The Pocket Oxford Dictionary defines a Lacuna as “a gap in a manuscript where some part has been lost or obliterated ,(or a) missing link in a chain of argument or any series. “ Lacunae is its plural.

God Forgive me, but I bought a copy of today’s Irish Independent, which I didn’t much like when it was more Catholic than the Pope,and which I have positively hated in its later incarnation.

Its Comment Pages salute its New Year readers with the  editorial exhortation to  forget about resolutions, and informs them that they (its readers) are all works in progress.

One might expect such an authoritative organ to have a  defensible, coherent ethos or set of principles. If  it does they have escaped my notice.

Because –

Its News Pages celebrate a “ “Momentous day for Irish women” as abortion services are rolled out.”  It reports that Health Minister SimonHarris is satisfied that the 165 GPs who signed up to provide abortion services are enough to meet demand. I’m neither a philosopher nor medically trained, but I still believe that the child in the womb is a creature, or, if you, like, “a work in progress.”

That’s my  example of an IMMEDIATE LACUNA.

You’ll recall my BLOGS – “FUKUYAMA,  RUAIRI QUINN AND THE END OF HISTORY TEACHING”  and the more recent “INNOCENCE ….etc”.

I mentioned de Valera’s addresses to the LEAGUE OF NATIONS in 1932 and 1936 demanding its members honour their commitments to its Covenant when Japan attacked China and Italy attacked Abyssinia and his offer of Irish Troops to join with them in defence of the victims. I mentioned the failure of the League, particularly its most powerful members, the United Kingdom and France, to honour their pledges, indeed their help to the aggressors, and the role of MI6 in airlifting General Franco to Morocco for his onslaught on democracy. I noted a lack of literature on the League of Nations. It would be interesting to see if any delegate, (particularly from the states later attacked by the Nazis) commented on de Valera’s contribution.

It should be recalled while Britain was not concerned about its duties to the league, she had a free hand in the suppression and machine-gunning civilians, using the tactics later used by the Luftwaffe in Guernica. Remember MI6 was hand in glove with Franco before Mussolini or Hitler gave him a hand. And, when Franco no longer needed his German and Italian friends, his British intelligence, diplomatic and cultural friends including Walter Starkie and Leslie Howard stood by him.

These are some of the Historic Lacunae which are worth exploring.


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