Saudia Arabia is having difficulty explaining the murder of WASHINGTON POST journalist Jamal Khashoggi in its Consulate in Istanbul.  King Salman should seek the assistance of the United Kingdom with its superb record of assassinations and cover-up.  The best example of their craft is the cover-up of their 1989 murder of attorney Patrick Finucane.  The British held no one responsible.

The similarities of  the two killings are striking.  Finucane was shot while he dined at Sunday dinner with his family.  His torso was riddled with bullets and face unrecognizable.  Khashoggi was to pick up marriage documents at the Consulate and was tortured and dismembered within minutes of entering.  His body parts have not been found. 

 A voice for the reform of Islam, Khashoggi was viewed as a threat to the monarchy by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS).  Finucane’s  legal skills challenged the sectarian garrison known as Northern Ireland and the draconian rule of Prime Minister Thatcher.

 Britain’s  MI-5 agent Brian Nelson hired loyalist sociopath thugs to kill Finucane so as to protect the “suits” that ordered the hit.  The Saudi Prince appears a rank amateur in murder compared to the British.   The death squad of near 20  that butchered Khashoggi were  Saudi soldiers  on a business-like mission complete with bone-saw.  All are closely linked to him.           

 Both men viewed America as pivotal to achieving change in their respective ‘Kingdoms’ and spent time traveling around America:  Finucane  to expose the injustice and lawlessness of NI and Khashoggi to call for  reforms of the Arabian monarchy and its Muslim policies.  America let down Finucane and may  do the same to Khashoggi.

 There are key differences in the circumstances of the two killings.  The British government’s manipulation of the media in the UK and the US is legendary.  Within a month Finucane’s death was  diminished in the media to another “tit for tat” “sectarian” murder.   Thus  MI-6 and the CIA, joined at the hip for decades, were never implicated at the time. In contrast to the White House silence over the attorney’s killing,  Turkey’s President Recep Erdogan   has shown uncommon leadership in advocating for truth and justice  for Khashoggi.   Erdogan’s consistent voice prompted the Saudi Foreign Minister to describe the media coverage as “…hysterical….”  Apparently  barbarism is a  more  routine thing in the House of Saud. 

 The US and UK are now pressing for “a transparent and timely investigation”  from the Saudi’s  but what they want  is  ‘a deSilva.’  What’s ‘a deSilva’?  It is like a Widgery, a report which absolved soldiers of Bloody Sunday murders.  It  protects the guilty and  smears the innocent.  The British appointed Sir Desmond de Silva QC to review redacted documents pertaining to Finucane’s death provided by the Ministry of Defense.  That’s correct. The very Department that plotted his death.  Naturally the QC found “…no over arching conspiracy…”in his murder  just collusion with  security forces.   The same scam could work for the Crown Princeling. 

 The British claim an 803 year old document, the Magna Carta, was the first to assert that “…no man is above the law…”  Prince John proved the document and principal wrong.  The US and UK are hoping a ‘de Silva” will  deliver the same for  another “Prince, ‘Butcher’ bin Salman.




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