January 9, 2019   The American Brexit Committee released a letter today appealing to the leaders of the House Ways & Means Committee to work together to evaluate any US-UK trade proposals post-Brexit and their impact on Ireland and the peace process established in 1998. 

The prospect of a UK crash out from the EU,” stated ABC Chairman John Corcoran, “one demanded by the US Ambassador to the UK  Woody Johnson to hasten the EU divorce,  requires a detailed scrutiny to determine if President Trump’s  promised “..quick, massive, bi-lateral trade deal..” is a reward for leaving the EU and a down payment for Brexit’s negative economic effects. 

Kevin Barry (NJ) indicated that “there is a consensus that Ireland would bear the brunt of economic hardship and significant economic impact in  its agriculture, tourism and transportation sectors if there is such a ‘hard’ Brexit on March 29, 2019.  We ask that Members of the Committee consider assisting Ireland if the trade package looks more like gifts or bribes than commercial transactions to benefit American consumers or businesses.”

“Congress has another  important role to play in the wake of  the Brexit folly,” stated Jim Gallagher (CT) . “   The British have promised to remove the European Convention of Human Rights from their law and to  unilaterally  grant amnesty to soldiers involved in killing civilians in Northern Ireland,  both in contravention of the 1998 Good Friday Agreement supported by the US.  We believe  joint hearings conducted by  House Ways & Means and House Foreign Affairs Committees could determine if Britain’s harmful Brexit policies and their compliance with the human right s and legacy provisions  of the 1998 accord  could seriously compromise the peace process.”

The Committee fears that  Ireland  will be collateral damage in the war that  President Trump and President Putin are waging to undermine and divide the EU.  We ask  all Americans  to join   us in seeking a Congressional inquiry into this matter.

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