined in law since 1872.

The idea would never have occurred to me had I not recently come across an old Cumann na nGaedhael poster claiming that only gunmen and Communists voted for Fianna Fail. I never realised how many of my fellow citizens were gunmen or Communists. Fianna Fail ruled from 1932 to 1948, from 1951 to 1954 and from 1957 to 1973 sometimes with its own majority in Leinster House, sometimes with the support of Labour or Independents, BUT NEVER IN COALITION. Never once did Fine Gael rule except in Coalition, and Cumann na nGaedhael never, ever, won a majority of Parliamentary seats for the 26 Counties.

The Gunmen and Communists were oblivious to the attractions of Cumann na nGaedhael which promised them “Peace, Prosperity and Piety.”

We were not wild partisans in our house. My father always gave his first preference to Fianna Fail, whom he described as “the Best of a Bad Lot.” The Civil War was long over, and I think, like most citizens we respected anyone who had ever thrown a stone for Ireland during The Four Glorious Years, before, and indeed since. Even John Redmond, was regarded as an honourable man, fooled by the British. I reckon Redmond’s greatest hope for Irish men was the role of WHITE GURKHAS expanding the Empire, whilst Irish women should stay at home sewing socks for Soldiers.

I only once voted in Ireland when I gave my vote in a by-Election to Labour’s Denis Larkin, leader of my Trade Union and son of the immortal Big Jim Larkin.

I see that those telling lies about Michael Foot are telling them about “Jack” Jones, who was christened in 1913 James Larkin Jones.

Lenin knew more about Irish history than do many professional historians. But he was wrong in thinking, during the Dublin Lockout of 1913 that Big Jim was related to Larkin (of Allen, Larkin and O’Brien) the trio of martyrs hanged in Manchester in 1867.

Anyhow, so great was Big Jim’s fame in world labour circles, that he was elected (whilst in jail in the USA) a member of the Moscow Soviet. Whilst there Comrade Zinoviev tried to convince him of the virtues of Atheism. But Big Jim, from Liverpool’s Toxteth District, remained a faithful Catholic and died with his piety intact in 1947. He left an estate of £14 Sterling.

The late Taoiseach Liam Cosgrave remained Pious to the last. He died In peace, leaving 33 Million Euros.

I’ll get back to Fine Gael when I have the stomach for it.


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