You may remember OLD ROPE Part 2 where I quoted a letter soliciting my support for the Conservative Party, written in the mistaken report that I was rolling in money. The appeal was not to altruism, social concern, compassion, public spirit or any decent Instinct.

 It was sent in the belief that I was stinking rich and determined to stay that way. It was written during Margaret Thatcher’s ascendancy which was built on exploiting the gullibility of greedy voters

Back in 1948 Aneurin Bevan denounced the Tory Party as Spivs,  “lower than vermin” who lived on the backs of the majority of Britons, who were poor, in bad health, badly housed, badly educated, and badly served by the millionaires who owned the newspapers and determined how they were informed.

Great progress was made under the Labour Government of 1945-1951, and by Conservative and Labour Governments which found it politic to continue with that progress, until Thatcherism decided to put the clock back.

Today it would be hard to argue that Bevan’s description of the Conservatives as “vermin” was much exaggerated in 1948 or that would be inapplicable today.

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